45 Best Places to Sell Used Appliances for Cash Near You

Who buys used appliances near me

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Are you done with your old appliances and now decided to purchase a new one but wondering, “Who buys used appliances near me” or we buy used appliances? 

There are many websites and stores nearby where you can sell refrigerators, dryers, washers, gas stoves, washing machines, microwave ovens, and many more appliances for cash.

Who buys used appliances near me

There are 35 best places to sell used appliances for cash near you. Therefore in this article, I have explained how to sell used appliances in 2023 and get cash in your pocket. 


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Why do we sell used appliances? 

There are various reasons to sell used appliances.

  1. When we buy or plan to buy a new appliance, old appliances are no longer important.
  2. If there is an emergency when we need cash, in that case, we sell used appliances.
  3. If you’re planning to move to another city, such as New York to Los Angeles, we still sell used appliances like refrigerators.


Benefits to Buy and Sell used appliances 

Although many people buy and sell used appliances for cash because this is a very profitable business. 

Secondly, many families and individuals can’t afford new appliances because they have to save money. In that case, they prefer to buy used appliances in working condition. 

And there are very few people who buy used appliances for cash, take them as a business, and make money from them, but how?

Firstly they buy used appliances even if they’re not in working condition, then repair them and sell them at a higher price.


Can I get cash for used appliances?

Undoubtedly you will get money If You sell used appliances. If you still think, who buys used appliances for sale near me? Because you want to have some cash. 

You will get a good amount of money if you have a used washer and dryer for sale or a used refrigerator for sale, or any other electronic items, as they’re more in demand. 


Tips to Sell used appliances for cash

There are many places to sell used appliances for money; for example, you can sell used appliances for cash at local appliance stores.

I assume you’re in any of the categories mentioned above and want to sell used appliances for cash.

However, there are 35 best places to sell used appliances. But if you want a suitable price, then you’ll need some tips which I’m telling you.

Here are 5 tips for selling used appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, gas stoves, and many other items.


Fix the Problems 

For example, if you have a refrigerator in your home that is not in working condition, nobody will obviously prefer to buy it because it will cost a lot to repair.

Therefore every buyer will look for a used appliance that is in working condition and can be used for the next few years. 

That’s why this is the most important thing. Firstly you check your appliance, and if there is a problem so, fix that problem and then sell used appliances. Even if there is a small issue, the price will drop, or the buyer won’t buy your used appliance.

As I have given the example of a refrigerator, if you want to sell a refrigerator that is not in working condition, then take the assistance of a technician and solve the problem and then think about selling it. 

After that, when you sell this refrigerator, you can cover the repair cost because it will be in working condition then.

Another benefit is that buyers will not call you and complain about the appliance you’ve sold if it’s in working condition.

You can also get money for a broken appliance from a scrap metal recycler.


User Manual

Buyers want to get a user manual of the used appliance; therefore, before selling the used appliance, get the user manual ready, and if you don’t have then get a copy from the manufacturer. 

Most of the time, manufacturers will give you the user manual, and they may ask you for some money so that they can post your appliance’s user manual. 

However, if you get some issues finding a user manual, then you can download it from Google, type the appliance and its model number, and you will get the user manual, then print it.

Having a user manual increases authenticity and value. On the other hand, people can’t use a new gadget easily, so that they will need a user manual. 


Get invoice & warranty card ready

After a user manual, warranty card, or invoice is important, you can also sell used appliances without it but providing a warranty card or invoice will increase the value. 

Even if the warranty card is outdated, then there is no problem. You can still give that to the buyer. But the invoice is more important.

Invoice and warranty cards play an important role when it comes to price; they can increase and decrease the price at the same time because it shows the authenticity of a product. 

An invoice will allow the buyer to get an idea of ​​the amount for which you bought the product.

On the other hand, with a warrant card, the buyer will be able to see the history of the product and how many times it has been repaired.

And sometimes, people sell used appliances for an emergency when they need cash. Here, products are not old enough even if they are under warranty. 

Few e-commerce websites, such as Amazon, allow users to download and print invoices and if they have bought any product from Amazon that they are selling now. But don’t have an invoice, so that you can download it from there.


Keep the used appliance clean

If you have a washing machine, use a dryer that you have not used for a long time. 

Undoubtedly, if you’re not using any appliance for a long time, then it will rust if it is made of iron. Or sometimes, it may get stains, mildew, and dust on the appliance.

And if you sell this product, the buyer will think the appliance is coming from the junkyard, which will lower the price, and maybe the buyer won’t buy your product. 

Therefore, clean any used appliance which you’re selling for cash. It should look new or less used. You can do that in your free time.

Clean, used appliances can turn the table around, especially if it’s looking new and in good condition.


Delivery terms and appliance

Whether you are selling appliances online or offline, you should always specify how the delivery will work. For example, you could mention that if you are selling online, I will deliver within certain kilometers, or I will charge extra if you’re far away. You can also mention that the buyer should arrange his own pick up for the appliance. 


Payment Method 

Payment terms are usually cash on delivery, expecting a credit card, when to pay for the appliance in advance or after picking up, or half before and half later.

Most importantly, you have to mention whether you will give a refund if the buyer is unhappy with your appliance and wants to return it within a limited time, from 14 to 30 days. 


Estimated Price

Get an estimated price before you sell a used appliance, as it will help you to get an idea of how much money you will get.  

If you have no idea how much money you have to sell your item for. Then you can see a similar product on OLX or classify ads; from there, you can get an idea of how much others are selling the same product. 

Another option is looking for trade-in discounts and deals online or offline. Here you can sell used appliances and get new ones in return, but you may have to pay some money if the new one is more expensive than the old one.

Keep in mind, if you have spent money on repairing the old appliance, then you must increase the price of that appliance. You can’t charge separately for the amount you have spent on repair. Therefore provide a combined price of the appliance and reaper money. 


Preparation on How to sell used appliances

Suppose you’re planning to sell used appliances for cash and get a new one. Here you should remember some important factors to get a good amount.


Eye Catching title

If you sell your used appliance online, titles and words are very important. For instance, “Affordable used refrigerator for sale,” “used dryer for sale,” and many more.


Contact Details Ready

Always keep your contact details ready whether you are selling used appliances online or offline. I suggest you use a temporary email Id and phone number for online selling because nobody likes to get spam calls and emails.

In some cases, buyers will call you after buying your used appliances. You won’t like to get an email and call after selling your used appliance in good condition.

Especially if you sell online, you can get many calls and emails for a long time because aids are available for a long time after selling the stuff. And they will ask you again and again whether this product is available or not, so it is better if you don’t use your real phone number and email id that you use regularly.


Inspection venue

Get a perfect and clean place and clean that place, where buyers can come and inspect the used appliance you are selling for cash. It can be your backyard home, garage, or other location. It should be clean.

The home will be perfect for selling a used refrigerator because you can show the buyer if this is in working condition. 

And the inspection venue should be easy to visit for buyers and discuss the price, especially when you’re selling offline.



Many buyers and dealers will come for an inspection, whether you sell online or offline. Most buyers will quote less than those genuine buyers who want to buy a used refrigerator or any other appliances. 

The reason is that the buyer wants to have your product because he would be needy. On the other hand, dealers want to resell it. 

You should not sell used appliances immediately after getting one quote from buyers online or offline; wait for more people to come for an inspection. However, if an Individual or household comes to buy, they might take a lot of time for inspection, bargaining, and too many questions. 

Therefore, manage time for the crowd to handle, especially when you sell online at a lower price; many buyers and dealers will come to your home, which might disturb you. 


Appliance Description

You should write a description about the used appliance, for instance, country of origin, Appliance purchase date, features, for how long you’ve been using (Product Age), product condition, manufacturer, Brand, or whether you’re the first owner or not.

You can write how much you paid for the appliance you’re going to sell, and many other things. It will give an idea to the buyer whether he should buy your appliance or not, and if they find it valuable, he’ll definitely go for that.


High quantity picture

We all know that “first impression is last impression”; therefore, you should take a clear picture of a used appliance with a digital camera or smartphone. Whether you are selling appliances online or offline, a high-definition picture will be needed. 

For Online, you will have to upload pictures on the website or application; on the other hand, for offline, buyers may ask you to show them used appliance photos. 

Therefore take high-quality pictures from different angles, upload them online, or send them if someone nearby asks you. 


Why are you selling your used appliance?

In business, authenticity and honesty is the best policy, so be honest with the customer whom you will sell your used appliance. The more honest you are, the more money you will get, and if you are dishonest, you will get less amount, and the customer will be angry at you as well. 

Especially if you sell your used appliance online, it’s better if you record a video. For example, if you are selling an old washing machine, record a video of it and prove it is working. It will be beneficial to the customer who is going to buy your used appliance. 

When someone comes to your home to pick up a used appliance, like an old washing machine or a refrigerator, it is better to let the appliance connect so that they can see the used appliance is in working condition and still being used. Otherwise, they are being scammed.

If you give a great experience to the buyer and talk to them politely and explain everything about the used appliance, you may get more money. Especially if you have a business where you buy used appliances at low prices and sell them at higher prices, and you’re selling them online, people will take your rating seriously. 


Who buys used appliances for cash near me 

Best apps, sites, and places to sell used appliances near you

I have mentioned 46 places where you can sell used appliances for cash and they claim, Who buys used appliances near me. 


1. Local stores 

You can check out some local stores that buy used appliances, most stores that buy used appliances do resell at higher prices, and some buy for recycling. 

However, first, you need to check out a local shop or someone in your contact.


2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace gives you the opportunity to sell used appliances, and the best thing about Facebook marketplace is that you don’t have to pay a penny for this. 

When selling a used appliance for cash via the Facebook marketplace, your appliances will be visible within an area of a hundred square kilometers. 

A 100 square kilometer area is good, because it will be easier for you to deliver the used appliance to the buyer, or it will be easier for the buyer to visit your home for inspection.


3. 5Miles 

If the appliances are heavy, for example, you’re selling a used refrigerator, or a washing machine, in that case, it will be easier if you get a buyer from near your location. 

As you can judge from its name, “5 miles,” this app allows you to sell used appliances within 5 miles, especially if you’re looking for someone who can buy used appliances near you. 


4. Craigslist 

Craigslist is an American classified ads company for buying, selling, hiring, and sharing, and its application is available on Google Play Store. 

You can run ads for free on Craigslist. To do so, you must create an account via email Id and upload pictures of used appliances with eye-catching titles and descriptions, as I mentioned earlier.

Add the venue of inspection for used appliances and provide pricing and contact details. Suppose everything is okay, i.e., High-quality pictures, description, and pricing. In that case, Craigslist will attract too many buyers and dealers, and you can sell used appliances to anyone who’ll be paying a good amount.

Sometimes people may contact you to get free appliances.


5. eBay

eBay is the most famous website for buying and selling, allowing you to sell used and new appliances. 

It’s been more than 20 years so eBay is reliable and working well, to sell used appliances, you have to sign up and create an account. 

You should also check eBay’s terms and conditions, selling fees, return policy, and cash transfer rate. However, you can also state “No Return Policy.”

Post high-definition pictures, a description of how long you’ve used that appliance, and delivery charges. Sometimes buyers pay for shipments. However, you can include the shipment fee in the appliance that you are going to sell. 


6. Friends and Family

Friends and family are among the best options to sell your used appliances for cash nearby. One of the benefits of selling them is that you, your friends, and family members know each other so they’ll easily trust you. On the other hand, if a stranger dealer buyers come to your home, he’ll ask you too many questions and do bargaining. 


7. Amazon Renewed 

Amazon is the world’s largest E-commerce website and Store. It gives you an opportunity of selling used goods. The service of selling used appliances is known as Amazon Renewed; therefore, you can sell used appliances on Amazon.

Although you can buy everything on Amazon, you can’t sell all used appliances on Amazon Rewards. However, Amazon has a guideline for those sellers who want to sell used appliances on Amazon. The product must be good, in working condition, and useful for the buyer. I would prefer you to read Amazon’s terms and conditions to sell used appliances.


8. LetGo

Let go is one of the best places to sell used appliances. Although it allows you to clear the junk out of your home, Letgo is famous for selling mobile phones, tablets, etc.

It’s easier to create an account on LetGo. You can simply log in with your Facebook account. Suppose you are going to sell an iPhone or Android, so take a picture, and provide a description, phone company, specification, and other features. The more detail you provide about your phone, the more customers you will attract.


9. Offerup 

Offerup performs better on mobile phones, and it is similar to LetGo. It allows you to buy and sell stuff locally; therefore, if you are looking for someone who buys used appliances near me, you can go with Offerup.

And if you have a buying and selling business, then offerup is an excellent place because the buyer and seller get ratings, and you can sell or buy on behalf of ratings. Usually, new customers won’t have a good rating. 


10. OLX

OLX is an Online marketplace classified and headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. OLX provides both services, paid and free classified ads for sellers.

If you’re selling used appliances on olx free classified so you will get fewer visitors, and if you pay a little amount you will attract more customers.

Although it’s a Dutch company, it operates worldwide, including in the United States of America. So if you want to sell your used refrigerator or anything else, you can create a seller account, post high-quality pictures, and write descriptions of used appliances. 

Mention all the specifications, including the price or anything you’ll provide to the buyer because buyers will inspect before buying.


11. Tradyo

Tradyo is an alternative to Craigslist because there are many similarities. It’s the same as Flipkart and Amazon. This app allows you to sell used appliances for extra cash and is free to use. Therefore you can easily get in touch with an individual or dealers. 

The dashboard of Craigslist and Tradyo is similar, but the special thing about Tradyo is that it provides you with an overview of buyers who are interested in buying used appliances in your locality. 


12. Nearby Used appliance dealer

If you want to know “who buys washers and dryers near me,” a used appliances dealer would be an excellent choice, you can find them near your area, or online.

Used appliance dealers buy used stuff from people like you, who sell appliances for extra cash, he refurbishes the used appliance and sells it to others at a higher price. 

A used appliance dealer near you will buy used appliances, but the stuff must be in working condition. Otherwise, he won’t buy or give you less money. 


13. Shpock 

Shpock is the latest place to sell used washers, dryers, and other appliances. I’ve seen thousands of people trying to sell new and used stuff at low and high prices. Almost every kind of used stuff was available there. 

Therefore you can create an account there and sell clothes and shoes. Also, if you want to sell a washer and dryer, Shpock will be the best place to sell. 


14. Bulletin Boards

If you have something which you want to sell offline, then bulletin Boards are better because they allow you to advertise and sell used appliances. Bulletin Boards can be found at public community centers, like gyms, bars, Churches, Café, Showrooms, supermarkets, shrines, laundromats, shrines, clubs, and many more. 

Very few bulletin Boards will offer you to give ads for free, but most of the time, you’ll have to pay some amount to give an advertisement on bulletin Boards. However, I’d suggest you use bulletin Boards when you’re selling multiple appliances, or you’re a dealer who buys used appliances. 

Create a small poster on A4 size paper with pictures of the appliances, descriptions, expected price, and contact details to pin up on bulletin boards. This is one of the surest ways to get customers if you’re looking at selling things fast.

To give an advertisement on bulletin Boards, make a poster, almost A4 size, write about the stuff that you’re selling, and provide pictures, and contact information, so that buyers can connect with you. 

Bulletin Boards are the best place to sell used appliances offline for cash near me (you). 


15. VarageSale 

If you’re confused about where to sell appliances, especially garage-related ones, VarageSale is the best option because it only allows you to sell vehicle-related products. VarageSale is a virtual garage.

However, VarageSale isn’t available on Play Store, so you’ve to access it through a browser, you can use windows. Therefore it can be harder to find a customer because most buyers use phones to purchase something. Still, those looking for vehicle-related stuff will come to you via browser. 

Although using this site via browser isn’t tough to use, you only have to upload pictures, write, mention the price, and sell.


16. Mercari 

Mercari is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers, this website is similar to eBay. However, this site will take a commission from the appliance you sell. Since its establishment, mercari has helped many buyers and sellers. 

There is no specific price for appliances, if you sell used refrigerators, they’ll take a high amount, and if you sell washers and dryers, they will take less amount. In that case, you can include the fee in the appliance’s final price. The fee is 10% of the selling appliance. 

The benefit of using Mercari is that if you don’t receive anything which you’ve ordered, you’ll get your money back. All of you people think it is for selling toys, so that’s not true; you can sell clothes, shoes, or anything else.

You can also print shipment labels and email them to the buyer.


17. Wallapop

Wallapop is one of the most popular buys and sells nearby; it has over 10 million downloads on Play Store with a 4.2 rating. Therefore, if you want to sell use appliances fast, you should go with Wallapop because it has many active users interested in buying and selling stuff. 

It allows you to sell used appliances such as home and garden, Games & Consoles, books, cell phones & accessories, computers & electronics, TV, Audi, camera, Bikes, Collectibles & Art, Baby & Child, Fashion & Accessories, Motors & Accessories, cars, motorbikes.

If you want to buy a used refrigerator or any other appliances, but don’t have the budget, then you can buy it from Wallapop, there are many affordable appliances available.


18. Sell the parts 

Suppose you have an appliance that isn’t in working condition and wants to sell it. The repair shop will be the perfect place to sell used appliances that are not working; they will pay you less and use your appliance’s parts to repair other stuff.  

However, you can find any technician nearby your location.


19. Garage Sale

If you have many used appliances to sell, then a garage sale is the best place to sell appliances offline. However, it will not work if you have only 1 or 2 things to sell. 

Therefore, if you’re a dealer and want to start buying and selling business or are an individual moving to another City, then you can choose this option. 

You can repair or refurbish the used appliance Because the condition of your appliance will determine its value. 


20. Charities

Some charity organizations take used appliances and sell them, take some money, and give you the rest of the amount. You will not get enough money through charity organizations because they will keep some amount and give you a little when your stuff is sold.

However, the benefit of using charities organization is that you can focus on your work; In contrast, the organization will do everything. The Salvation Army is one of them whose volunteers will sell your appliance on your behalf while you’re working.


21. Recycling Company

Many companies in the United States buy used appliances that aren’t working properly. They do that to protect the environment and use your stuff to make other products. 

They will give you a small amount as appliances won’t be working and to ensure that you don’t dispose of stuff improperly and pollute the environment. 

They will pay you because you handover the appliance to them, and now they can dispose of it correctly. In taxes, a few companies will pick up used refrigerators and give you $50.


22. Donate for a Tax Break

If you don’t want to give your appliance to the recycling company I mentioned above, you can donate it and take a tax deduction. Some companies will pick up the stuff from your door, and sometimes you must drop the appliance off.

Always ask for a donation receipt whenever you donate something for Tax Break. A few companies that accept donations are Habitat ReStores, Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, and Salvation Army


23. Depop 

Depop is similar to Instagram, but it’s the best place to buy and sell the used appliance. Then you can upload videos and photos of your stuff and get buyers. However, your appliance must be in working condition. 

Depop is an excellent application because people like your stuff when you upload their pictures with hashtags, captions, and pricing, as it’s similar to Instagram, so you’ll quickly start getting a response. 


24. Scrap Metal Recyclers

If your used washer and dryer, refrigerator, or washing machine aren’t working you can always take them to a scrap metal recycler.

You might be thinking that you cannot sell appliances that are not working, but you can. Some appliances contain metal. In that case, a metal recycling store is perfect for selling used appliances. 

Therefore, if you’ve approached many dealers, but nobody is interested in buying your stuff, then Scrap Dealers are best, they will buy the appliances as scrap and on weight as your appliance won’t be functioning. 

You’ll get less money, for the junk appliance lying in the backyard, house, or garage.


25. Appliance Manufacturer 

Yeah, that’s true, there’re a few manufacturers who buy used appliances that are no longer working, and there are many reasons for this. For example, they do this to cannibalize appliances, as the company isn’t producing the same product now.

Another reason is, It helps them to repair other appliances which are the same as yours. They also buy used appliances in exchange for coupons, so you can use them to buy another thing at a discount.


26. Property Management Companies

In buying and selling market house flipping is a great business. Therefore, Property Management Companies can mostly buy your used appliance for rental purposes and give you cash.

Because these companies always look for cheap used appliances nearby for sale. Because buying secondhand appliances will save them money.

Most of the time, Property Management Companies look for used washers and dryers, refrigerators, and stoves. 

For property Management Companies, buying used appliances is more effective than buying a new, expensive one. You can make it a little side business, recycle appliances for cash.

You can negotiate the price with Property Management Company because they’ll want to have your appliances at a lower price.


27. Local stores

If you are thinking of selling used appliances but don’t have time to set up garage sales, local stores are the best option.

If you want to know who takes old refrigerators near me, then visit the local shop because many resale shops near me sell used and new appliances. So now you don’t have to worry about who buys used appliances near me. 

You can physically go there and check out multiple stores and give them details about your appliance; whoever gives you pay you the most for a small used fridge, go with them. Some will even buy broken appliances from you.

You can sell used appliances and get a new one in return; sometimes, you may have to pay some money. If you’re in a marketplace where you can buy a new appliance, they will give you an offer which is known as trading. They may allow you to trade in a refrigerator and accept a washer and dryer trade-in.

This is the best and fastest way to say used appliances. You don’t have to worry about who buys used pallets near.


28. Give old stuff and get New 

As I’ve mentioned earlier, many places buy used appliances. On the other hand, there are some places where you can give up your old appliances and get new ones, although here you won’t get extra cash for selling your items. 


29. Local Utility Provider

Many utility companies will buy back your old appliances. As they have a buyback program, utility providers will give you cash for old appliances, such as refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, and much more. They do this because appliances take a lot of energy, so it’s a government program, which doesn’t make sense. 

The old refrigerator is the most common appliance that utility providers purchase. A few times, they can convince you for an old refrigerator or any other appliance for $100. Most people don’t buy used refrigerators; utility providers don’t pay you much. Second, refrigerators and washing machines are difficult to move compared to drayer, washers, clothes, phones, and laptops.

You can ask the utility company how much money they will pay, especially for refrigerators and washing machines, Who buys used appliances near me, says Utility Provider. 


30. Auction

Especially if you’re renovating your home, or changing it, then you can auction off your used appliances. To do so, ask neighbors, give advertisements on the Facebook marketplace or bulletin Boards, or tell your friends to ask others to participate in an auction if they want to buy something.

After that, People will come to your home or garage, inspect your appliances, and place bids; whoever places higher bids will get the stuff. That’s the best way to sell used appliances for cash.


31. Pawn Shop

You can sell used appliances to a pawn shop near you, a question would come to your mind, how can I find a pawn shop near me? Well, that’s not tough; you can open your browser and search, Pawn shop near me. In my area, there are more than 2000 pawn shops.


32. Housing Cooperative

A housing cooperative is one of the best places to sell used appliances, especially kitchen-related ones. They provide appliances to their members. However, it is more in trend in metropolitan and urban areas.

Large cooperatives have more than 100 units available depending on the housing cooperatives. 

Housing cooperatives prefer to have used appliances, so it can be an excellent place for those sellers who want to know who buys used appliances in large quantities. They can buy many kitchen-related products so you can sell washers, dryers, and refrigerators. So now you don’t have to think about where I can sell my refrigerator.


33. Laundry Facility

A laundromat can be the best place to sell laundry appliances if you have used them. Because most of the time, laundromats don’t have a washer and dryer because they’re in the laundry Business. However, you can approach them to buy your used appliances.


34. Home Insurance Discounts

If you already own an air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and washer, then you may get a discount offer from a home Insurance provider on your premium. 


35. Antique Dealers

Undoubtedly, you cannot sell new or used appliances to antique Dealers. Still, there would be a few dealers who might show interest in buying your appliance if they found your appliance profitable for them.

Antique Dealers mostly show interest in older stuff, such as used cookers, washing machines, gramophones, and Radio older than 50, 100, or more years. Antique Dealers mainly focus on rare appliances that modern people aren’t using, be it a camera or a television. Therefore, if you have used vintage appliances of antique value, then you can sell them to antique Dealers.


36. Advertisement in newspaper

Placing classified advertisements is an old method when people used to place classified advertisements before the internet, Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. And mostly sellers use newspaper classified ads for their business because it’s simple and effective. Therefore people are still using it.  

A few newspapers offer free classified ads, but not all. However, I will recommend you to use newspaper classifieds ads if you have a buying and selling used appliances business, for a single appliance newspaper classified is not worthy. And secondly, newspapers are delivered online and offline; therefore, you can easily get buyers.


37. Shopify

Shopify is one of the best marketplaces to sell used appliances near you and is pretty simple. You will need an email id, mobile number, and a subscription for the seller account.  

Before subscription, they will give you a free trial for a limited time. You can choose any subscription plan which suits you. Choose the plan according to the number of appliances that you will sell. And don’t forget to write about the product, upload high-quality pictures and descriptions, and mention the price.

Most sellers on Shopify use PayPal for payment, and there are other methods as well, which you can choose as per your need. I do not forget to mention the terms and condition mode on payment. 


38 LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn A used appliances a selling platform? So the answer is no. It’s not the buying and selling platform, but you can still sell used appliances. You can sell used appliances that are useful for office and business, such as furniture, using roundabout ways.

Every day, Thousands of users create accounts on LinkedIn, and their profile is shown as a professional network. You can create an account and upload pictures and descriptions; the chances of selling used appliances are not high on LinkedIn. However, you can still upload pictures and mention the time the appliance that you want to sell.

Avoid mentioning used appliance prices because it’s not a buying and selling platform, so you have to be careful and use LinkedIn smartly to sell products. You can connect with Buyers and, through texting, quote the prices.


Sell Used Appliances for Cash and Rebates to Local Appliance Stores near you.

If you have found a place that buys used appliances near you, you might have a nearby used appliance Store. If you are looking for an answer that there are used appliance stores near me, I’ve mentioned a few shops. 


1. Hahn Appliances

Hahn Appliances rebates and promotions, you can buy and sell used refrigerators, dryers, washers, clothes grills, and many other appliances.


2. Texas appliances 

Texas appliances is one of the best places in Texas to sell used dryer washers or buy used appliances, a fridge in working condition costs less than $100. It works for individuals and builders, as its stands amongst the biggest and oldest appliance sale places as it was started in 1950.

Texas appliances offer promotions and rebates along with delivery and installation.


3. Wickford Appliances

Wickford Appliances provides affordable appliances with a warranty. They’re associated with many popular brands such as Samsung, Jenn Air, Maytag, monogram, Mitsubishi Electric, life’s good, kitchen ads, Subzero, GE Appliances, and Frigidaire. 


4. East Coast Appliance

Rebates and lowest price guarantee. East Coast Appliance is famous for its discount. They’ll offer you a reasonable price for your used appliance.


5. Albert Lee Appliances

Albert Lee Appliances is older than Texas appliances; it was started in 1939. Therefore it’s been buying and selling for many decades. They offer you a used dishwasher, refrigerator, and many other appliances.


7. Barons Appliance

Barons Appliance rebate center is excellent for promotion and cashback offers; they allow you to download rebate forms.

Barons Appliance provides more than 50 types of Rebates and rewards.


8. Metro Appliances

Metro appliances store is considered to be one of the best repairs and promotions. Unlike other Stores, it’s similar to them.


Are Refurbished Appliances Reliable? 

Yes. Refurbished appliances can be dependable. However, this depends on the original product’s quality as well as the quality of the refurbishing.

Several firms include warranty packages with their reconditioned goods to provide their consumers peace of mind. However, acquiring appliances from reliable vendors and restoring them with high-quality parts is critical.


Why Are Used Appliances Better Than New Ones?

Used appliances are more economical than new ones, especially if they are still in good working condition while your financial condition is not well. Sometimes used appliances also come with extra features or upgrades that are not available with new ones. In addition, many used appliances have already been “broken in,” meaning they may be more reliable and efficient than a new one. 



As I have mentioned, there are multiple ways to sell used appliances near you online and offline. You can sell them and earn some extra cash. Therefore, if you have used appliances in your home, do not throw them in the trash.

You will have to make some effort. For example, you will have to communicate and coordinate with buyers to sell used appliances. I hope you know, Who buys used appliances near me.


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