Make MoneyHow To Become Pinterest Virtual Assistant ($3000/month)

How To Become Pinterest Virtual Assistant ($3000/month)

Are you wondering how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? Well! In this article, I will explain everything about it. You might be surprised that you can offer hundreds of services on Pinterest. 

Therefore, becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant is one of the most lucrative side hustles anyone can do. 

More importantly, when you are a Pinterest VA, you will not have to take a lot of stress on yourself because you will handle everything from your home. 

Pinterest was launched in 2010, and now it has over 450 million active users monthly, a huge number. And it is possible because thousands of content creators, retailers, business people, and entrepreneurs use interest for their businesses. 

According to studies, people get more traffic from Pinterest than any other social media platform, including YouTube and LinkedIn. Besides this, Pinterest users spend more money buying products than Facebook users.

Now you know some facts about Pinterest and can move on to our topic, “How to become a Pinterest VA (Virtual Assistant). 


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How To Become Pinterest Virtual Assistant

What Does A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do

According to Pinterest experts, it is recommended for every small or large business to have a Pinterest account. Because it will help you sell your physical product or any online service. Therefore, having a Pinterest business account is necessary if somebody wants to grow a business.

You can track data, impressions, trending pins, or views in a Pinterest account. Here are the services that Pinterest VA offers their clients to help them grow their business.


Schedule Pins

The first visit you can provide as a virtual assistant is a scheduled pin. You have to schedule a pinning service when your clients have a lot of active users; if you schedule pins, Pinterest will automatically post pine; it also allows you to plan your content.

You may be wondering what your pins should link back to. It could be several different things from:

You can link your pine social media posts, website, blog posts, email, LTK, etc. 


Design Pin Graphics 

Being a Pinterest assistant, you will have to design custom graphics. You must also learn to use graphic designing websites such as Canva. Because it is one of the most famous websites for graphic designing, it has numerous beautiful Pinterest templates that you only have to customize per the client’s needs.

And if you are designing art, you should not use existing Canva templates. Instead, you can create a new one. You can develop Pins as per the requirement of your client or the business.

If you want to save time or create a lot of pins, then you can create templates for a specific business, at least 5 to 6. And then, instead of creating templates repeatedly, you can customize these 5 to 6 templates. However, there is no chance it will help the business grow; it will decrease a lot of time.


Write Pin Descriptions

This is the most essential thing that helps the business to grow. First, as I said earlier, you must create beautiful designs using Canvas. Now, the most important thing is to write pin descriptions and use keyword phrases in the description. Like YouTube, Pinterest is one of the popular search engines for pictures, so if your pin contains keywords, it will be easy to drive traffic to the business.

Here are two tools you can use to find keywords: the first is Keyword Everywhere, and you can download its extension from Google Chrome, and the second is the Pinterest Trend tab. Remember that if your client asks you if he wants to promote a service on Christmas, you have to write pins at least three months before Christmas. 


How to get started as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Although you do not need a lot of training to become a Pinterest VA, you can still join any course or watch videos to improve your skills that can help you to bring repeat clients. Skills are essential for a Pinterest Manager.

One of the best things about becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant is the high demand for Pinterest VS among small and large business owners. But how do you start a Pinterest virtual assistant business…?

Okay, so I understand now you have decided to become a Pinterest virtual, so let’s know how to start.


Create a website

First, you have to create a website to showcase your packages and tell your client what service you are providing. And if you do not know how to create a website, you can hire a freelancer.

To create a website, you must pay some amount for domain hos, ting, and a beautiful theme. After that, when you have a website, you have to publish related articles such as why a business needs a Pinterest assistant, why hiding a Pinterest assistant is a good investment and much more information.


Understand Clients 

Understanding is the most important thing between a service provider and the business owner. Therefore, whoever is buying your service, you always need to focus on the category of your clients, whether they are Yoga Teachers or Gym trainers, so that you can send potential traffic to them.

However, if you create perfect designs for a Pinterest post and write keyword-rich descriptions, it will be easy to get potential clients; you can also join social media groups to reach more potential customers or your clients.


Where To Find Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs

You can join Facebook groups to get potential clients for your Pinterest journey, and besides this, you can also join freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, People Per Hour, etc. 

If you see any local networking event near your home, you can go there directly and approach them if they need a virtual assistant. You can also tell them the benefits. Secondly, you can also come to website owners through email because many website owners aren’t using Pinterest.

Nowadays, TikTok reels, YouTube shorts, and Instagram reels are very famous so that you can take advantage of the social media platform. Once you have clients, you can ask them if they can help you to find more clients. It is like referring. 


Set your income goals

I assume you want to become a Pinterest virtual assistant to earn extra cash; setting your income goals and how much you want to make in a month is essential. When you have a goal, your mind will work accordingly, and you can also set the timing because currently, you may have a 9 to 5 job or be a student. 


You can create Pinterest virtual assistant packages

As I have mentioned, when creating a website, you must create a website and your portfolio. It will make you look more genuine because some people don’t know what a Pinterest VA does. I recommend you to work for an hourly rate.

Once you get used to Pinterest Pins and designing graphics, you can create packages like this. You increase the number of hours, basic plans, advance plans, etc.


How much should I charge for Pinterest management?

How much you should charge depends on your experience and skill, but initially, you can start from $15 to $30 per hour. Some experience charging $50 to $100 per hour. I have said multiple times that you should create packages and not charge for a single pin. 

When creating the packages, you will know how much time you will spend with your clients. Then, you can add your hourly rates to it. Do not include communication time with your clients, especially if you are the new Pinterest VA.

You can also join any paid course where you can learn from experts what package you prefer for which clients. 


What skills do you need to become a Pinterest manager?

You have to learn how to create beautiful pins for Pinterest, so you have to learn how to design, and you can learn it from YouTube. You do not have to be a professional designer with one degree. Besides this, you also do not need a single degree to become a Virtual Assistant. 

Here are a few essential skills that you need.

SEO Descriptions: For videos, we have a YouTube search engine, and for text, we have a Google search engine; similarly, for photos, we have Pinterest. Therefore, it is vital to write SEO-friendly descriptions for each pin; it will help your pins rank higher. 

Pinterest analytics:  There are analytics in Pinterest that you have to understand to grow someone’s business. With the help of analytics, you can get an idea of which pins are performing well or which pins you must publish again with different ideas. 

Pinterest trends: You must use Pinterest trends because it will help users discover your pins, and you will benefit when your Pin rank is higher in different countries.

The Pinterest trend will help you to understand the search intent of users. You will know how to turn it into an opportunity. And most importantly, you have to stay updated with the Pinterest algorithm because it keeps changing for a better experience. However, they are easier to understand than YouTube or any other platform.

Okay, so I am telling you the three essential algorithms that will help you rank higher, write an SEO-friendly description using related keyboards, and make beautiful designs that attract people. Last but not least, always stay consistent on Pinterest.


Why Do Businesses Need A Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Currently, Pinterest has over 450 million active users per month, which is a huge number. When your business is being promoted on Pinterest, the chances are high that the company will get many potential customers. 

Most importantly, many businesses cannot handle Pinterest accounts because, for them, it is time-consuming. Plus, only some know how to design and write SEO-friendly descriptions.  

A good Pinterest VA can create attractive designs that will attract potential clients for a business. On the other hand, many people cannot do it because they have to hire a Pinterest online assistant who can create beautiful pins to attract potential customers. So, with the help of Pinterest, VA businesses can attract a bigger following.


Is becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant worth it?

Yes, you can become a full-time virtual assistant or manager and earn money from your home from your comfort zone. You will not have to listen to your boss every day or stay in your office from 9 to 5.

Many people started Pinterest VA jobs as side hustles but are currently making a full-time income from their homes. It’s the best feeling when you’re your boss.

Please take a few months to learn more about Pinterest, Graphic designing, writing SEO-friendly descriptions, etc., especially if you also want to earn total time income from a Pinterest VA Job. 

You are free because you do not have to work 9 to 5 for your boss. You will earn money, be independent, and have financial security. And most importantly you can work whenever you want. 


How Much Can You Earn As a Pinterest VA?

Many people want to know the Pinterest virtual assistant salary, so it depends on many factors.

Depending on your skills and experience and the package you offer, you will earn money from Pinterest. The more experience you have, the more money you will make. 

On average, the virtual assistant salary is $15 to $30 per hour; some highly skilled Pinterest managers even charge $50 per hour. It depends on how much you want to charge, but initially, you should start from 10 $ to $20 per hour.  


Is Pinterest virtual assistant legit

Pinterest itself did not create the “Virtual Assistant” Concept. However, according to some experts scheduling pins, doing SEO helps marketing a business (from my experience, that’s true). So, Pinterest virtual assistant jobs or services are legitimate; any good assistant can help any business grow. 


Pinterest virtual Assistant jobs remote

Here are some places to find remote jobs for Pinterest VA:

1. Upwork

2. Freelancer

3. Fiverr

4. Remote okay

5. Online

6. We Work Remotely

7. Virtual Vocations

8. SimplyHired

9. Indeed

10. FlexJobs

11. PeoplePerHour

12. Guru

13. Toptal

14. Outsourcely

15. LinkedIn (Jobs section with remote filter)


How to become a Pinterest virtual assistant without experience

To become a Pinterest virtual assistant without experience, you have to learn how Pinterest works. Besides this, you must learn basic skills like graphic designing in Canvas and understand how to write SEO-friendly pin descriptions. 

Even without experience, you can build a portfolio by creating attractive pins. Initially, when you’re entirely new, you can offer services for free or at a discounted rate. It will help you to gain experience. 

After that, you can create profiles on freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork and highlight your skills. Likewise, keep expanding your client base.

Never stop learning about Pinterest trends, algorithms, and marketing strategies. Most importantly, keep the communication clear with potential clients to build trust.


Can I earn money from the Pinterest app?

The Pinterest app doesn’t pay money directly or indirectly. They don’t have any monetization programs. However, using the Pinterest app and working for others can earn money, such as becoming a Pinterest Assistant and helping other businesses grow by creating beautiful designs, writing SEO-friendly descriptions, etc.



Pinterest is one of the best websites to help you grow your business by providing more potential buyers for selling a product or service. 

This is one of the reasons why business people and entrepreneurs are hiring Pinterest Virtual Assistants to boost their businesses. 

So now you have the opportunity to earn money from Pinterest by working as a Pinterest Manager or assistant. As I have mentioned above, there are many places to find virtual assistant jobs, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Remote OK, We Work Remotely, etc.

You can sign on to these platforms or create a website to get more clients. But when you join a private course, you will learn more about how to find Pinterest VA jobs.

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