ScienceWhy nuclear weapons should be banned

Why nuclear weapons should be banned

What are Nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapon is also known as Atom Bomb, It’s a kind of device which can easily derive its destructive power through nuclear reactions, either fission known as (Fission bomb) or the combination of fusion and fission known as (Thermonuclear Bomb) these both deadly weapon releases a massive amount of energy from relativity small amount of matter.


Why nuclear weapons should be banned


History of Nuclear weapons

Robert Oppenheimer is said to be the father of Nuclear weapons. The first nuclear weapon explosion in history took place on July 16, 1945, in Mexico, USA. And a few weeks later, on August 6, 1945, the US dropped nuclear weapon on Japan. This was the first nuclear attack in the history of humanity, which left the whole world shocked.


Types of nuclear weapons

There are mainly three types of Nuclear weapons such as Atomic bombs, Thermonuclear Weapon, and Dirty Bombs, let’s understand them one by one.

  • The Atomic Bomb: During this process, a lot of heat and electricity are generated due to nuclear power.
  • Thermonuclear Weapons: It’s a nuclear weapon which is also known as a hydrogen bomb. In addition, it has highly explosive powers derived from nuclear fusion.
  • Dirty bombs: It’s a radiological weapon that affects the air in such a way that it becomes difficult to survive there. However, It’s generally considered a non-nuclear weapon, but it can also be called part of a nuclear weapon.


Why countries have nuclear weapons

Every country in the world wants to keep nuclear weapons with them because they want to show themselves as more powerful than other countries. Countries like Russia, America, France, United Kingdom have the most nuclear weapons, Apart from these countries, China, Pakistan, and India also have nuclear weapons.

However, Iceland is the only country in the world that does not even have its own army because they believe in peace.


Why nuclear weapons are good

Nuclear weapons are good because if a powerful country oppresses another country, then it should be attacked. Let’s understand this with an example, When Japan was causing a lot of damage to America, in return America also dropped the atomic bomb on Japan and made it surrender.

If America did not use the atomic bomb, then probably Japan would have caused great harm to America as well as other countries and their citizens.

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Why nuclear weapons are bad

Nuclear weapons are very bad from the point of view of humanity, for example when the war between Japan and America was going on, America used nuclear weapon, due to which innocent people had to lose their lives. civilians die due to nuclear weapon, and on the other hand, if we do not use nuclear weapon and use only cannons and guns, then only soldiers will die and not civilians.


How nuclear weapons affect the environment

Nuclear bombs produce a fireball, shockwaves, and radiation, Due to which clouds are formed from vaporized debris, and then it contaminates the air, soil, water. Therefore, the place where the atomic bomb explodes, the environment becomes poisonous, due to which people die.

Actually, a Nuclear bomb is a type of pollution that mixes in the air after the explosion in such a way that anyone who breathes it gets killed within a few days.


Why nuclear weapons should be banned

Nuclear weapons should be banned because from the point of view of humanity they will prove to be very fatal for common people. In recent times, North Korea threatens America with nuclear war many times, knowing that America also has nuclear weapons. And if there is a nuclear war between these two countries, then most of the innocent civilians will be killed in it.

On the other hand, Pakistan has also threatened Indian with nuclear war many times and if there is a nuclear war in both countries, then innocent people will have to pay the price. Countries that have nuclear weapons will definitely use them someday.

Even if the third world war is fought on the basis of nuclear weapons, but the fourth world war will be fought with sticks Because due to nuclear war, more than half of the world’s population would have been killed and automatic weapons would also have been greatly reduced.


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