Save MoneyWhere To Find Cheap Houses For Rent Near You (24 Best Places)

Where To Find Cheap Houses For Rent Near You (24 Best Places)

Renting a house is one of the most challenging parts of anyone’s life. I did not have a home in the city where I lived, so my dad had to visit places to find a perfect room for our family. 

He often found an expensive room so we could not afford the rent, and sometimes we could find a cheap home, but they were not good enough. However, once in a life, we must get a very from our family to start our own life. 

If you live in your parent’s home, you must leave it one day. And it becomes hard to find a cheap house that fits your budget. 

However, I have explained where to find cheap houses and rooms for single people and families. However, if you are earning pretty well, you can buy a home and pay for the house mortgage instead of paying house rent.

Because when you are mortgaged, someday the house will be yours. While if you’re paying rent, the house will never be yours.


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Misconceptions about Rent

As mentioned above, the house will never be yours when you pay rent. On the other hand, if you buy a house and pay the mortgage, the house will be yours. But does it mean that renting a house is a waste of money?

Many Americans consider it a waste of money, but that’s not 100% true. Because we need a few things: a place to live, food to eat, and free clothes to wear because we have a house, we can sleep whenever we want, and we have privacy. So there is no problem in paying rent for the shelter. 

There is a different benefit to renting a house than owning one, such as changing the location whenever you want. You can buy a rental home near your office and save time and money. And besides, when you have extra room, you can list it on Airbnb and earn money from this passive income idea. 


What is the average rent in the USA?

Okay, now you know that renting a house is not a 100% waste of money. There are many benefits to renting a home, especially if you can get an affordable home. So before discussing the places to find the cheapest home in the USA, we have to look up a few things.

On average, how much a person or a family has to pay for renting a house… on average, Americans have to pay $1,100 to $1,900. This is not a fixed amount. It is just an average people are even paying $10000 a month for a house. 

So you can get a house between $1000 to $1500, but you will have to compromise with many things such as location, size, etc. And secondly it will take time to find a cheap house at such a price because many houses are unavailable. So get ready to put extra effort into finding cheap houses for rent nearby. 


Where To Find Cheap Houses For Rent

24 best places to find cheap homes for rent

There are some best places to find cheap houses for rent near you. That will allow you to get an affordable home. Let’s know one by one about where you can find a cheap house for rent.


1. Networking

First, you must check your social network like your family, friends, or colleagues. They may help you to find a cheap house.

You should ask, especially those living in the same city where you want to live. Because my father also used to do the same, he always asked his friends to help him find cheap rented houses.

And most of the time, his friend helps him. Besides this, you can also build a network on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. You will meet many people from your city who may help you find a rental.


2. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most famous websites in the United States. Everything is available there, whether it is about selling used appliances, buying something, or even getting clothes for free. Since you’re looking for a cheap rented house, Craigslist will be helpful for you.

One of the best things is that you do not need an intermediary when buying something from Craigslist. Therefore you will find a house you will directly connect with the homeowner, and you can talk to them and negotiate the price.  


3. Drive Around

You can also take your car and driver to find a home in a neighboring area. Because not all people advertise their property online. I have seen any landlord who uses a sign or a poster to attract potential tenants. 


4. Community Centers and Local Events

You can also visit community events or local community centers because some landlords often advertise their rental property in the community rather than online.


5. Real Estate Brokers

This is one of the easiest ways to find the cheapest rental home. You can contact a real broker who can help you find a cheap home, and in the 21st century, many real estate companies and brokers are available online.

When talking to a real estate broker, you must tell him your requirements, like how big a house you want and how many family members will live there. And most importantly you have to tell your budget and the place where you want to get a rental house.


6. Local Newspapers

Even nowadays, many people read newspapers. If you are one of them, you can find any advertisement related to rental property or any real estate broker. And if you do not have a newspaper, then don’t worry. There are many places to get free newspapers. You can get newspapers from there and then see house advertising.

With the help of newspapers you can easily find a cheap and affordable house for rent. Many landlords still advertise their rental property in newspapers because they’re a little cheaper.


7. Student Housing Options

If applicable, or if you are a student, then you can look for a house near any educational institution. Many times, these rental homes are more affordable. 

 You can also ask college students if they can help you because they often know that their landlords have an extra room for rent, so if you’re single, it might be a perfect choice.

But remember, there is no guarantee you can get a cheap home near a college or university. But still, there is no problem giving it a try.


8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Market Price is one of the biggest marketplaces for buying and selling things locally, whether furniture, electronic items, or houses. Every year, millions of Americans list their house for sale and rent. 

And most importantly, you will easily get a cheap house anywhere you want. Besides this, when you search for a house on Facebook Marketplace yo, you will directly talk with the landlord. 


9. Local Classifieds

You can check local newspaper community bulletin or online classified rental listings because many landlords advertise their property online, and some of them use signs or posters, so you have to go out if you want rental homes. 

When talking directly to the landlord, you must negotiate the rent. Don’t hesitate, especially when you’re a reliable tenant and genuinely want to live there.


10. Housing Groups

Okay, social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook are available on our phones. So please search for housing groups. Most of the time, these groups are managed by real estate brokers who advertise property there. 

Whenever you see an advertisement in a Facebook group, you will get rental prices and more information about the rental home. 

You can get much more discount if a real estate broker does not own the group, if it’s open to everyone. Because there you could talk directly with the land owner.


Other places to find cheap houses in the USA

If you’re still wondering where to find cheap houses for rent near you? Then, here is a list of websites to help you find a cheap rental home in the USA.

11. Zillow


13. Trulia

14. Redfin


16. HUD Homes




20. Fizber

21. HotPads

22. Hubzu

23. HomePath

24. RealtyTrac


Timing Matters

Keep an eye on the market because, many times, it is about strategy. Many rental prices fluctuate based on the season or any local event.



If you had a question Where can I find a cheap home in the US? Then I hope you got the answer. 

Although finding a cheap house for rent may be challenging, it will save thousands of dollars yearly, which you can invest somewhere for the long term. And besides this, you may have to pay if something is broken at home, or for house agreement, cleaning, etc. 

Also, never fall into a trap or scam while finding a cheap rental home near you. Because many people may try to scam you. 


How to find cheap houses for rent near you without a broker?

You can visit websites like Zillow or Craigslist to find cheap houses for rent without a broker. 

These two websites are very famous in the United States of America, which allow you to find a home based on your budget and preferences. 

Besides this, as mentioned above, you check local newspapers, community centers, bulletin boards, social media groups, etc. You can also take your care and drive around your local area to find a house. As I said earlier, some landlords use signs in the area.

If you see the ” For Rent” sign, without any hesitation, you can contact the landlord directly to inquire about available properties. 

Tell your family, friends, and colleagues you are looking for an affordable rental house. They may help you.

Additionally, if none works, you must visit a real estate agency or a broker. 


How to avoid scams and fraud when looking for cheap houses for rent near you?

There are chances you may get scammed when you’re looking for a cheap house. So here are some useful tips that you can use to avoid scams.

If you are visiting a website to find a cheap home, remember it must be a genuine or a popular website. The landlord should be verified, and you have to see his information, and never pay money in advance unless you talk to the landlord.

Before paying a single penny, you should visit the house in person. Check documentation to see if there are grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Last, if something feels off, take the time before making a payment or moving there. So, if you follow some of these tips, you can avoid scams while finding a cheap house for rent.

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