How To Find The Best Cheap Laundromat Near Me To Save Money

cheap laundromat near me

Finding a cheap laundromat near me wasn’t really easy in the beginning, but now it is. The laundromat uses expensive machines which are hard for us to buy. Therefore, I have shared many tips to find a cheap laundromat to save money.

Even if you could find a free dry laundromat near me (You), then you can save money. So, currently, if you are facing problems financially, you should find a cheap laundromat.

In together article, I am going to be discussing some important things related to laundromats, such as:

Where to find the best laundromat near you

How much money should I bring to the laundromat?

How to choose the best laundry services near you

Is it OK to leave clothes at the laundromat?

Tips for saving money at your local laundromat

Where is the best place to have a laundromat?


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cheap laundromat near me

What is a free dry laundromat?

If you want to save money, you can go to a free dry laundromat, but who are they? Well, they allow you to use a free dryer. You have to pay for the washing machine. Still, it will help you to save some money.

However, there is another way to save money. You can take your wet clothes home and hang them in the sunlight to dry. By doing so, you’ll save money, but if the dryer is available for free, then you should use it.

However, sometimes our clothes are too heavy, and especially wet clothes are even heavier, so you may have some trouble transporting them. In the laundry room, we send clothes that are not easy to wash or that are heavy, such as winter clothes or clothes made of heavy fabric, so if a person is disabled, he may face problems, so the dryer is a good option to use.

Most laundromats provide free drying service at the laundromat because by doing this, they want to attract customers.

Places to get free clothes


Why do People use the laundromat?

Here are some of the most important reasons why people use Laundromats. 


To avoid washing heavy fabric clothes

Laundromats have good quality machines that are built for commercial work to wash clothes such as blankets and other heavy fabric. It may not be easy to wash heavy fabric clothes at home, so people prefer to go to a laundromat, and on the other hand, it is not that expensive.


Don’t have equipment

Many people do not have dryers and washing machines, so they have to go to a laundromat, especially those who are students or are starting their careers and are living away from their parents. That’s why they look for the nearest laundromat.


The equipment isn’t in working condition

Although many people have machines to wash clothes and dry them, they still have to go to a land laundromat because their machines are not working.


How to find a laundromat near me?

One of the easiest ways to find a laundromat near me (you) is to search online on any search engine, such as Google, which is the biggest search engine, or you can also use Yahoo, Bing, or any other. Besides, there are platforms like Yelp that can help you find a laundromat; you only have to provide your zip code, and you will get a list. 

You can also click any link that I have provided, and you will be redirected to the laundromat location. 

24-Hour Laundromat Near Me: Find location

Coin Laundromat Near Me: Find location

Laundry Service Near Me: Find location


Things you should remember when finding the best laundromat near me

You can easily find a laundromat near you. If you want to find the best laundromat, you have to keep some important things in mind, which I have mentioned. Places to get free foods


Always check the prices

Laundromat service is a business, and every business wants to make money. Therefore, you should never pay more than the reasonable cost because many laundromats even offer free dry service, so you should always look for them. 

You can compare washing and drying costs separately and then see how much laundromats are charging for laundry when they’re offering a free drying service.

Because it happens sometimes laundromats who are offering free drying services charge more money. 

For example, a laundromat is charging $3 only for washing and $1 for drying, totaling $4. On the other hand, you may see different laundromats that will claim that they’re offering free drying services but charging $4, so the price is still the same. This is how business works. Therefore, I told you to calculate the washing and drying costs.


Is the laundromat staffed?

Always choose a busy laundry where you can get help when you need it. Especially 

 In the morning and night, people, most laundry is empty, but some genuine laundromats are staffed. 


Check the payment methods

Most places these days take credit or debit for you to buy a prepaid laundry card, but some are still coin laundry only. You don’t want to get there and not be able to do your laundry because you don’t have the right change.

If you are going to the laundromat, you will pay money for using their service, so before that, make sure how you will pay. Most places accept credit cards and debit cards. Also sometimes you will have to bring quarters with you.


Focus on safety

Always check the surroundings such as there must be an attendant on the site and security cameras must be available. Besides this parking should be available too.

When it comes to safety you should never compromise with it. 


Is parking available?

You should not wait to have ten loads before going to a laundromat because you are going to pay the same amount, plus it’s easier to carry less laundry. 

You should always check there must be parking available, and it should be secure. If there is no parking, then there should be a bus or train stop closer to the laundromat.


Washing equipment

If the equipment is well, you are going to save a lot of time, so when you are going to the laundromat, make sure to check the machine. Such as, if a laundromat is using an old-fashioned dryer or washer, they may not perform well. On the other hand, if the machine is the latest, it can save you time.

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Check reviews on Google and Yelp

Anyone would like to visit a nearby laundromat, so to find them, you can search on Google, as I have also mentioned earlier. But most importantly, you should check the laundromat’s reviews that you are going to visit.

My first choice is Google itself to check reviews, but besides this, you can also check it on Yelp. If they have four or 5-star ratings, you may want to visit that laundromat.

You should check if reviews are related to cleanliness, space, comfortableness, whether the Wi-Fi is available, whether drying racks and laundry carts, are all machines are the latest or in working condition, etc.


Top laundromats on Google are not always good

To find a laundromat, you will search on Google, and a list will appear where you will want to choose a laundromat. However you will see many laundromats on the top, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect because they are paying to be at the top of Google search results. 

There, you can see the “Sponsored” or “Ad” tag. However, it does not mean that they are not good. I only want you to understand that being on the top is not the criteria to find the best laundromat. 


Check the cleanliness 

You should always focus on cleanliness, such as their machines should not be dirty, or smelling bad. Nothing should be dirty there because you would not want to bring dirty clothes with you to the home, and you can check it on Google reviews. 



The location is one of the most important factors that you should focus on. You will always visit the closest laundromat near you, so you should check if the parking is available and if there is good security, such as a CCTV camera.  

You should also try to know the busy hours of a laundromat to know more about it. You can find a laundromat on Google and then call them for more information.


Inspect the photos

I have said that you should always read Google reviews before visiting a laundromat. So you should also see the place and machine pictures of how they are looking. They might be even older, but they can give you an idea.  


Types of laundry services?

There are many types of laundry services available in the United States. 

Self-service laundry: This is a bit cheaper because you will have to wash and dry your clothes by yourself at a laundromat (we are also discussing self-service laundry).

Pickup laundry services: This is a bit more expensive than the above one because here someone will come to your home to pick up your laundry. After that, they will wash it and give you back when your laundry is clean.

Dry cleaning service: This is one of the most professional cleaning services you can give any items for dry clean service, and they’ll wash and dry your clothes in a very professional way.

Commercial laundry service: Most of the time, you cannot go there to clean your clothes because commercial laundry focuses on hotels, washing their bed sheets, blankets, etc. 

Drop-off laundry services: On the drop-off laundry services, you can bring your dirty clothes with you, which you do not even want to wash by yourself. Here, someone else will wash your clothes. 


How to save time and money at the laundromat open near me

Once you have found the best laundry places, you will want to know how you can save money and time. First of all, remember that doing laundry at a laundromat is always more expensive than doing laundry at your home, but not too much. 


Finish drying clean clothes at home

If you want to use the dryer at the laundromat, you will have to pay extra, but some laundromat also offer it for free. But if you have to pay extra, then you can bring your wet clothes back to your home, especially when it is summer season, and the sun is shining. You should use sunlight to dry your clothes, mother nature will help you to save money and maintain the shape of your clothes. 


Wait for a full load

Another way to save time is that you should wait to collect enough dirty clothes for a full load. Because whether you go to the laundromat to wash one cloth or you go to the laundromat to wash ten clothes, you are going to pay the same amount for washing and drying. 


Wash some clothes from your hands at home

A laundromat is the best place to wash heavy items such as Blankets, but if you want to wash some lighter clothes such as T-shirts, Underwear, etc, you should do it by yourself. (I wash my jeans, T-shirt, and Shirt by myself) however, it is a time-consuming process. If you are busy enough, you can avoid it, but if you have time, you should always wash your hands. 


Don’t wash items too often

You are wearing jeans, a T-shirt, Shirt, and going to the park or grocery store, wearing formal clothes and going to the office doesn’t mean they are dirty. Take some time so you can wear clothes three times before washing them.  


Bring your products from home

You will always have to pay more to buy fabric softener or laundry detergent, and depending on your loads, you will have to pay money. Therefore I recommend you to bring your fabric softener or laundry detergent. You can buy that from a local store instead of buying from a laundromat.


Only wash dirty clothes

As I have said earlier, people can wear clothes at least three times after washing them. But many people only one time, go to the grocery store, in the things their close all dirty. Well! That’s a waste of money and time.

You should wear clothes a couple of times, especially jeans, because they won’t get dirty soon. When your clothes are dirty then you should visit the laundromat.


Laundromat tips and etiquette

If your clothes have any stains on them, you should work on them, and you can scrub them or soak clothes for 3 to 4 hours before you head to the laundromat. If you do that at home, you do not have to spend too much time on laundry. Besides this, always bring your detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, etc. 

You can separate your clothes at home, so it will make the process faster and keep the quarters ready to go. In my opinion, you do not like sorting your delicates in front of strangers.

Before leaving the laundromat, make sure clones are properly washed and dry because if they are not properly dry and you keep them in your wardrobe so, they will smell too bad, and it’s hard to remove their smell. You can also hand your clothes in the sunlight. Besides, you should fold your clothes at the laundromat.

If you are concerned about your safety, you can bring your brother or your friend with you, and you can also ask your neighbor if they want to go to a laundromat. If they want you can you can go with them.

Always check inside the machine before washing clothes to make sure there are no forgotten clothes. Most importantly, you should never overload the machines if you want to wash clothes properly. Secondly, it will also take extra time.

Use the correct machine because if you are washing just as you close, you may want to use a small machine because the bigger one will cost much more than the smaller one. Secondly, if someone else is already using the machine, you should not remove their clothes to wash your first, that’s not nice. 

Always maintain discipline. Do not bring small kids with you to make noise; secondly, if you’re watching a video on listening to music, please where earphones so as not to make other people.


Some other Important tips for laundromat

As I have mentioned, you should check out the machine and also make sure that the person before you washed it close did not bleach; if they did so, you should wash the machine first. If you have used bleach for your clothes, then you should wash the machine. You should be kind to other people and don’t argue with anyone if they’re taking a bit longer.

If you’re sending items to the dry cleaner, especially point out stains because they may not notice if you don’t tell. Besides this, when you receive items, check them properly, if they’re properly clean and they’re not torn.

Don’t use too much detergent or soap, and don’t dry everything on the heat; you should always read about the clothes that you’re going to dry on heat because some items may shrink into a terrier-size shirt.

You should wash clothes inside out because sometimes it’s hard to clean from both sides, especially when the load is too much. Secondly, you should choose which laundry you’re going to use  

Last but not least, always bring a clean bag to put your clean clothes in, and if you’re using a basket still it should be clean.


Pros of using a laundromat

The first advantage of a laundromat is that you can wash too many heavy clothes in a short time. Especially if you want to wash heavy items like a blanket, it will take a lot of time and effort. 


Cons of using a laundromat

Sometimes, you may not find a laundromat near you; therefore, you will have to carry the burden. Most importantly, you may feel a bit uncomfortable while washing your clothes, sorting underwear, etc. 


When are laundromats the busiest?

Laundromats are busiest on weekends such as Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm, and sometimes also between 50 pm to 8 pm. Because most people are free on Sunday that, they prefer to do laundry on that day.


How much money should I bring to the laundromat?

You can bring $3 to $4, that’s the average cost of doing a load of laundry at a nearby laundromat. You’ll pay $4 for the washer & dryer.


Do laundromats take cash?

Of course! Most laundromats accept cash in the form of quarters for their machines but you will find this facility everywhere is not guaranteed. Because nowadays, laundromats with the latest equipment are providing prepaid laundry cards, for which you will need to bring your debit or credit card.


Is it cheaper to do laundry at home or a laundromat?

It depends on multiple factors. If you own the latest dryer and washer, it’s cheaper, while if you’re using an old-fashioned machine, it might cost you a lot because the machine will consume too much energy. 

The average cost of doing laundry at home is about $0.17, and if you also use a dryer, it’ll cost about $0.32 a load. You’re using the machine three to four times a week, so the yearly cost will be $50 to $70. At the same time, you’ll have to spend around $3 to $4 at the laundromats.

On the other hand, if you’re spending $3 for one load in a week and going to the nearest laundromat four times a month, then in one year, you will spend $144. So, in general, washing at home is much cheaper.


Do laundromats have detergent?

Yes, most laundromats provide fabric softener, detergent, soap, dryer sheets, etc. You can purchase from there, but as they’re doing business, so might be a bit expensive; therefore, I suggest you bring detergent with you.


Where can I get quarters for laundry?

There are two famous places to get quarters for laundry: a grocery store with a coin machine or a bank. Besides this, you can also purchase a laundromat card, which can be used as a credit card for laundry. 


Are laundromats clean?

Most laundromats are clean because it is a business and if they do not keep the place clean, there is a high chance they will not get customers. Therefore, they keep the place clean. Often, it is even more cleaner than your washing machine. Probably you would not remember when you cleaned your washing machine. However, laundromats keep their machine clean because many people use bleach, and some people’s clothes leave their color, etc. 


How long does a laundromat take?

How long the laundromat will take depends on the amount of laundry and the machine that you are going to use to wash your items. Generally, you may have to spend 25 to 35 minutes, and for dryers, around 30 to 40 minutes. 


Should I leave my laundry at the laundromat?

You should not leave your laundry at the laundromat, you can wait for one or two hours while the machine is cleaning your clothes. 

If the laundromat is closest to you and you want to go home for some work, kindly set the alarm and come back to the laundromat before the time. Otherwise, someone else will remove your clothes, and that’s not very nice to make other people wait.


Where is the nearest laundromat?

If you are wondering where the nearest laundromat is near me (You), you can either search on Google or click here to find the nearest laundromat.


What time does the laundromat close?

Many laundromats are open 24 hours near me now, but some are closed on social occasions or before midnight.

Every laundromat has different timing so you have to find one and contact them before, suppose if you’re going on Christmas day. But there are many best 24-hour laundromats near me, so there are too at your place.


What is the best time to go to the laundromat?

If you have found cheap laundry places nearby or a 24-hour laundromat with free drying near me (you) and want to avoid crowds, then you should go in the morning. If you can’t wake up earlier in the morning, then go in the late evening. 

As you want to avoid crowds, do not go on weekends, especially after noon. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days, and you will see less crowds. 


Can you get bed bugs from a laundromat?

Although the laundromat isn’t a good place for bed bugs, they still do exist, and they can come from the laundromat to your home. Therefore, Don’t put your laundry baskets on the floor or near the seats and also check the place if it’s generally clean or not. 


At the end of the day

Finding the best laundromat near me (you) is easy, but keep some important things in mind, which I have discussed in the article, such as what you should check before going to a 24-hour laundromat and what you shouldn’t do when you’re at the laundromat. 


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