Scientific Q&AWhy does the sky look blue

Why does the sky look blue

Why does the sky look blue


Why does the sky look blue

Whenever you see the sky, does it come to your mind that why the sky is appearing blue, if yes, you have to read this answer completely

We see the sky blue, there are 3 big reasons behind it.

  • Sunlight
  • Atmosphere
  • Our Eyes



Light coming from the sun is called visible light, however, it’s not that only white-colored waves which come from the sun on our earth but also many other types of waves come out of the sun but we cannot see them.

The white waves that we can see are made up of different colors together like violet, blue, indigo, green, yellow, orange, and red, and all these colors form a rainbow.

If you see the light coming from the sun through a Prism glass, then you will see all seven colors.



As we all know that our atmosphere contains different types of gases, but the highest amount of oxygen (21%) and nitrogen (78%) is in the atmosphere.

So our atmosphere is filled with small particles of nitrogen and oxygen which we cannot see with our eyes, but these particles also help to give blue color to the sky.

Let’s know how particles of nitrogen and oxygen help give blue color to the sky.


Have you ever wondered why seven colors in the rainbow appear in a particular layer, in which red color appears at the top and violet at the bottom?

The seven colors of the rainbow are in a particular order for different reasons and to understand these reasons, we have to understand the nature of waves.

Light has many types of waves and the length of each wave is different, which we also know as wavelength.

The largest wave is colored red, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and the smallest wave is indigo, and when the larger waves (Orange/ Red) collide with the dust particles present in the atmosphere, they don’t scatter too much, but when small waves (Violet / Indigo) collide with dust particles they scattered too much.

This is the reason that the sky looks blue but there is a slight scattering of green, orange, and red as well, so we do not see the sky exact blue but we see light-blue.

Perhaps a question may be arising in your mind, if the shortest wave is purple and the color of a purple wave is the highest, then why does the sky not look purple?

It happens because of our eyes, let’s know-how


Our Eyes

Our eyes are more sensitive to blue color than Violet color, so whenever we see the mixture of purple and blue color, so our eyes see mostly blue color and hence the sky appears blue.

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