General QuestionWhy should we wear cotton clothes in summer

Why should we wear cotton clothes in summer

Why should we wear cotton clothes in summer

You should wear cotton in summer because cotton clothes have very fine pores. The air keeps hitting your body, so you do not sweat; even if you sweat, cotton clothes will absorb it easily. However, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Why should we wear cotton clothes in summer

In summer, if you wear dark-colored clothes, they will make you feel hotter because they cannot absorb the rays coming from the sun, so that you will sweat soon. Therefore you should wear white-colored clothes made of cotton in summer.

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How to identify cotton clothes

There are two effective ways to identify cotton fabrics.

First: To identify if the cotton fabric is genuine or fake, tear the cloths slightly from one corner. If it breaks easily, then it is made of genuine cotton.

Second: If you burn the cloth a little, if it starts burning immediately, then it is made of real cotton, and if it does not burn, then it is adulterated.


How many types of cotton clothes are there

There is only one type of cotton cloth which is made of pure cotton. However, there are many other types of clothes in the market. There is an impurity of something else other than cotton.


How to wash cotton clothes

If you have to wash cotton clothes, you should get normal water and then wash the clothes, although many times it happens that the clothes made of cotton do not get clean well at home. In that case, you have to wash the clothes dry-clean. Remember, never make the water too hot. Otherwise, the clothes may get spoiled.


How to wash white cotton clothes

Before washing cotton’s white clothes, take the cool water, then wash but never wash white clothes with those clothes that leave color.


Why do cotton clothes shrink

Cotton is used to make cotton cloth. First of all, yarn is made from cotton. Tension is necessary for making cloth, so cloth makers stretch the fibers to make clothes well. However, when the cotton cloth is washed, its tension ends, due to which it starts shrinking.


How to prevent cotton clothes from shrinking

Cotton tends to shrink more than synthetic fibers such as polyester. When raw cotton is spun, the fibers are stretched, so when washed, this stretch is compensated, and shrinkage occurs.

It is much better to wash and dry them in the sun before the first use of cotton clothes for maximum shrinkage. To prevent further shrinkage of cotton fibers in subsequent washes, read the following:


Washing Machine

To wash your cotton clothes in the washing machine, use a gentle cycle and cold water in the washing machine. This method will prevent the clothes from being worn together. In addition, cold water helps the fibers to expand and contract.


Hand washing

For cotton clothes, hand washing is better than a washing machine. Use a mild detergent and cool water. First, soak clothes in water and scrub lightly; 5 minutes is enough for normal clothes, and near to 30 minutes is recommended for more soiled clothes.



To maintain the quality of cotton clothes, dry them as much as possible but only in the sun. Because the heat used to dry the clothes quickly breaks the cotton fibers and cause quick shrinking. If the sunlight were intense, you would dry them in shaded areas.

Note: If your clothes are not 100% cotton and other fibers such as polyesters, show less sensitivity to shrinking clothes. You can read this information on clothing labels.


How to prevent cotton clothes from losing color

To maintain the quality and increase the durability of cotton clothes, it is important to preserve their color in multiple washes. To know the ways, read the paragraphs below:


Not Hot Water

Always use cold water to wash cotton fibers, whether by hand or in the washing machine. As a result, the texture and color of the cloth will be maintained—hot water causes it to lose shape.


Correct Way Of Washing

While hand washing or in a washing machine, always use mild detergent and cold water. Soak the cotton carefully and wash it with your hand, 5 to 15 minutes ( more time for soiled clothes).


Separate Colors

Wash light, dark and white clothes separately. This method prevents the colors of the clothes from mixing and preserves the original color.



If you use a washing machine, add some vinegar to the clothes. Vinegar maintains the radiance and makes clothes smell good.


Correct Way Of Drying

Do not use dryers for cotton clothes as much as possible. Dry them in the natural air and sunlight. If the heat or light is intense, let them dry in shaded areas because high sunlight and heat will fade the color.


How to remove stains from cotton clothes

Depending on the type of fiber, the method of cleaning stains and the required equipment is different. Here are the cotton fibers:

If the clothes are 100% cotton, the existing stain will be easier to remove. Commercial detergents or weak acids such as vinegar can be used for this purpose. Bleach can also be used in small amounts for white cotton clothes, but it should not be used too much because it damages the cotton fibers.

Enzyme cleaner can be used for inorganic fibers like cotton. It is usually used for stains like sweat, blood, egg yolk, etc.


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