FeetFinder Reviews: Is It Worth It? (A Comprehensive Guide)

FeetFinder Reviews

Selling feet pics is not a tough job nowadays because many platforms already allow you to sell your feet pictures and make money from home from your comfort zone. 

And the best website that I recommend to you is Feetfinder. This is designed for selling foot pictures, feet fetish, etc. Plus, they have over a hundred thousand verified models, and thousands of models are making thousands of dollars monthly by selling foot pics part-time. 

However, many people have doubts about this beautiful website. I will clarify whether you should work on Feetfinder or find any other platform to sell pictures on. We will also discuss whether it is safe to sell feet pictures or even legal in the country and many other related questions. 


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FeetFinder Reviews


Table of this Article

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an online marketplace where you can sell pictures of your feet to make money online. Besides images, they also allow you to sell foot videos. If you have beautiful pictures, you can make a lot of money. 

This is one of the safest platforms when it comes to selling foot pictures for money. A hundred thousand verified models are making pretty good income by selling their feet pictures and videos. 

The website has a good privacy policy for buyers and sellers, and your data and photos never leak.

But have you ever thought about why people buy pictures of your feet when they can download them from the internet? In this blog, I have also answered this question.  

Initially, we had InstaFeet, another platform for selling foot pictures. That website was good, too, but now it is closed. It is because instafeet has merged with FeetFinder.


Is FeetFinder Legit or Not?

Before writing this FeetFinder review, I researched on Google and YouTube. I have seen many ratings platforms, such as Trustpilot, to check how people review it. I also check out the comment sections of YouTube, Reddit, Quora, Instagram, etc. 

Most people on YouTube, Instagram’s comment section, and discussion platforms like Reddit and Quora were discussing sales. They were asking how they could generate more sales. But they do not have any issues with privacy, trustworthiness, etc. 

My friend, who shared her experience with me, found out that the website is excellent and also talked with the customer support of FeetFinder, and it was perfect. Within 24 hours, she got an email with her queries. This is one reason the FeetFinder has dominated other foot-selling websites since 2016.

I will also tell how to attract more buyers to sell foot pictures.


How Does FeetFinder Work?

Have you ever heard of the stock market, where you need to create an account? On any broker platform such as JP Morgan, which works as a broker between you and the company you want to invest in. It is the same with the FeetFinder.

FeetFinder works between you and the buyer who likes to buy feet pictures. So whenever you create an account and upload your pictures. If someone buys them, FeetFinder takes about a 20% commission fee when you withdraw your money. 

They are taking a fair price because they connect you with the buyers, so it is a good platform. You will not face a single problem related to payment. 

FeetFinder have a simple interface that makes the signup process very easy; no matter if you are a buyer or seller, the process is the same. However, if you are less than 18, the website is not for you. As they only allow models who are above 18. 

You cannot even type a wrong date on FeetFinder as you have to prove your identity through a government-issued ID. It is because FeetFinder wants to have only genuine people on its website, and this is for both buyers and sellers. 

If you are 18, you can make a lot of money by selling feet pictures or videos to any individual who is interested in buying your pictures. You can also read their privacy policy.

However, once your account is verified, your account will be successfully opened, and you will be allowed to sell your feet pictures. And after that, you can upload some pictures and videos and set the price. 

Sometimes, people may also place a bid if they have another counteroffer for you. However, your pictures will not be sent to anyone unless the buyers pay for the subscription.

You can withdraw money weekly. They have Segpay to pay their US users and Paxum for a safe transaction. 


How much do people earn from selling feet pictures? (Feetfinder income reviews)

People are earning a lot of money there. If I tell you it can shock you, because I was surprised to think about how someone can make so much by selling feet pictures, there is nothing special in selling them. 

I found there are thousands of people who are making more than a thousand dollars per month. Still, the most shocking thing was a lady from Canada (Jessica Gould) making $90,000 yearly. Even in 2017, she was earning €55,000 a year, as per a report by Daily Mail.

It was shocking to me because many ladies in the United States or Canada are not even making that large amount after working a traditional full-time 9 to 5 job. She also uses Instagram and other social media platforms, so if you want to make it like her, it will take time.

And now let me tell you how much money you can make. First, you must create an account, get the subscription, and start uploading pictures of your feet; add a price like $10, $15, or more. Initially, you can sell for a low price.

To make $1000, you will need about 100 followers as a subscriber if your price is $10, and if it is $20, you can make $1000 a month with 50 followers. People can make a pretty good income if they work seriously. 

Even if you ever talk to a buyer, you must speak politely because they will pay you monthly. If your behavior is good, they will come again and again.

And another thing that I want to tell you is that there is no fixed price for you. You can sell a foot picture for $5 or a foot picture for $500. The choice is yours.

The cheaper your picture is, the more followers you will have. However, I recommend you sell for $5 to $10 at the beginner level, which you can increase over time.


FeetFinder review – Real-Life Experience 

Before writing this article, I told one of my friends to create an account on FeetFinder because we wanted to get some real experience.

Initially, she was a little hesitant to think about why someone would buy my feet pictures and asked too many questions and was thinking about what I would have to do there. 

However, later, she created an account and added some pictures to see how it would go. It was easy, like the image uploading, signup, etc. Everything was so simple. She also paid the subscription fee.

And before uploading photos, she prepared to capture pictures of her feet. She has a professional camera.

She washed her feet twice, used some cream on her feet, and captured pictures with high heels, without heels, socks without them, jewelry, etc. 

Besides this, she edited her pictures or made a tattoo on her legs, etc. Because she just wanted to make some dollars to get a little experience.

She was a little hesitant to provide her ID because she did not initially trust this website. Then she did a little research to know why they were asking for her ID, and she got the answer: FeetFinder wants ID because they want to check her original age.

It happens often when websites ask for age, and people write 18 + even though they are not. 

She contacted customer support a few times, and within 24 hours, they replied to her. Hence, the customer support was excellent and quite faster than other feet pics selling websites. 

And what about her earnings? She made a couple of dollars within a few days, but now she has to upload more pictures, and then we will tell you the income potential. We are just waiting to see how much she can make after uploading pics.


Is FeetFinder the Same as Instafeet?

Instafeet and Feet Finder are different platforms that allow you to sell feet pics. However, Instafeet is not working nowadays because they have merged their company with FeetFinder, so if you go to their website, you will be redirected to FeetFinder. 

Remember, there is no clarification as these two companies have merged, the installed has changed its name, or what happened between them. Still, if you open Instafeet, You will be redirected to the feet finder. Instafeet review.

Even if the instant will come back again or not, we do not have any information about that because the website is still not responding.

Feet Finder has been becoming more famous than Instafeet for a couple of years. I have written a specific article on Instafeet; you can read that. 

However, suppose you are looking for another feet-selling website besides Feet Finder because you want multiple income sources from the same job. Many other websites allow you to sell feet pics in that case, but my first recommendation is Feetfinder. 


Is FeetFinder Safe?

This is another question people ask when they try to create an account on FeetFinder: “Is feet-finder safe? 

Well, feetfinder is the safest platform for selling foot pictures or buying them. I am 100% confident you can create an account without any hesitation.

They have excellent customer support if you need any help or are facing any issues related to payment or anything else. 

They have an excellent verification process in which they ask for personal details and check government-issued IDs. So if you face any problem from buyers, they will help you. 

They are encrypted, keeping scammers away from you and your database secure. Therefore, you do not have to worry that your picture will leak. They use PCI-compliant for payment.

Feetfinder believes security and privacy are the most important things for buyers and sellers, and they want to keep their platform safe for both of them and want to have only genuine people on our platform. Therefore, they will ask everyone to provide their ID proof.


FeetFinder Review: Is FeetFinder Worth It?

Undoubtedly, FeetFinder is worth it; it is the best website for selling foot pics. There are many others, too, but they do not have the quality, support, and traffic on their platform compared to FeetFinder.

More than 5,000 people on various platforms, such as Trustpilot, gave FeetFinder 4.9 stars out of 5. 

This is excellent for buyers and sellers, as this number attracts them. 

Another thing that creates the difference between feet-finder and other foot pics selling websites is that feet-finder attracts more buyers than its competitors. By providing better customer support, real fer pics sellers, not internet bots, privacy, etc. Therefore, most sellers and buyers prefer feet-finder over other selling websites.

This is why people give 4 to 5 stars on various platforms. Currently, FeetFinder is paying millions of dollars yearly to its verified models. 

Another platform that people discuss too much whenever they talk about FeetFinder is FunWithFeet. It is good, too, but not as much as FeetFinder; that’s my research. FeetFinder has 4.9 ratings, while FunWithFeet has 4.3 ratings. 

The company is headquartered in the United States and follows compliance with PCI, ensuring your safety, transaction, and everything. They take your ID because they want genuine people on their website.

You will need at least $30 to withdraw the amount to your wallet or bank account. On the other hand, some platforms give you payment at the end of the month, but FeetFinder allows you to withdraw the amount within a week. 


Who Is FeetFinder For?

FeetFinder is built for those interested in buying and selling feet pic to earn money online from home. Whether you are European, American, or Canadian, you can sell feet pics; even in Asia, FeetFinder is growing rapidly due to its trustworthiness. 

However, sometimes, potential buyers can contact you, and they might ask for a specific photo. But there will be online buyers following you online, and they can only follow if they pay the price you have set to access your content.  

You have everything in your control. You can even remove the follower if you don’t like someone for any reason.


Who Buys Feet Pics On FeetFinder?

There are many people and many potential buyers who like to buy feet pictures.

Advertisers: There are thousands of brands around the World related to footwear, jewelry, etc. And they buy feet pictures for advertisement purposes to run their advertisement campaigns on Google, Facebook, etc. 

They will demand you to send a picture in a specific position, or they may ask you to wear footwear, socks, or anything else. If they are advertising footwear, they will send the footwear to you, which you have to wear and show it. 

Bloggers: People who have a website or are content creators, especially those whose website is related to footwear, jewelry, socks, or anything related to feet. They buy foot pictures to use in their content.

Feet fetishists: Many people get sexually excited after seeing someone’s feet; such people also like to buy feet pictures.

Feet model agencies: Some agencies run advertising campaigns and buy foot pictures for their clients. They especially do advertisements for footwear, jewelry, or nail polish-related ads.

Collectors: You might be surprised that some people like to collect feet pictures, as some kids collect Pokemon and sell Pokemon cards. They find pictures of feet attractive, beautiful, and valuable.

Newspaper & magazine: You can see any news magazine and find many models showing their rings and footwear, etc. Therefore, newspapers and magazines need someone who can sell their feet pictures. 


How to sell feet pics on Feet Finder

Sign-up: Selling feet pictures on FeetFinder is very easy. You have to visit their website and create an account. To create an account, you will have to provide an email ID that you are using right now, and you have to set a password. You can also put a referral code if you have one. By doing so, you and the person whose referral code you use will earn some money. 

You can create an account for free, but you have to buy a subscription on their platform, and they have monthly and yearly subscriptions. You must purchase a subscription if you are a feet pics buyer or a seller. The monthly subscription will cost around $5, and the yearly subscription will only cost $15. 

I recommend you buy a yearly subscription because within a month, you will not see any changes, and even if you get a few followers, it will not be sufficient. 

To earn a sufficient amount, you must be consistent and keep uploading pictures and talking with potential buyers who can pay you. 

Besides this, paying yearly income at one time will cost less than you will pay each month. You will not see any benefit if you only want to try it for a month. 

Although before, they were not charging money for anyone, but to prevent scammers and boats, they have decided to charge some money. Because of that, people who are serious about selling feet pictures only create accounts. 

Verification: You cannot make money from FeetFinder if you are under 18 years old and older than 18. You can create. Still, you will have to provide a government-issued ID card holding in your hand. 

They want to see you holding an ID card to verify whether the person in the ID and you are the same. They are doing this to keep scammers away from their platforms. 

You will also have to provide your personal phone number, where they will send a verification code. It is the same as Amazon sending us a verification OTP code when we try to log into our account or create another one.  

The verification process will take about 24 hours. Sometimes it may take more days, especially if there is a national holiday. Even when people do complain, they reply within 24 hours.

Make Profile: Like your Instagram profile, your Facebook profile will decide how much you can earn and how many followers you will have. In your feet finder profile, you must write your foot size and ethnicity, like Asian, blonde, etc. Then, upload a few pictures, decide on a beautiful username, and you can also tell what kind of pictures you provide. You have to write an eye-catching name so that people click on your profile and subscribe to you. 

Upload Pics and Videos: Now you have successfully created an account and set up your profile. The most important thing is to start uploading pictures and videos of your feet. Upload at least 5 to 10 videos and photos. You should not charge for these pictures because they will attract potential buyers. In my opinion, these five pictures should be very attractive.

Remember one thing every time: You cannot upload too many pictures because there is a limit, so you have to buy a plan. You can buy any plan from basic to premium. On the basic level, you can upload only a few pictures. Still, you can upload too many photos and videos on a premium level. If you are new, you can go with the basic level, or if you have some money to invest, you can invest in a premium one. 

Like your Instagram bio, you must write a beautiful description defining your album. Hence, you must use beautiful words like flirty, romantic, descriptive, etc. Because of your comments, potential buyers will subscribe to and pay you for your profile. 

Your description should be a paragraph, not one or two words. And do not forget to write your category tags such as Painted nails, High heels, Bed, etc. I have discussed which is the best category on feetfinder.


How do you make money on FeetFinder?

There are three ways to earn money from the foot finder. The first day is a monthly subscriber. Whosoever follows, will pay for the monthly subscription. 

The second is pay-to-view; anyone who wants to view your pictures or album will have to pay money, and you can sell the same album multiple times. The third is “referral” you have to refer someone, and whatever she earns, you will make 10% of her income.


How to price your feet pictures

The average price is $22 for pics, and for videos, it’s $19. Also, feet-finder allows you to control price so you can set a different price for different content, like for pictures, $5, and for videos, $10 for both, $15.

You can sell your same pictures on other feet pics selling websites, but I recommend using feetfinder as it is the safest website to sell feet pics. You need to improve yourself daily and make your pictures beautiful to attract more potential buyers every day.


FeetFinder fees & pricing

If you want to make money on FeetFinder, you will have to create a buyer account; for this, you must purchase a subscription. There are various plans. 

Basic Plan: If you want to pay for only one month, then it will cost $4.99, and if you want to save some money, you can pay for a yearly subscription, which will cost only $1.25 a month. It means you are saving almost 66%. Another thing is that you can buy a lifetime subscription to Basic Learn, which will cost $40. 

This basic plan will help you attract potential buyers so that you do not have to advertise or market your profile on social media platforms, making your work easier.

Another feature that the basic plan provides is that your pictures will get automatically blurred, so we will pay for what you will receive in your account. Besides this, Feet Finder allows you to receive direct messages from potential buyers. 

Premium Plan: This is the best package by Feet Finder that sellers find most suitable for them. It includes all the basic plan features, but there are some additional features, too.

Suppose you want to become a successful feet model. In that case, I recommend activating this package with several benefits, like marketing and attracting potential buyers.

Feet Finder charges 14.99 for the premium plan, but if you pay for one year, it will cost only $2.5 per month, and you can also get this subscription for a lifetime for $80.

You will get the same features that the basic plan has. Still, some additional features, such as your content appearing before those using the basic plan.

With premium plans, you will have too many chances to get a lot of potential buyers because whenever anyone searches for any hashtag, and if that matches you, your profile will appear on top of the page. 

Always remember one thing: no matter which plan you choose, whether basic or premium, whenever you withdraw that amount, you will receive only 80%, and Feet Finder will take 20% commission.

In my opinion, this is a fair price because they are providing you with buyers promoting you, taking care of your privacy, etc.

The money that Feet Finder takes from you is to spend on marketing and bringing more potential buyers to the platform. 


Should you buy FeetFinder Premium?

You must buy a FeetFinder subscription if you’re serious about selling feet pictures. However, you are allowed to create an account for free. But if you are a seller and cannot do marketing on social media, you should go for a subscription.

Subscription will provide you better speed, storage, marketing, protection, and potential buyers (FeetFinder would recommend your profile to buyers) 


How to Cancel FeetFinder Subscription?

As I have mentioned above, to become a seller on FeetFinder, you have to buy a subscription, which starts from $4.99 and goes for $14.99 a month. They have basic and premium subscriptions.

The subscription provides you extra security, promotes your profile, recommends it to other buyers, and various other features. However, how can you cancel your subscription if you have already subscribed? 

Sometimes, you may want to cancel your subscription if you are not making enough money on FeetFinder. Because FeetFinder automatically deducts income if you have purchased a premium subscription.

Steps to Cancel FeetFinder Subscription:

Firstly, check with the service provider of your business payments- Paxum or Segway. You can reach out to Paxum support via the following:

If you want to cancel a subscription, first, you need to open a payment method, whether you are using Paxum or Segway, and contact the service provider. Let’s say you are using Paxum, so you can recharge to them via phone number, which is (+1 (866)347-4781) you can email them at (support@paxum.com)

If you are using Segway as your payment method, you can talk to them by phone call at (+1 (866)-450-4000) or email them (help@segpay.com). They also have a life chat option which is known as (Self-Service Portal) 

If you find it tough, you can simply turn off the auto-renew option in your foot finder. If you have not created an account, you can turn off the auto-renew option initially or buy a lifetime subscription so you will not have to pay every month. 


Does FeetFinder have an App?

No, you can only access the feet finder on Chrome, Firefox, and browsers. No feet finder app is available on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Before, they created an application to upload to the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Still, it was rejected because the Android app store and Apple Store do not allow “fetish” categories. 

However, they still await approval from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. When they will allow it, FeetFinder will upload their application to the App Store. However, not too much information is available related to the exact uploading date. Also, there is no big difference between the application and the website. You can also use websites as it is perfectly built.


What are the most popular Feet Categories on Feetfinder?

Feet Finder mentions no specific category; therefore, I checked many sites, such as Reddit, Quora, and Instagram, to find the best category. However, you should also remember that it doesn’t matter what category you have if you are genuine when you make money if you buy a premium membership. 

Besides the category, how you talk, and your username, bio, and content, the quality does matter a lot. These are some things that will attract potential buyers.

There are a few categories we people like to visit most; some of them are soles, Asian, arched feet, Designed feet, Threaded Socks, Dirty Feet, long toes, Lotions, Dark skin, Showing Cute Face, Pedicure, Tattooed Feet, Nylon, etc. 

However, you can also visit Feet Finder because they have various categories that keep changing over time, like people’s interests.

However, even if you are going to sell feet pictures on Feet Finder, you can search these categories to determine the price. But remember, if you are new, your Feet Finder profile’s subscription price should be $5 to 10 dollars, and you can increase it over time. 


How to Keep My FeetFinder Account Safe?

The most important thing is that the feet finder is already safe if you do not share your ID and password with anyone else. The feet finder provides all security, and it is the safest platform compared to other feet pics selling websites and applications. 

You can create a profile within a few minutes, but verification will take 24 hours or more. It is because they have a nice customer support team.

If you ever receive an email that you find suspicious, you should block that. Besides this, you can change your password in a few months; at least every month, you can change your password if you want to make your account safer. If you see any internet bot traffic, you can email Feetfinder.

They will respond to you within 24 hours. Sometimes, they can take longer than usual, but they have good customer support. 

If you have a premium subscription, you will get customer support faster than those who do not have. Also, if you ever receive a message on your mobile phone related to the feet finder where you are asked to click on the link, you should not do that because your ID and password may leak.


How To Sell Feet Pics On FeetFinder without getting scammed?

A foot finder is one of the best ways to make money from home. Therefore, scammers also know that there is a high potential for cash. If they can get someone’s account information, there is a high chance that they will earn good money within a few minutes; they will give 100% to get you in their trap.

But how will you recognize that you are getting into a trap or not? Well! In the beginning, most scammers will try to get your phone number or email address and send you a link.

If you click on that, your information related to your Feet Finder account will be leaked. And it is not only with feet finder, but mostly scams happen with this same process. Therefore, you should not use Feet Finder email anywhere else, like on any third-party application. 

Another way to scam you is that you may receive a message even in your feet finder profile where a person will be trying to give you too much money to provide him with pictures.

Once you say yes to pictures, the guy will ask you for personal details like your phone number, address, etc. You should be aware of this because it is another method to scam people.

One of the best ways to avoid scammers is to choose a perfect foot-selling website to avoid falling into a trap. I recommend you use a foot finder. You must think twice if you suddenly receive a huge bid for your pictures. Never share OTP with anyone else or click on the link.


What is the FeetFinder’s Payments process?

Feet Finder is associated with genuine companies like Segpay, Paxum, etc. These trustable companies handle the transactions of FeetFinder, and it makes FeetFinder the safest place because you will receive money directly into your account. 

Segpay is among the most reliable company-registered IPSP/Payment Facilitators for Humboldt Merchant Services in Eureka, California. Besides this, it is also registered with popular banks such as ISO (Independent Sales Organization) of BMO Harris Bank.

This company is used for processing E-Commerce merchants and subscription-based content providers at the global level. This company also handles all the transactions in the United States and works with Paxum in our feet finder. 

Now you can judge how genuine FeetFinder is; they have also got approval from these reliable companies. Unfortunately, this company has not received approval from famous companies like PayPal because it is another website to receive payments globally. 

FeetFinder will provide you income weekly if you make at least $30, as it’s the minimum threshold you can receive via reliable platforms such as Segpay or Paxum.


Do you have to pay tax on Feetfinder earnings?

Well! Yes, you have to pay tax on your foot finder earnings because it is one of the legit ways to earn money from home. So, it does not matter how you make it; if you make it legally, you are eligible to pay income tax. 

FeetFinder is a legit and registered company, so you must pay tax when you reach the taxable slab. By crossing $600/annually, you must comply with the 1099 forms provided by Segpay and attest to your taxation.

Once you start making $50 a month, or $600 yearly, you should pay taxes. So FeetFinder is a genuine platform; therefore, I am sure you will soon start making money, making you eligible to pay income tax. How much money you have to pay in income tax depends on how much you are earning and in which state you live. 


FeetFinder Pros and Cons

Pros Of FeetFinders

They have two types of subscribers: Basic and Premium. The premium subscription has all the Basic features but also some additional benefits. If you don’t like it after buying any subscription, you can cancel it within 14 days and get your money back.

FeetFinder has excellent customer support. One of my friends who created an account on FeetFinder received an answer to her questions within 24 hours. They also have good ratings on Trustpilot.

Everything is in your control; FeetFinder does ask you to come online or take control of your profile. 

The company only asks you to buy a premium subscription if you want to make money from FeetFinder, and they will take a 20% commission, which is fair enough.

FeetFinder sometimes gives some special offers to active sellers and promotes their profile. It is because FeetFinder wants its sellers to remain active.


Cons Of FeetFinder

FeetFinder is suitable for those living in Canada and America, as they are only targeting these two countries now. In the future, they might think about other countries too, but now they do not have buyers from other countries, so they are not focusing right now.

FeetFinder does not have an application on the Apple Store or Google Play Store; you can only access their website. Play Store will make an application for Android and IOS users if it approves. 

If you want to become a seller on FeetFinder, you need to pay for a subscription, which will cost $4.99 a month to $29.99 a year. They also have a lifetime subscription program right now.

Some people hesitate when they have to provide a government-issued ID card holding in their hands. And it’s obvious anyone will hesitate to share such information. But FeetFinder does that to keep the platform genuine.


How Sellers Review FeetFinder?

Feet Finder is the best website for selling feet pics. It has been working perfectly for years and is still growing in the United States and Canada. To know how (Sellers) people are already working on FeetFinder, I visited many websites and videos to learn about their experience. One of the things that they were discussing most was about subscriptions. 

If you also have a question, what does Feet Finder do from the money it takes from you in the form of a premium subscription? They spend this money on advertisements, bringing more potential buyers from the United States and Canada. These buyers buy feet pics and videos so that their sellers can make money from it.

Feet Finder has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trust Pilot. On many other platforms, such as TrustIndex, they have a 4.8 rating out of 5, which is excellent; their competitors do not have such a rating. So, I did not find even 10% negative reviews against Feet Finder. Although I checked multiple websites, I found no negative reviews.

Thousands of people give 5-star trust pilot and TrustIndex, which makes this platform 100% genuine and best for selling feet pictures. Even on Reddit, people are giving positive feedback about FeetFinder.

Some people were unhappy with feet finder support, saying it takes too long for feet finder to respond to our queries. However, in my friend’s case, she always received the answer within 24 hours. Initially, thousands of internet bots used to come on FeetFinder, but since 2021, they have managed to control them. So now there is a very low chance that you will get bots; they also verify IDs to ensure that only serious buyers and sellers come on foot finders.

However, according to a few FeetFinder seller reviews, several people find it hard to withdraw their earnings.


FeetFinder Buyer Reviews

I got these reviews from TrustIndex. Trustpilot, reddit, etc.

FeetFinder buyers also found this website very useful as it has a very simple interface; they were happy with the customer support by FeetFinder. Because FeetFinder does not take too long to respond to anyone’s quarry. 

Hindered of potential buyers are happy with Feet Finder. They also called it “the best company that provides 100% genuine models,” meaning there are no fake profiles. But on the other hand, some people are unhappy with customer support. They think it takes too much time, and sometimes they don’t reply.

And besides customer support, the negative thing I hate the most is fake people asking to text them on Snapchat. 


What are the Best FeetFinder Alternatives

Although several platforms are available where you can sell your feet pics online, we recommend only two.

In my opinion, FeetFinder is the best platform to sell foot pictures and make money from home. If you do not like it or want to work on another website, other foot pics selling sites are good, too.

OnlyFans: If you think about selling and buying pictures and videos of your or anyone’s body, you must have heard of onlyfans. There is no limit to income; you do not have to think how much money you can earn from only fans because I have seen people becoming millionaires from only fans.

Feetify: Unlike Feet Finder, Feetify is another feet-selling website, but it is not as famous as FeetFinder. Only 20k to 25k members are currently interested in buying pictures and videos.

Instafeet: Before Feet Finder, Insta Feet was the best platform for selling feet pictures and videos. It used to pay a lot of money to the sellers. There, you could make about $100 every day, which means $3000 monthly as a beginner, but right now, the website is closed so you can read my Instafeet review. However, you can make $3000 plus with the FeetFinder too.

Stock Websites: You can send your feet pictures on stock image websites such as Adobe Stock, Getty Images, iStockPhoto, and many others; anyone who buys your photo will pay some amount which you will receive in your account, but keep in mind they will take some commission, and they have different rates.

FunWithFeet: Funwithfeet is the biggest competitor of feetfinder because it is another of the fastest-growing selling platforms, with more than 3 million active users. On average, top models are making $ 5,000 a month, and they are not taking any commission on their revenue. You can also get paid to sext, talk romantically, and flirt with guys.

Social Media: Social media platforms are the biggest revolution nowadays. They can change anyone’s life. You can also use Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat to boost your sales. First, you need to upload quality videos to attract an audience, and once you get them, you have to promote your link.

Website: You can also create your own website and start selling pictures there, but it will take a lot of effort; therefore, you can find other foot pictures selling websites. Here are 34 selling apps and websites you can use to work on multiple platforms and make money. Here are Best Apps To Sell Feet Pics for Passive Income.


Can FeetFinder help you to earn Passive Income?

Jessica Gould is a Canadian lady making up to $90,000 annually. And average top models make up to $ 5,000 a month, so why can’t you make it? You only need to gain followers by talking nicely and uploading quality pictures to generate more income than other top models. On the other hand, if you get an opportunity to work with an advertising agency, it can provide you with more money.

Buyers of foot pictures are increasing every day, and they are looking for genuine sellers. Therefore, if you work decently, you will make money; the growth will take time. It will take some time to get followers. It is not a quick, rich method.

Provide high-quality pictures and videos that you can take from a professional. Also, suppose you want to increase your income besides Feet Finder. In that case, you can also use other selling websites to make money from different platforms with the same album as Feet Finder.

This is a detailed FeetFinder review where I explain how you can make more money. Remember, whatever you are from the feetfinder, you should invest that amount in the stock market so that your income does not lose its value in the long term. You will not have to work a lot when you turn 50 or 60 if you are younger.


How to Delete a FeetFinder Account?

I mentioned above how you can cancel a FeetFinder subscription, whether a premium or basic plan. Some people no longer want to work on foot pics selling platforms and wish to delete their applications. In our case, it is FeetFinder, so I will tell you how to delete the FeetFinder account permanently. Although It is a hundred percent secure website, if you are not using it anymore, you can delete your account permanently.

Here is the process to permanently delete a FeetFinder account, and it is very easy.

  1. Open Website
  2. Log in
  3. Open main page
  4. Click on the logo
  5. Click on (Delete my account)
  6. Confirm the deletion by clicking “OK.”
  7. Tell me why you are deleting
  8. Open Gmail, and click on the tab delete link

This is the process you must do to delete your account on FeetFinder: all your data will be deleted from what you had on FeetFinder. If you still face any problems, you can contact the FeetFinder support team.


FeetFinder Review – FAQs

Here are the questions related to the feet finder that people ask the most.

How much is the FeetFinder premium?

The feet find the subscription starting from $4.99 to $14.99. I have also mentioned the in-detail subscriptions. Every subscription has different benefits; currently, they have two plans: basic and premium.


How do you succeed in FeetFinder?

There are many factors that you have to follow. For example, you must be consistent, keep uploading pictures, and have an attractive bio. You can also promote your profile on your social media platform if you have a lot of subscribers or followers. Secondly, if you buy a premium membership, your account will be promoted by the feet finder, which will help you to succeed.


Why does FeetFinder need my ID?

Feet Finder asks for your ID to keep Feet Finder away from scammers, and they only want to have genuine sellers and buyers on their platform. Therefore, they ask for a government-issued ID, verify your SSN, and check your age, as they do not allow people under 18.

If they do not check your ID, thousands of people will create an account on Footfinder even though they are younger than 18.


Does FeetFinder have a refund policy?

FeetFinder has a privacy policy as it is a genuine website that sells foot pics; if you do not like this company or regret your decision, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days and get all your money back. Simply, you have to contact their customer service.

Keep in mind that the refund policy is only for sellers, not for buyers, so if you are a buyer, you cannot get any refund.

But if you ever get into fraud as a buyer, you can contact their support, and they will contact you as soon as possible. For example, you might be trapped when a fake seller asks you to sell pictures and asks you for money. Still, once you send it, the seller is not giving you photos, so in that case, you have to talk to the company.


Is FeetFinder a scam website?

Not at all; Feet Finder is not a scam website; it is a 100% genuine website to sell foot pictures online and make money. There are 4.8 ratings on trust pilot and trust index. I have also checked Reddit; it is full of positivity. Therefore, we cannot even doubt FeetFinder’s legitimacy for now.


Is it legal to sell feet pics?

Yes, selling foot pictures is 100% legal if you are 18. Thousands of people are selling their pictures on platforms such as FeetFinder, OnlyFans, and many more. Most Importantly, your picture should not be vulgar if you are uploading publicly; they should not be disrespecting anyone’s sentiments.


Where to download the FeetFinder app?

No app is available for Feet Finder on Google Play Store or Apple Store as it is in fetish categories, and Google does not allow that. Even though they previously tried to upload their apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store, they could not succeed. In the future, if Google or Apple allows them, they will be the first fetish company to be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.


Why do people sell feet pictures?

People sell feet pictures because thousands of people like to buy feet pictures. Besides this, content creators, YouTubers, footwear brands, jewelry brands, news, and magazines also buy foot pictures. Also, taking pictures does not take too long and can make you a sufficient income.


Can I sell hand pics on FeetFinder?

No, you are not allowed to sell your hand pictures on Feet Finder because this is specifically built for those who like to buy feet pictures and want to sell feet pictures. You can use other stock websites such as Adobe Stock or Getty Images to sell your hand pictures.

Feet Finder wants to keep itself a genuine platform for selling and buying feet pictures, so if they ever catch you selling hand pictures, you will get blocked, and they will not return a single penny.


Can you switch accounts from Buyer To Seller on FeetFinder?

You can switch your account from buyers to sellers or seller to buyers. It is your choice. To change your account settings, log in to the Feet Finder website and go to the profile. There, you will see an option “Change Role.” There, you have to set a role, whether you can select a seller or a buyer.


What Type Of Content Is Prohibited On FeetFinder?

Feet Finder is designed to sell feet pictures and videos. Still, suppose you are selling anything or showing anything dangerous for society, like drugs or weapons, or trying to advertise a product on Feet Finder. In that case, they will block you if they ever catch you.

If you are a seller and bought a subscription, you can cancel that, but they will not give you money back if you ever get a block.


What Is The Best FeetFinder Hack?

One of the best FeetFinder hacks is to stay active and keep your account active. You must open the FeetFinder several times daily if you are a seller. If you do so, Feet Finder will promote your profile, and your profile will also appear to new buyers.

You need to provide high-quality pictures to buyers. Besides this, if people are following you and paying for their subscription, you need to treat them well so that they can keep following you.


How does the FeetFinder Referral Program work?

If you ever register on FeetFinder, you will get a unique referral; you can share that code with others. You will get a 10% commission on their income for a lifetime whenever they join and earn money.


How can I attract more buyers on FeetFinder?

One of the best ways to get a lot of buyers on FeetFinder is to provide unique content, high-quality photos, and videos. If your profile is excellent, has a nice bio and pictures, and the subscription fee is also Affordable. You will be able to attract a lot of buyers.

You can moisturize your feet, apply nail polish, and make them look better to attract buyers. You need to talk nicely with existing buyers because a few of them may refer your profile to someone else.


What is the FeetFinder Trustpilot rating?

As of now, FeetFinder has a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot, which is increasing daily. People appreciate their effort. Whether they are buyers or sellers, they both like it. There are not even 5% negative reviews about Feet Finder on any review website, such as Trustpilot, TrustIndex, or FeetFinder. Also, they have 100K followers on Twitter.


How much should I charge for feet pictures?

FeetFinder allows you to sell feet pics for as much as you want, but I recommend selling at $5 because people who subscribe to your profile will have to pay some money.

When you are new, it will be hard to gain followers, so in that case, if your profile is affordable, you can attract many potential buyers. Once you have sufficient buyers and have a good understanding between them, you can increase your price.


Why Does Feet Finder Need My SSN?

FeetFinder wants your SSN because they want to know some personal details about you, like your phone number, email ID, age, etc., because they only want to have serious people on their platform, which is 100% legal. If they have details about you, they can contact you if you ever face any problem related to transactions or anything else.


What are the best feet poses to sell feet pics on FeetFinder?

No specific pose can boost your sales on FeetFinder; you can capture photos in different poses, but remember that your feet should look clear.

In some photos, you can use oil, accessories, nail polish, socks, etc., and capture images in various places such as on grass, bed, etc.


Are transactions on FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is 100% safe for transactions because it uses Paxum and Segpay. You will receive your amount once you reach the minimum threshold, which is $30.

However, if you receive a message from a third-party company that says, Click on this link and receive your feet finder money, you should not click on that. It might be a scam.


Is it easy to cancel a FeetFinder subscription as a Seller?

Yes, it is very easy to cancel your subscription if you regret buying a premium, basic, or lifetime plan. Above, I have mentioned how you can cancel your Feet Finder subscription.


How can I recover the deleted FeetFinder Account?

Before you delete your FeetFinder account, you need to think twice because once you delete your account. You cannot recover it, whether you try to speak with their customer support or not. You will not be able to recover your account at any cost. So, think multiple times when you delete your Feet Finder account. You can get a subscription again if you ever cancel it, but not the account.


How long does It take to get verified on FeetFinder?

There is no specific time for how long the FeetFinder will take to verify your account, but within 24 or 48 hours, they will verify your account, or even if you ask them any question, they will answer you.


Should I show my face while selling feet pics on FeetFinder?

No, you do not have to show your face if you are trying to sell your feet pictures. But sometimes people may ask you to show your pictures, and if you are showing your face, there will be a high chance that people will interact with you more than those not.

You can even open any profile on FeetFinder and see who is showing their face. They have more followers. The foot finder does not force you to show your face; it gives you freedom, so you have a choice.

If you want to attract buyers, you can show your face if you are comfortable. But you can only show your feet if you are uncomfortable with that.


Does FeetFinder Encrypt Your Data?

Of course, FeetFinder encrypts your data; it will never give your data to any third-party company or scammers, so you do not have to worry about that. And they have better payment methods than their competitors.


Conclusion of FeetFinder Review

In this Feet Finder review, we learn many things about FeetFinder, so if you want to make money on Feet Finder, you need to make your feet look good and start earning money. This money will help you to get more money that you can invest in the stock market for the future. This is one of the legit platforms to sell foot pictures.

I hope you find this article helpful because no matter how beautiful and beautiful your feet are, you cannot make money if you do not have proper knowledge. , Therefore, I have explained everything in this FeetFinder review.

Suppose you have any questions or queries about this feetfinder review. You can ask me or contact the FeetFinder support team in that case.

Best of luck. I hope you will make a lot of money from FeetFinder. Keep in mind, initially, you will not be able to make too much money.

Therefore, you have to stay patient and wait for a few months. Then you will start getting a lot of buyers if you provide everything so nicely, such as pictures and videos, and your behavior is good.


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