ScienceWhy do we need Nuclear power | Know everything

Why do we need Nuclear power | Know everything

What is nuclear Power

Nuclear power is the power that is present in the core or nucleus of an atom. Atoms are the smallest units of our entire universe. Atoms make up matter and energy. Also, it is the energy that binds the nuclei together. In the dense of the atom, there is a lot of energy available in the nucleus.


Why do we need Nuclear power


Why do we need nuclear power

There are three big reasons behind why we need nuclear power, which is as follows:

  • Nuclear power release much less radiation into the air than as compared to other energy sources.
  • Nuclear power is much better than fossil fuels
  • It’s clean and sustainable energy


What is nuclear used for

It is used in different fields such as transportation, water supply, science research, consumer goods, agriculture, and Radio Isotope, etc.

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Types of nuclear energy 

  1. There are two basic types of nuclear energy which as follows:
  2. Fission: Splits the large atoms into two other smaller atoms
  3. Fusion: Joins two or more liter atoms into the large atom


Explain Nuclear Reaction 

If a reaction gets happened and causes nucleolus to change and converts an atom to another atom, so we call it a nuclear reaction. Nuclear reactions can increase or decrease the numbers of neutrons and protons, the result is creating a different element.

There’s a difference between nuclear scattering and nuclear reaction, in most occasions these two confused with each other. If a nucleus interacts with another nucleus and separation occurs without a change in the basis of the element and without conversion to another element, it is called as a nuclear scattering. 

The main condition for a nuclear reaction is a change in the type of atom.


Types of Nuclear Reaction

There are several possible nuclear reactions in the environment or powerhouses. Some examples are:

Inelastic scattering: Whenever energy transition occurs we can say that this reaction is inelastic scattering. The transmitted energy creates the excited nuclide.

Elastic scattering: Whenever energy transition doesn’t happen between the nucleus with another nucleus or particle.

Capture Reactions: Nuclei can capture charged or neutral particles. This capturing reaction comes with ˠ-rays (gamma rays) emission. For example, a neutron capture reaction creates radioactive nuclides.

Transfer Reactions: Whenever absorption of particles comes with emission of one or more other particles, this reaction took place in a transfer reaction.

Alpha Radioactivity: The nucleus decays by emitting alpha particles. Alpha particle consists of two protons and two neutrons that are bound together and it’s like a helium nucleus. It has short-range because of its large mass and charge.

Beta Radioactivity: Certain types of radioactive nuclei decay by emitting beta particles. These particles are high-speed and high-energy electrons or positrons whose range is more than alpha particles but still much less than gamma rays. Emitted beta particles are called beta rays.

Gamma Radioactivity: Most nuclear reactions cause gamma emission. Gamma rays are super-high frequency and energy electromagnetic radiation. Gamma decay gets happened whenever particle transition has been done from a high-energy state to a lower-energy state. 


How does nuclear energy work

  • In nuclear energy, neutrons collide with uranium atoms and then split them shortly thereafter. 
  • After that, in nuclear reactors’ core, Uranium’s atoms fission releases energy
  • The energy heats water with 520 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • This hot water use that energy to spin the turbine connected with the generator, and then produce energy

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Why nuclear power is good

Nuclear power is good because it makes the air less dirty than other energy sources, Apart from this, it is a sustainable source of energy. By using nuclear power, electricity can be made for a long time. Alongside, It’s the low-carbon energy sources.


Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy

Advantages  Disadvantages 
It provides an enormous capacity Working with nuclear energy can be dangerous for Worker
It boosts Economy The uranium which is needed for nuclear energy can be used as a weapon
It’s a reliable resource It can create health problem 
It helps us to start reducing greenhouse gas emissions There’s no Plan B for when nuclear energy will be no longer with us
Nuclear energy is a safe resource  It takes a long time to build a new nuclear facility.
We can reuse Its fuel (from the nuclear energy projects)  It’s not the Renewable energy sources


Difference between nuclear energy and chemical energy

Chemical energy Nuclear Energy
Atomic energy is the total energy that an atom carries with it Nuclear energy is the total energy of the nucleus of an atom
Has too high value even though It’s the total energy that an atom is composed of Has high value due to the high energy released from nuclear reactions
Includes the energy required to hold atoms in chemical bonds when atoms are in compounds It Doesn’t include the energy required to hold atoms in chemical bonds
Includes the energy required to split an atom into free electrons and a nucleus  Does not include the energy required to split the atom into free electrons and nucleus


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