ScienceWhy technology is important in our life

Why technology is important in our life

Definition of technology

Anything that makes your work easy and faster is technology from the zip of your jeans to the airplane. It allows you to study and develop the physical elements that are present near humans.


What is technology

Simply put, everything that makes our work easier is called technology. From the zip in your jeans to the airplane or mobile phone, everything is part of technology. Because you can pee easily by unzipping the jeans or you can cover a month’s travel by plane in just a few hours, On the other hand, you can easily transfer any information in a few seconds by using your mobile.

We should be grateful to the scientists who have paid the most attention to technology to reach humans.

Whether he is Thomas Alva Edison who made the light bulb or Tesla who made the Alternating current or Charles Babbage who made the computer. or they can be the Wright brothers (Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright) who made the airplane or Alexander graham bell the founder of the telephone. We have to thanks them for giving us these kinds of technologies.

You must have read in books or heard stories that our ancestors learned to make weapons with stones that were also technology, today you can read this article because of the internet and digital devices (Computer/Mobile/Tablet), they are also technology. There is no doubt that the way our scientists have worked in the field of technology, they will continue to do the same.

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History of technology

Stone age: At that time our ancestors had entered the world of technology, they had learned to make weapons with stones, make clothes and burn fire.

Ancient era: At that time, our ancestors had achieved a lot in the field of engineering, it included some civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indian subcontinent, China, Persian Empire. Egypt’s Pyramid Is a Better Specimen of the Ancient Era.

Medieval era: The biggest invention in this era was the economy, at that time many historical buildings were built which are famous all over the world today, one of which is the Taj Mahal. It’s contributing to the GDP of India.

Industrial era: This era marked the beginning of modern times, and scientists invited textile machinery, mining, metallurgy, and James Watt Invented the steam engine.

20th Century: It was a very important time and in this important inventions were made by the scientists like Rocketry, computer, airplane, internet, Nuclear Power, telephone, and Submarine.

21st Century: This is the era in which we are living and perhaps we do not even need to tell what things have been invented in this century, however, 3D printing, Nanotechnology, Electronic cigarette, Contraceptive patch, and Blockchain have been invented.


Types of technology

Information Technology: This includes your computer, smartphone, television, and laptop, etc., with the help of which you can transfer any information all over the world.

Construction Technology: In this, grand buildings and bridges are constructed, for which the engineer first prepares the map and then starts the construction of the building.

Communication Technology: This includes gadgets with the help of which you can communicate with anyone, including television, Smartphone, Computer.

Transportation Technology: Among the modes of transport are railroads, roads, and airports, with the help of which you can travel fast anywhere in the world.

Educational Technology: In this, students and teachers have to use hardware like mobile or computer as well as software such as zoom call, so that online class can be joined.

Entertainment Technology: Ever since this technology was invented, people like to watch movies, or dramas in homes, cinema houses, or on mobile and the computer.

Space Technology: Our scientists made many rockets, with the help of which we can now go to space, NASA’s scientists contributed the most. Now the time is not far when humans will reach Mars.

Network Technology: In this, those social networking sites or software include that connects you, in which some popular software names are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Medical Technology: It is a boon to mankind because with its help it’s easy to perform even the most difficult surgeries.

Agricultural Technology: Apart from biotechnology, farmers also use many technologies for farming, which help them to test the soil or irrigate.


Why technology is good

There are countless reasons for whom technology is considered to be good. Such as it made our work easy and has already modernized to our society, However following are the reasons why technology is good:

  • It made your work easy and very faster
  • You can save energy
  • Provides you comfort
  • It’s good for doctors so they can do surgery easily
  • After the covid 19, it helps students a lot
  • Allows you to transfer information anywhere in the world
  • Because of this, we have Roads, railroads, and Airport which allows us to travel safe and fast
  • Allows you to do work from home
  • With its help, you can entertain yourself by watching movies or playing games using the internet.


Why technology is important in our life

Why technology is important in our life

Technology is important in our life because due to its arrival, development has taken place in every field like education, entertainment, transport, business, agriculture, health, tourism, and science, due to which our life has become very easy and comfortable.

With its arrival, mankind got such machines and gadgets, which their former could not even imagine, and therefore industrial production increased all over the world, even though we would have lived without technology, but our life was not as comfortable as today.

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How is technology changing the world today

Technology has changed and modernized world and is still scientists are working to change it more, if we talk about a thousand years ago, at that time there was neither a vehicle nor a good road, due to which people used to travel through their horses. In which they used to spend a lot of time, however in today’s time we have good roads and also vehicles, through them we can go anywhere very fast, even we can use airplanes to go somewhere more fast, by doing so, we can cover months of journey in hours.

Before the invention of the telephone, whenever anyone had to send any important information, he used to send it through the post office, which would take many days or months to reach, however with the advent of technology like the telephone, our world got completely changed and now we can share and get any information within seconds or minutes.

Electricity is also a very important technology, which is used in almost every field, just you imagine, what would happen if there is no electricity? Neither you can use your mobile nor cooler, fan or air conditioner, apart from this, your fridge, the computer will be useless, because if there is no electricity then how will you use them? However, they all are part of technology.


How is technology changing culture

Technology has influenced the culture of many countries, in which media, television, internet have contributed the most. For example, in a country like India, girls and boys did not wear jeans and shirts or t-shirts because their tradition was to wear sarees, and jeans shirts were limited to European countries.

However, as technology progressed, people also started wearing European and American clothes, as a result, you can easily see Indians wearing European clothes.

Apart from this, you will also get to see many types of food in India, which include both indigenous and foreign food. With this, India has become the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. Which became possible due to technologies.

It was only a matter of India but you can see in any country of the world there you will get to see some influence of foreign culture. Including, language, foods, Dance, and architecture.

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Why technology is important in education

You must have seen the example of why technology is important in education after the arrival of covid 19 if you are a student, teacher, or parent. You would know that after the arrival of coronavirus, all the schools were closed, after which only zoom call was an option.

The parents of all the students want their son to study diligently, on the other hand, every teacher also wants that his student should bring good results. And now technology has been very helpful in doing good to the students.

In your old times, you must have seen that there used to be many such children who could not understand the teacher’s point at once. And they didn’t even want to be ashamed by asking the teacher again. However, in today’s era, by using technologies, any student can easily understand the answer to his question by searching on a search engine like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, or bing.

However, if we promote education more through technical gadgets, then the burden of the student can be reduced further, some of the advantages are as follows.

  • If we put books in the mobile instead of filling the book in the school bag, then it will be better for the students
  • By promoting digital education, we can save trees from being cut because trees are cut to make paper, However, later the paper is also burnt which causes pollution, it would be better if we promote digital education.
  • In many countries, education is given differently in every place, however, if online education is promoted, then everyone will get an equal and high standard of education.
  • It will help the students to read, understand and think freely, due to which the standard of education will also increase.
  • Many times it happens that due to the distance of the school or college, the students are not able to go there, but through digital education, the distance will not become a hindrance.


How technology help students in this pandemic

Unquestionably, your smart devices such as computers and smartphones helped you a lot in this pandemic, it provided you such strategies and an environment that allowed teachers and students to complete their own tasks. Because of this students were able to take initiative based on their areas of interest. However, zoom classes helped students a lot globally.

  • There are few more benefits that how technology helped students in covid 19
  • Improves Collaboration
  • Participation in your classroom
  • It Connected you with your teacher and Students.
  • Because of this, you might have learned something new
  • Prepared Children for the Future
  • Created a More Engaged Environment.


Importance of technology in business

Importance of technology in business

It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small, you will need technology in it. Because it will help you to earn more and more money, although it left both good and bad impression on your business, but we will talk about only good impacts.

Following are the reasons why technology is important in business:

  • With the help of technology, you can share anything anywhere because there’s no limit to it.
  • It is the key factor to engage your costumers
  • It has improved communication in business.
  • Although technology is not new but nowadays customers are demanding for it.
  • Increased efficiency
  • In the modern world, It has become necessary to succeed.
  • It shall increase the capacity of your business
  • It shall save your time and money
  • New innovations protect your important assets such as cyber-attacks.


Importance of technology in tourism

Technology has played a major role in promoting tourism around the world. Many places in the world are doing good business only because of tourism, you can take the example of Dubai city of UAE. Which is a tax-free country and has become a global hub. The environment that Dubai has created is now attracting the tourist of the whole world.

Follow are the reason why tourist is getting attract due to technologies.

  • Internet
  • Google Map
  • Virtual reality
  • Batter lifestyle
  • New architecture
  • Fast and safe travel
  • Robots for greetings
  • Modern buildings and hotels
  • Countless and easy payments methods

All the things that we’ve mentioned above are the important parts of tourism. And countries like UAE use technologies like the internet, social networking sites to attract tourists, but they also provide you a rich lifestyle.

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Importance of technology in development of a country

Technology is very important to develop a country as it’s boosting economic growth and reducing the cost of production. Along with it, technologies are providing a rich lifestyle and growth in business with help of advanced communication systems. Besides, it also protects the country from enemies.


Importance of technology in communication

Technology has changed everything, and communication is among them. Beneficial or not, communication changed its face under the hands of technology effects, these changes have done on both individuals and businesses.

Texting messages or other simple ways such as voice messages or e-mails converted to group video calls, live videos, and a variety of applications to be in contact with others in your area or foreign countries. Social networking platforms allow people to have global communication and it doesn’t associate with religion, age, distance, area, etc.

People can have beneficial communication through comments, likes, profile pictures, posts, status, or stories that they can upload on social networking platforms with no limits.

Asking for customer’s views about products was hard before technology, but nowadays businesses can easily get feedback and comments from every single customer by creating a separate application or site. Moreover, businesses can use social networking platforms too.

In this way, they can also sell or introduce their products and share them with customers in the whole world. Video conferences are an effective way to learning or having speeches even in long distances, it will allow businesses or organizations to improve themselves.


How technology a mode of revealing

Technology is a mode of revealing the truth. This is a specific way for technology to reveal itself.

In this way to produce cultural products and share them with people has become easier than ever been. Cultural products like arts, music, video clips, different ideas about the special thing, literature, etc, can be easily revealing and become available for every user.

Through videos and pictures, people can face the truth of events or fake ones. By simple searching people got access to information as fast as possible, however, all should take care about the source of every information, all should be certain and authentic.


Why technology is bad for child development

Why technology is bad for child development

At home or schoolchildren will certainly know technology and use it wisely. This has both good and bad effects, also in some cases, bad effects are more than good ones, but by recognizing them and paying enough attention we can increase good effects.

Video games that are so famous between children and teenagers help them to improve their visual-motor skills.

Using technology with no limitations or control takes children away from real life. Children learn skills, language, or other things like that with listening, analyzing other’s activities, etc. Whenever technology comes and children face them they prefer technology to other things. It reduced the sense of empathy, listening skills, problem-solving, and curiosity. It causes them to become weak in finding new friends and have beneficial communications.

The brains of children who are more exposed to technology are more sluggish than other children. The brains of other children prefer to discover, search, and apply skills, but the brains of children exposed to technology useless skills and expect information to be given to them rather than themselves search for information.

Giving a mobile phone to an angry child can easily calm him down, most parents prefer the same way, but this behavior reduces self-control in children.

Children are exposed to all kinds of violent video games or violent content on the Internet. It directly affects them in real life, too. This increased aggressiveness in them.

Technology increases multi-tasking skills in children. It will help children to deal with the new lifestyle that technology is brought.

Distraction is another effect of technology on children. Allowing the use of mobile phones and the presence of computers in the educational environment causes this distraction.

In conclusion with the right use, the positive effects can be increased relative to the negative effects and technology can be used for the benefit of children.


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