26 Places To Get Free Newspapers Near You For Packing

where to get free newspapers near me for packing

Wondering where to get free newspapers near me for packing. We will discuss at least 26 of the best places to get free newspapers near me for packing and other reasons.

Most of these places I have mentioned may provide you with a newspaper you can use.

Although there are many places to get free newspapers, I have only shared which are popular to get free newspapers in every state of the United States.

Newspapers are easy to recycle, and they are environmentally friendly. You can put a newspaper in water, and it will dissolve in water very quickly.

Therefore, they are considered one of the best things to clean windows and good for packing.

Most importantly, once a newspaper is outdated, it is unimportant, and people do not care about it; therefore, they sell it or throw it away. So it is cost-efficient and a great alternative.

People buy newspapers for entertainment and to stay updated with the latest News. Most newspapers are useless after printing for a few days, so it is better to use them.

Besides sharing the best places to get free newspapers, I have also explained why newspapers are good for packing, cleaning, and many other things.


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where to get free newspapers near me for packing

Why should you use newspapers for packing and cleaning?

There are many reasons to use old newspapers for packing and cleaning. Not only in the United States, but people worldwide use old newspapers for packing and cleaning.

The first reason you should use newspapers for cleaning or packing is that newspapers can absorb liquids like water, oil, and even dust in your kitchen.

Moreover, newspapers have a high bond rate, which helps you clean windows, kitchens, etc., if newspapers can clean all dust.

Newspapers can keep your surface streaks-free as they are not like paper towels. Importantly, they are environmentally friendly.

Newspapers are very cheap, and many times they are also available for free, which I have discussed in this article, besides this, they are very cost-effective.

You can even place newspapers on your refrigerator to save it from dust or on your dustbin to avoid the smell.

Note: I do not recommend newspapers to pack foods because of Ink and potential contaminants. You should always use parchment paper or other designated baking materials to keep your food safe and hygienic.


How to Get Free Newspapers

Unfortunately, newspapers are not available everywhere as they used to be in the past. Because we currently have social media, we can get updates on Instagram, Facebook, Google News, Yahoo, YouTube, and various other resources.

I remember my uncle used to buy a newspaper to read around 15 years ago; after two or three months, they used to sell old newspapers to the recycling men.

But now, even my uncle is not purchasing newspapers anymore because he gets all the updates through YouTube.

Besides YouTube and other social media apps, many newspaper apps are available on the Google Play Store, where anyone can download and read newspapers digitally.

But that doesn’t mean newspaper companies are not printing newspapers anymore; the number is only reduced, but they are still available.

It is a different kind of fun!! Reading News in a newspaper and then reading on a smartphone or a laptop. And also, there are places where you can get a free newspaper to read. And later use them for packing.

There is a benefit of newspapers; sometimes, you may get coupons for groceries and many other things.

Well, from those newspapers! I have explained many reasons why you should use newspapers, why they are the best thing for packing and cleaning, and why you can even use them in gardening.

So here is the list of where to get free newspapers near you for packing, cleaning, and several other reasons.


1. Recycling centres

Recycle centers are famous for purchasing everything, whether newspapers or something made of plastic, furniture, or even used appliances.

They have a huge collection of everything; you can get a newspaper from a recycling center.

However, it might be hard for you to find a recycling center near you; therefore, I recommend that you visit RecyclingCenters.org. This website will show you the location of the neighboring recycling center.

Most importantly, recycling companies collect old newspapers to resell them. Therefore, they may not give you a newspaper for free.

In that case, if you want to buy newspapers in bulk, you can pay a small fee and get newspapers.

If you want only one or two newspapers just for packing something or cleaning, I recommend you visit other places I have mentioned below.

The advantage of buying newspapers from a recycling center is that there are countless newspapers, so you can buy as many in bulk as you want for any purpose.


2. Coffee shops

When I was a kid, I used to go to many coffee shops with my uncle, who is equally fond of newspaper coffee and tea.

Even at the coffee shop, he used to read the newspapers for free, and the coffee shop offered it.

Even though it was not a big coffee shop like Starbucks, it was just a normal one. And I remember that shop had a huge collection of old newspapers, which they sold to recyclers.

Nowadays, coffee shops like Starbucks or McDonald’s do not offer newspapers for their customers.

However, It doesn’t mean the trend of newspapers is over or that there are only McDonald’s and Starbucks.

Besides these two shops, many coffee shops offer free newspapers to read, and their coffee prices are also cheap.

Now, you can simply relax at local coffee shops and get a free newspaper to read. You can request the staff to give you old newspapers for packing or cleaning windows. Most probably, they will not refuse you.


3. Libraries

Whether it is a private or a public library, they always provide free newspapers for their members, especially the private ones they provide daily. After that day, the newspaper is useless. Nobody is going to read it.

The next day, the private companies will only collect these newspapers and throw them in the dustbin or give them to a recycler.

In that case, you can ask those students who go to the library if they can provide you with a free newspaper when they return.

If you are a member of the library, then in such cases, it will be easier to get free newspapers because you can directly ask a student if they can give you free newspapers, and most likely, you will get them.

Although most libraries sell old newspapers to the recycles, they get money and then use that money to buy more.

If you tell them your problem, that is why you need a newspaper such as for packing and cleaning purposes.


4. Newspaper offices

What is a better choice for a newspaper, whether old or new, than a newspaper office?

So I consider them the best place to get free newspapers. Although they distribute new newspapers, they also receive old newspapers.

Because some people give the newspaper to the newspaper office instead of giving it to the recycling man or throwing it away in a dustbin.

Most people who give their newspapers to newspaper companies cannot go to recyclers to sell newspapers.

Therefore I recommend you visit a newspaper office near your home.

They will provide you with a few newspaper copies for free, but you have to approach them and tell them why you need them.

And sometimes you can also buy newspapers at a cheap price because companies also sell to the recyclers.

During a trial, print newspaper companies check more than a thousand newspapers to ensure there is any extra Ink.

They do not distribute these newspapers, so you can ask them to provide you with a free newspaper for packing, cleaning, or anything else.


5. Nursing homes

Nursing homes are another good place to get free newspapers as they are available there, plus they also use newspapers for gardening.

Even if you go to nursing homes, you can easily spot many people reading the newspaper daily. That is also because nursing homes offer free newspapers to their residents.

The reason to offer Free newspapers to residents is to keep them updated with daily affairs and News. Everyone should know what is happening in the world and their surrounding areas.

Therefore, I recommend that you visit a nursing home to get free newspapers, and you could ask them if they can provide you with a newspaper to read or anything else like packing.


6. Airports

One of the best places to get free newspapers for packing, cleaning windows, and reading regularly to improve your reading skills is the airport.

You have to find an airport in your city. You’re lucky if you can find an international airport in your city.

Because most business and first-class flights land at international airports, they provide free newspapers to their customers.

Although you can never access the business and first lounges at the airport, you can ask janitorial staff if they can give you some newspapers for free.

Besides this, you can also look for newspapers near baggage trolleys because many passengers leave their newspapers while checking in.

Janitors collect all these newspapers. Therefore, it would be best to ask them for free newspaper copies.


7. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is not free, but in some cases, we can consider it free because they sell Sunday paper only for $1, which contains a lot of offers and coupons.

Therefore, I believe you should buy newspapers from Dollar Tree every Sunday, and you can use coupons for your benefit. Later, use that newspaper to pack and clean windows or your kitchen.

So, with this $1 investment, you save a lot of money by getting coupons and better deals. So we can consider the newspaper free if you have invested this $1 only for a coupon.


8. Clinics

There are many medical clinics, such as dental, eye, general, and more. Every time patients come here, they read a newspaper and magazine for free.

And I am not saying that you must make an appointment and wait in a waiting room to read the newspaper.

If you have a friend or a family member who wants to visit a clinic, you can go with them. Besides this, if you do not have any sick friends, you can still go to any clinic and ask for a newspaper to pack.

Afterward, you can request a doctor or their secretary to provide you with a newspaper for packing or any other need. Because the newspaper is outed after 1 or 2 days, they will easily give you the old newspaper for packing without charging a dollar from you.

It is very easy to find a clinic in every state and every city across the United States of America.


9. Hotels

Hotels are one of the top places to get newspapers. They always keep newspapers for their guests and even in their reception area.

Most hotels provide a newspaper in a room, and in the reception area they keep old newspapers for recycling or selling.

Therefore, I consider hotels one of the best places to get old newspapers for packing, cleaning windows, warping, or collecting coupons from Sunday editions.

Most importantly, they improve their reading skills, which is considered good. So if you want to get a free newspaper, you can talk to the hotel staff.

They will probably allow you to carry a few copies of old newspapers, but they will not give you in bulk for free; they will sell newspapers to recyclers.

If you want to get a newspaper for cleaning then you should speak to the janitorial staff. You may have to give some money, but they will provide you with a newspaper in bulk.


10. Neighbors

In this article, I have spoken a lot about my uncle; he also provided bulk newspapers to our neighbors for cleaning and packing purposes.

And the second option was he used to sell old newspapers to a recycler, and he used to give a few bucks.

If you have neighbors who have subscribed to a newspaper company and the newspaper every day, you can ask them to give you the newspaper.

My uncle used to give around 10 to 15 old newspapers whenever someone asked him to give newspapers for cleaning windows. Depending on your neighbor, they will give you what they are not throwing in a trashcan.

Too many old newspapers are useless because we can’t always use them for cleaning and packing, so your neighbor would happily give you newspapers for free without charging a single dollar.

Not too many buyers in the United States of America can buy newspapers, so we have to go to recycling centers that are far away.


11. Classified ads

As I have said, selling newspapers in the United States is not very easy. You have to visit a recycling center if you want to do so. Therefore, many people throw them in a trashcan, so there is a creative way to get newspapers for free.

You can advertise on a website like Craigslist; you must provide details about yourself, such as how you will pick up a free newspaper, your contact number, etc. Many people will be willing to give you newspapers for free in bulk.

Once you get someone willing to give you free newspapers in bulk, you can talk about when you should meet to get newspapers.

And if you talk to each other before meeting, you will not have any time issues. If you want a free newspaper, posting a classified ad is an excellent way.


12. Craigslist

I have discussed classified ads, and the most popular website for ads is Craigslist. Most importantly, it is not limited to newspapers. You can get anything you want, and they have sections where you can shop for free. Also, you can buy.

All you have to do is open their website, choose your location, and search for whatever you want; you can also give ads. Craigslist is the best place to get free newspapers near you.


13. Gas stations

Many Gas stations provide many facilities to their customers. That’s why they also keep newspapers; they can read newspapers and magazines if they take a break.

So you can find any gas station near your home and ask them if they can provide newspapers for packing.

They will give you newspapers if you need only a few, but they may not be able to give them in bulk, although it depends on the staff.


14. Search on offerUp

OfferUp is a platform that connects buyers and sellers, where you can sell or buy anything, whether it is newspapers, shoes, or even used panties. There are specific sections for a specific category. You can find a free newspaper category.

If you cannot find a newspaper on OfferUp, you should enter “Newspaper” in the search bar; a list will appear after that. You can also use the filter for pricing.

So anyone selling old newspapers will appear, and you can contact them if you want to buy in bulk.

Besides this, you will also see people giving newspapers for free because, as I have said, selling newspapers in the United States is not very easy.


where to get free newspapers near me

15. Discounted Newspapers

You can subscribe to a discounted newspaper. Many companies are providing newspapers at a discount.

You will have to pay some price, but that is not too much because you get discounted newspapers to stay updated with the latest news and also get Sunday coupons because of Sunday’s edition.

Moreover, you can use these newspapers to clean, pack, or wrap something.


16. Drugstores

You can visit a Drugstore for a newspaper. You get newspapers from chain pharmacies like CVS, Walmart, etc., including local pharmacies and drugstores.

It might sound odd, but pharmacies keep a newspaper for people in a waiting area. It is because while reading the newspaper people don’t get bored.

However, pharmacies are not for selling newspapers; you can’t find them everywhere. Even if you find a place, they may ask you why you need a newspaper, so you must give a valid reason.

Pharmacies give that newspaper to recyclers; therefore, they will give you one or two newspapers, but you may not get it in bulk for free, so you may have to give some money if you want it.


17. Family and Friends

Since childhood, I have seen that my uncle always stored old newspapers, as he could not sell a single newspaper to the recycler.

He often gave old newspapers to our neighbors and sometimes to his friends for cleaning and packing.

My uncle is not the only one who collects old newspapers, and there might be your family members or friends who would be collecting newspapers.

So without any hesitation, you can go to their home. You can make a phone call and ask them if they have newspapers. If they answer yes, you can ask your family members or friends for free newspapers for packing or cleaning.


18. Local Stores Near You

You can visit any local store near you, such as Walmart, Target, or elsewhere. They can provide you with old newspapers for free, they always keep newspapers to sell, and if they are not sold at the time, they are useless.

When no one buys newspapers, these stores cannot return these papers to the company. They can only sell them to a recycler.

If you have any friends in connection with the supermarket store, you can get an old newspaper for free.

If you do not have any friends connected to the supermarket, you can still go to the market and ask them to provide you with a copy of old newspapers for packing or cleaning.

You can talk to the staff. They would help you; if you want them in bulk, you can pay some money.


19. Free Newspaper Boxes and Dispensers

Many times in my life, I have seen free newspaper boxes and dispensers on the streets. And it does not happen only in a few cities. It happened across the United States.

So if you want to read a newspaper for free, I recommend you get a free newspaper from newspaper boxes and dispensers and stay up to date.

Remember you will not get newspapers for packing, but you can use them. Because you will not get newspapers in bulk, they are 100% free, so you can only get one newspaper daily or weekly.

You might have a question about why newspapers are free in newspaper boxes and dispensers.

Well! That is because advertising companies pay the newspaper company to advertise their product, and they distribute newspapers for free to attract potential customers.

Therefore this newspaper and magazines are free for you but advertisement companies are paying for them and boosting their business.

Along with this, the newspaper company also increased its readership through this matter.


20. Dental Clinics

Dental clinics are another good place to get free newspapers because clinics often keep newspapers for petitions from family and friends. It takes a lot of time to check someone’s teeth.

And do not expect you to get bulk newspapers at the dental clinic because it is not a recycling center.

However, you will only get newspapers to read for free, and on the other hand, if you are not going to a dental clinic, you can still ask for one or two newspapers for packing, which they may give you for free.

Not only does the newspaper, but the dental clinic also keeps a magazine. So, if you have any friends who want to make an appointment with a dental clinic, I recommend you visit on Sunday to get a Sunday edition newspaper or magazine and some coupons.

And there are many dental clinics available everywhere in the United States. So you do not have to go so far.

Even if you are not getting an appointment still you can ask them to provide you with a few newspapers and they will happily give you.

Because they only keep newspapers for their patients, but after one day, the newspaper is outdated, so they will get rid of it. And they will not charge anything to give you a newspaper, so it is 100% free.


21. Convenience Stores

Convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Walmart Mac are other great choices for free newspapers because they provide customers with free newspapers. 

Luckily we are surrounded by too many convenience stores therefore you can easily find them. 

And the newspapers are out of date when the day is over, so they will easily give you a few newspapers for free for packing or anything else. Some of them offer free food and clothes for the needy.

And here is a quick tip: if you want to collect coupons from the newspaper, I recommend you get a Sunday edition newspaper. 

These coupons will help you save money when you go to the local grocery store to purchase some groceries and even when you want to order food online. 

Besides this, it will help you save money when purchasing Faison items or something else from e-commerce websites like Amazon.


22. Hospital

One of the best sources to get free newspapers is your neighboring Hospital. It may sound odd, but you can get a newspaper from a hospital.

Also, it is not easy to sound like you are going to the Hospital and starting to collect newspapers. The Hospital provides newspapers for the family and friends. 

A newspaper is only valid for one day or maybe a second day in some cases, but after a few days, it loses value. 

Guess what Hospitals do with these old newspapers? They sell it for recycling, but you can request the staff get free cleaning and packing newspapers. 


23. Office Buildings

I have collected free newspapers from office buildings, and I consider them one of the top places for getting free newspapers. 

However, it is not possible that you will get a newspaper from all offices, but many offices buy newspapers for their employees and themselves.

Most employees read these newspapers during the lunch break. And most employees do not like to carry a newspaper to their home.

Therefore, you can get too many old newspapers for free in the evening time when people leave for their homes. You can even ask any employee if they can give you a newspaper.

Besides employees, you can also talk to the office’s janitorial staff and request that you need newspapers for packing or training purposes. 

You will likely get a free newspaper, especially if you talk directly to the employees. 

But that is only if you want to get one or two newspapers. If you want to get them in bulk, I recommend paying a small fee to the janitorial staff.


24. Online Free Newspapers

If you want to get newspapers because you want to read them for free, then there are ways to get free newspapers online and offline.

Not only new newspapers, but you can also read old newspapers online for free without any cost. You only need the internet and a smartphone. 

If you are willing to pay some amount, you can subscribe to newspapers like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. You will have to pay some amount monthly or on a daily basis.

Most importantly, if you have a smartphone, you can download news apps like CNN, Reuters News, AP News, NPR News, Al Jazeera English, BuzzFeed News, News Break for local breaking stories and US news, BBC News, SmartNews for local breaking news, and MSNBC. There, you can read news for free. 

The steps you should follow to get free newspapers include:

  • Searching for the newspaper site you want to read.
  • Checking if they have any free subscriptions available.
  • Becoming a subscriber to enjoy newspapers for free.

Subscribing to premium or even free news websites or downloading an application is the best way to read a newspaper for free without paying anything and stay updated with daily affairs in your City, state, country, and worldwide.


25. Local Colleges and Schools

I used to go to a school just like me. Many other students go to school and college and also get a newspaper. 

I used to get a free newspaper every day, and a Non-profit organization provided it because they wanted to promote literacy. 

Reading the newspaper every day improved my reading skills. Now I can read faster than I used to. Besides this, many students in my school used to get magazines from the library.

Therefore, I recommend you collect expired and old newspapers from schools and organizations that distribute newspapers. 

Although you will hardly get it from an organization, a school or college staff will easily give it to you if you need it. 

It is one of the best ways to save money and earn money simultaneously by collecting newspapers from schools and colleges, especially if you are living in a small town. 

You can collect free newspapers from schools and sell them, and if you want, you can also use them for your daily uses, such as packing, cleaning, gardening, etc.


26. Hair and Nail Salons

Even in this modern era, many hair salons and beauty parlors keep newspapers and magazines for people so they can read newspapers when they are waiting. 

And it is a great way to keep customers updated and not let them get bored. And if there are already people in the salons, it will take a long time, and you have to wait for your term. 

Therefore, salons are one of the best places to get free newspapers. And even if you need a newspaper, you can ask the salon owner if they can provide you with an old newspaper.


How can I use old Newspapers?

There are many ways to use old newspapers instead of throwing them away in a trashcan. 

First and foremost you can use old newspaper for packing and secondly you can also use newspaper in drawers or shelves as it prevents items from slipping and breaking.

If you buy newspapers daily and have collected a lot of them, you can sell them for money. Any recycling shop will easily buy them as they are easy to recycle.

My uncle used to buy a newspaper daily, so I often have made crafts from newspapers. If you have kids at home, they can make crafts with them and learn something new.


Do online platforms offer free access to newspapers?

Yes, many news websites and applications offer limited free articles every day, and these are for those who want to stay updated with ongoing affairs worldwide.


Where can I get free newspapers in my local area?

I recommend you check local libraries and cafes, ask your neighbors, family members, or friends, and visit community centers or public transportation hubs to get free newspapers.


Final Thoughts

I hope you have found the answer, where to get free newspaper for packing near me (You) and several other reasons. You can choose any place to get a free newspaper. Whichever you like, you can get anywhere. 

Once you get a free newspaper, you can use it for gardening, packing, cleaning, or improving your reading skills. 

If you are lucky enough, you may also get coupons in the newspaper and discounts on groceries and many other things. 

So, I have shared many benefits of using old newspapers and many of the best places to get free newspapers. You can save hundreds of dollars yearly by using newspapers for packing, cleaning, and many other things. 


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