AstronomyWhy spend billions to go to Mars when we can use it...

Why spend billions to go to Mars when we can use it to rebuild Earth? 

Why spend billions to go to Mars when we can use it to rebuild Earth? 

According to sir Elon Musk there are two fundamental paths and history is gonna be bifurcate along two direction. 

The first path is to stay on the blue planet forever and wait for any extinction event which will wipeout the mankind.

Second path is to become a space-bearing civilization and multi-planetary species to ensure the future of mankind.

Why spend billions to go to Mars when we can use it to rebuild Earth? 

About 65 millions years ago during the Cretaceous Period, there was no human, no global warming on earth, and the environment & atmosphere almost everything was excellent. Dinosaurs, who lived over 165 million years on earth, went extinct about 65 million years ago due to a giant asteroid.

And it’s been only two million years since the first human emerged in Africa. How elon musk will Colonize Mars?

Suppose if we stop planing to live on Mars or becoming a multi-planetary species and shift our focus to rebuild Earth, then what will we do if a giant asteroid hit our REBUILT Earth? Will we Suck lollipop in that situation?

Maybe a asteroid can hit us thousands, one million, or five million years later, who knows?

We cannot even handle this penny corona virus which is trying to annihilate mankind, so can we handle a giant asteroid?

If we become multi-Planetary species and started living on Blue and the Red Planet so chances are very less that there will be any event which will destroy life on both planets all together.

Remeber that we’re only expending about 0.5 to 07% of the world economy on space based research. Therefore, it’s not too much amount for a safe and better future of the mankind. Although we should spend more than 10% of world economy on space exploration. Instead of building nuclear and such more advance military weapons.

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