Why America is superpower

What makes a country a superpower

Any country does not become a superpower just by having a mighty army. Still, many factors make a country a superpower, such as a robust economy, a stable government, technology, powerful military, diplomatic and soft power strength, the happy people of that country, and the country’s dominance in every field, among other countries.


Why america is superpower

Why America is superpower

There are many reasons behind America’s superpower, such as the world’s most powerful army, advanced technology, the world’s largest economy, which is $21 trillion, US companies are most famous in the world such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, along with it, America is the most Nobel prize and Olympic gold medal-winning country, and therefore America contributes the most in every field. So that’s why America is the greatest country in the world.

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How America become a superpower

America’s dominance is not only in the field of the military in all the countries, but in every field such as GDP, Technology, and Development, Although America becomes a superpower in the last 100 years.

Here’s a question arises that how America became a superpower. To know the answer, know about America from the beginning.


Birth of America

In 1492, An Italian explorer named Christopher Columbus discovered a few islands near North America, after that European started colonizing America.

At that time, Native Americans or Red Americans lived there in different tribes. However, most parts of South America were colonized by Spain, therefore, most people speak Spanish in South American countries, which are known as Latin American.

The first Colony by Britishers was established in the 1600s, then France also established its Colony, as a result, There were three main powers, Britain, Spain, and France. And all three occupied the whole of North America, due to which the population of Native Americans decreased by 80 to 90%.

There were many other reasons for the extinction of the Native American population, such as diseases that Europeans carried with them, such as Influenza and Smallpox. Native Americans could not fight these diseases due to which they died.

In the year 1776, American revolutionaries declared their independence from Britain, and here, America or the United States was born.


How did America get 50 states

America’s fortunes began to shine from the year 1850, this was the time when the British, French, Spain was occupying many different territories of the world, such as India.

America became a Democratic country and on the other hand, Britain, France, or Spain were not Democratic, any country would have liked to join America because there they would get freedom, therefore many states like Florida, and Ohio chose the USA instead of Spain or Britain.

In 1836, Texas got freedom from Mexico and chose to join the USA. Similarly, One by one the states joined the USA, that’s why the United States continued to grow.

America intended to expand, therefore, in 1867 America bought Alaska territory from Russia and the total cost was $7.2 million.

Although, America was a democratic country but still attacked the kingdom of Hawaii and occupied it. Undoubtedly, the USA was not a colonizer but it behaved like that.

Till 1898, America also occupied the areas of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, under the leadership of President William McKinley. However, the Philippines got its freedom from the USA in 1946.

By the 1900s, the USA had many territories and was become a large country, And on the other hand, the bigger the country, the more its GD just like China and India before 1800.

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How did America became a superpower after WW2

America took advantage between 1900 to 1950 because of World wars. In that wars, European countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain were fighting with each other, meanwhile, the USA was sitting on the sidelines.

Although the USA was the part of world wars, But there was no war on America’s soil, it was happening in Europe. Meanwhile, the USA was also busy in supplying weapons to those countries which were fighting.

Many American soldiers have died during the world war, but on the other hand, America also got benefits from this and become economically powerful. The US sold weapons to European countries, However, countries like the United, France, and Germany were devastated.

During the war, European countries thought that their currencies would lose their values, which can be the cause of the economic crash. therefore, European countries bought dollars as it was a stable currency.

During the last stage of WWII, 44 allied countries decided to keep their currencies stable, so they linked their currencies with US dollars, and Dollars were linked to gold. As a result, allied countries won WWII and dollars become the international currency.

After that, United Nations and the international monetary fund were established. Along with it, GATT (The General agreement on tariffs and trade) was established. The USA played an important role in it.


America vs the Soviet Union

After 1950, the Soviet Union and the USA both were emerged as superpowers. Then the cold war between these two began. And that was the ideological war between Capitalism and communism. Which they fought in proxies.

The USA thought that Communist ideas are gaining traction so they started toppling governments. By monetarily funding the opposition, terrorist, rebel groups. Or directly assassinating revolutionaries. Che Guevara was executed by the operatives of the CIA.

The US funded the Taliban in order to stop the influence of the Soviet Union, and therefore terrorist groups were created there. Because of interfering in internal politics, many countries have become dependent on the United States, such as Chile, Iran, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Congo, and Argentina. Hence the US become more powerful.

In the modern world, the US has around 800 military bases in more than 70 counties, therefore, the US has the most powerful military, Although the USA spend a lot of money to achieve all this during the cold war.

In order to stop Soviet Union’s influence, In 1949, the United state formed NATO Alliance along with other European countries. That’s the reason America has always been cooperative with west European countries.


Peace Efforts and Development

There were presidents of America who focused on the military, for example, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump, and on the other hand, there were presidents who peacefully developed the country, such as Al Gore, Woodrow Wilson, and Barrack Obama.

America’s President Woodrow Wilson did not allow America to be a part of World War, but later on, he allowed it because the US interference could have stopped the war. Apart from this, he formed the League of Nations in order to bring peace to the world. This was a form before United Nations.


Fall of the Soviet Union

At the time of World War, either country around the world were with the Soviet Union or with America. So, therefore, both Soviet Union and America had become superpowers, unfortunately, in the 1990s Soviet Union was disinterested, after that only America remain the superpower.


Attracting the Best Talent

There are some other reasons that helped America to become a superpower, such as attracting the best talent, and even today American immigrants’ best talent, for example, Nikola Tesla (A Serbian), Albert Einstein (A German), Elon Musk (A South African). America’s policy is to encourage talent and Promotes innovation.

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Why America isn’t the best country

  • In 2020, the homeownership rate in America was about 65.8%, which means more than 30%of people don’t own a home.
  • America is quite unequal country because 1% of American has 42.5% total wealth of America.
  • The American healthcare system is quite expensive and inadequate.
  • Their obesity levels have reached unthinkable highs.
  • There the education system is expensive due to which all students cannot pay college fees.
  • In 2020, more than 3,000 American citizens died because of mass shootings, although there is no proper gun law.
  • Many countries are not superpowers but still, their citizens are happier than Americans, such as New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.
  • Many European countries don’t have a stronger army and economy, but still, they are more safe and happy than the United States of America.


Which countries are superpowers

No. Country Population Military Power GDP GDP PC
1 United States 328 million 1 $21.4 trillion $65,298
2 China 1.40 billion 3 $14.3 trillion $10,217
3 Russia 144 million 2 $1.70 trillion $11,585
4 Germany 83.1 million 10 $3.86 trillion $46,445
5 United Kingdom 66.8 million 8 $2.83 trillion $42,330
6 Japan 126 million 6 $5.08 trillion $40,247
7 France 67.1 million 5 $2.72 trillion $40,494
8 South Korea 51.7 million 7 $1.65 trillion $31,846
9 Saudi Arabia 34.3 million 25 $793 billion $23,140
10 United Arab Emirates 9.77 million 36 $421 billion $43,103

Note: Countries that we have mentioned are not only based on Military, but they are based on Strong International Alliances, Good leaders, economically influential, politically influential, and powerful military. Source


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