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Where To Buy Kerosene Near Me? 22 Gas Stations That Sell Kerosene K1


Are you thinking about where to buy Kerosene near me? Or looking for the best places to buy Kerosene near you? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Millions of people in the United States use Kerosene for various reasons at home or outdoors.

Depending on your area, whether you live in California, Texas, or any other place, you have a variety of options.

Usually, you can buy Kerosene online from local home improvement stores and gas stations that sell Kerosene. There are at least 24 best places to buy Kerosene near me.

Prices can be different depending on your location. Most people buy a litre of Kerosene for $10 at hardware stores. However, you can get a litre of kerosene oil for less than $10, for about $4 or $5, if you know where to buy Kerosene near me. Which gas stations sell Kerosene?

In this article, I’ll tell you about the best gas stations that sell Kerosene near me. From there, you can buy Kerosene and save a lot of money; First, we should know why Kerosene is important and its uses. 

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Where to buy Kerosene near me


What is Kerosene Used For?

Kerosene is one of the most commonly used fossil fuels. It’s a liquid hydrocarbon which is highly flammable. The most common uses of fossil fuel in the world today might have one of the following reasons for using Kerosene. 

Jet Fuel: Along with some domestic use of kerosene oil, it’s considered suitable Jet Fuel, but this type of crocin is not sold at gas stations because it’s not for ordinary people. 

Cleaning: Kerosene is used as a cleaning solvent, especially for clothes with stains and fungus or oily or greasy surfaces at your home.

Cigarette lighters: Yeah! That’s true; companies that make cigarettes lighter use kerosene as fuel.

Lighting: Although since we have LED lights, Flashlights, and many other options, we don’t use lamps. However, Kerosene is also used for lanterns. 

Cooking: Kerosene is also used for cooking purposes because it is one of the best choices for heaters and stoves we use for cooking.

Heating: kerosene oil is used for the kerosene heater, which we use in winter. The kerosene heater appears similar to lamps or lanterns.

Besides this, Kerosene is an excellent fuel for electricity generators, water pumps, and many other machinery and vehicles.

Therefore, if you’re looking for Kerosene near me as one of the kerosene buyers, you can choose any of the following gas stations that sell Kerosene near me.


Where to Buy Kerosene at the Pump Near Me? 22 Gas Stations That Sell Kerosene Near Me

Kerosene can be used like any other fuel, such as gasoline or diesel. The most important thing is that it is cheaper than gasoline and diesel. That’s why more and more people are using Kerosene these days. 

In some cases, it can be hard to find a gas station that sells Kerosene near me; therefore, you can buy Kerosene online. 

Before you go to the nearest gas station that sells Kerosene, I would suggest you choose the best gas station and find K-1 Kerosene near me. You can search for their name on Google or open their website or application, which will provide you with the nearest gas station that sells Kerosene near you. Let’s know where to buy Kerosene near me.


1. Sunoco

Sunoco is my first choice and gas station to buy Kerosene. Sunoco provides you with one litre of Kerosene only for $4. In 2023, there will be more than 5000 gas stations in the United States, but all of them don’t sell Kerosene. So go to the nearest gas station using Google Maps and ask if Kerosene is available or not there.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Sunoco Kerosene near me. 


2. Speedway

Speedway is another best place to buy Kerosene near me. Speedway has about 4000 gas stations in the United States that sell Kerosene at low cost. Like Sunoco, the speedway also provides 1-gallon Kerosene for $4. 

Although speedway has about 4000 gas stations, unfortunately, all of them don’t sell Kerosene at the pump. To help their customers, the speedway has built a kerosene locator option. So if you use their app or website, you can easily find the nearest gas station selling Kerosene nearby.

  • Open website
  • Fuel options
  • Location Amenities
  • Choose Kerosene to see where to buy kerosene fuel nearby.

Find a nearby Speedway gas station for Kerosene.


3. Texaco

Texaco has more than 2000 gas stations in the United States if you’re looking for Kerosene near Texas, USA. You can access their outlets by searching on Google or opening their website and get kerosene oil. So there is a high possibility that you’ll find Texaco station sells Kerosene.

Find a Gas station Near you: Texaco.



ARCO has almost 1400 gas stations selling Kerosene at a low price. It’ll cost almost $5 for a gallon. The price also depends on your location. ARCO is another best place, so if you want to know where to buy Kerosene near me, you can visit the ARCO outlet nearby you. Remember that not all ARCO stations sell Kerosene at the pump. However, you can use the ARCO locator to find a nearby gas station with self-service vacuums.

To do that, open their website, then enter your state or city, like New York. You can also use ZIP-CODE.

Find an ARCO near me for kerosene prices today.


5. Buc-ee’s

Looking for Kerosene near Texas, USA? Buc-ee’s is for you. It was started in 1982 and currently has 43 gas stations. Interestingly, Buc-ee’s headquartered in Texas. Therefore you can easily find it out over there. Buc-ee’s gas stations are also found in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, etc. 

Like others, not all gas stations sell Kerosene; therefore, before purchasing Kerosene, you can call them to ask about it. They will inform you whether they’re selling or not, but in Texas, they sell.


6. Meijer

If you belong to any of the Midwest United States cities, then Meijer is for you. Meijer has 259 stores and 208 Gas stations, and 70,000 (Jan. 2020). Therefore, are you from the midwest searching for where to buy Kerosene near me? Then visit the nearest Meijer store or gas stations that sell Kerosene near me.

Meijer also allows you to search for a 24-hour gas station near me that offers Kerosene for sale at the pump.


7. Citgo

Citgo is an associated partner with Mystik and Clarion. Therefore it has more than 5000 gas stations in the US that sell Kerosene in 30 States. Although the price depends on location, the average price of one-gallon Kerosene at Citgo station is $5. 

Therefore if you are looking where to buy Kerosene near me, you can open their website or search on Google. If you open their website, you’ve to use their Store locator within 100 miles. To do so, you must fill in your State, City, ZIP CODE, etc. 

Remember that not all Citgo gas stations offer Kerosene at the pump. Therefore, I suggest you call them before you go to buy.

Find a Citgo for Kerosene near me.


8. Lukoil

LUKOIL is a Russian company that operates in over 30 countries, including the United States of America. The country has around 1000 gas stations, most of which are found in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

Unfortunately, not all LUKOIL gas stations sell Kerosene. Therefore you’ve to inquire about buying Kerosene, or you can find a Lukoil nearby gas station about Kerosene. 

Find a Gas station Near you here: Lukoil.


9. Shell

Royal Dutch Shell plc owns shell. According to Wikipedia, SHELL has nearly 14,000 gas stations in the US. It’s increasing the number by selling Kerosene near you. If you’re SHELL’s customer and want to buy Kerosene, you can open their website and enter your city, state or location on the Shell gas station locator section.

Find a Shell gas station here to buy Kerosene at the pump.


10. 76 Gas Station

76 is a chain of gas stations owned by Phillips 66 since 2012. It’s located in the United States. 76 Gas Station has about 1,800 gas stations in America. Unfortunately not all offer kerosene sales at the pump. Therefore before you head to the pump, call them and inquire, then visit.


11. Conoco 

Conoco was an American oil and gas company from 1875 to 2002, then it merged with Phillips Petroleum, and now it’s known as ConocoPhillips. More than 1700 gas stations sell Kerosene; luckily, some of the Conoco stations sell Kerosene at the pump. 

If you’re searching for Bulk kerosene near me, you can still head to the Conoco station using its app or website. It’ll allow you to find a convenient location near you. 

Conoco gas stations also accept EBT SNAP in its convenience stores. If you want to buy Kerosene from Conoco, you can open their website or download the “My Conoco App” application. It’ll save 25 cents of Kerosene per gallon. 


12. Family Express

Family Express buys gas and Kerosene from BP, Marathon, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Valero and Husky. Therefore you can check out Family Express gas stations that sell Kerosene near you. As of 2019, 74 family express gas stations are in the United States, but it’s the best choice for those who belong to Indiana because it’s headquartered there. 

You can open their website or download the application and find a location near you using the store locator. 

After finding the nearest gas station, you’ve to check out or inquire whether that station offers Kerosene at the pump and the cost per gallon. You should download the Family Express app and get a discount of up to $0.05 off per gallon.

Find a Gas station Near you here: Family Express.  


13. Pilot Flying J

Pilot Flying J is considered to be one of the best travel centre networks, with over 750 locations in the United States. Flying J offered truck stops, truck parking, gas and diesel fuel, etc. You’ll get all the locations on their website and find a location near you.

As the number of Pilot Flying J is relatively high, which is 750, therefore it’s recommended to use your location or fill in your State, City and go there. Using Pilot Flying J, you can save Nearly 0.03 per gallon.

Although they’ve more than 750 gas stations, sadly, all of them do not offer Kerosene for sale. Therefore, before you head to the location you’ve found, it’s better to inquire. 

Search for a Pilot Flying J and see what kind of Kerosene is sold at the gas station.


14. Go, Mart

Tired of finding the best gas stations with kerosene pumps near me? Well! Go-Mart offers its services nationwide, especially if you’re from Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, or West Virginia; then, Go-Mart can be a place for you. It has about 100 gas and convenience stores that offer food, coffee, Newspaper, cubed ice, gas etc. It’s another best option for those who travel long distances, such as truck drivers. 

If you want to find a Go-Mart store near you, you can visit their website, select “Locator”, and find the nearest store. Another option to find a Go-Mart store is downloading the app from the Play Store and using the locator option. You can save Nearly 50 cents. However, all Go mart stores do not sell Kerosene.

Find a Go-Mart with Kerosene for sale near me now.


15. Terrible Herbst

Terrible Herbst is an Oil Company headquartered in Paradise, Nevada, United States. It has over 100 gas and convenience stores in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and many more. Terrible Herbst offers Kerosene, oil, food, etc. If you want to buy Kerosene, you can open their website and find a nearby location.

Luckily their application is available on the Play Store, which you can download. Its name is “Terrible’s Social House”, but that isn’t free. You must buy a subscription to get monthly promotions, daily deals, and much more.

Find a Terrible Herbst cost of Kerosene near me.


16. Road Ranger

Suppose you’re looking for Kerosene near Texas, USA. Road Ranger is for you because it has over 40 convenience and travel centres, including Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Lowa, and Texas. Therefore if you are a resident of any following States, you can easily find a gas station near you that sells Kerosene. To do so, open their website and choose Locator, and find the nearest Road Ranger gas station that sell Kerosene near you.

When you open their website and want to find the gas station, fill in the ZIP-CODE, City, and State within 100 miles. 

Find a Road Ranger gas station with Kerosene closest to my location.


17. Kentucky Frontier Gas

Kentucky Frontier Gas is mainly located in Kentucky, United States. It was started in 2005. Although, since that time, it has been providing gas, but some of its stations also sell Kerosene in Kentucky. However, you can make an inquiry before you go to the gas station after finding it on Google.


18. Weigel’s 

Weigel’s was established in 1931, and as of 2022, it has 68 convenience store locations in eastern Tennessee. Also, it’s ranked in the top places for best convenience stores. Therefore if you’re from eastern Tennessee, you can take advantage of it. To do so, you’ve to open their website or Google it. Suppose you are finding a Weigel’s store near you. In that case, you’ve to open the website and enter ZIP-CODE.

Alongside gas, Kerosene, Weigel’s provides an excellent service of convenience store locations on its website. To do so, open their website and find the closest Weigel’s store near you. You’ll get information on whether they offer Kerosene for sale at the pump and their price per gallon.

Find a Weigel’s with Kerosene near me for sale.


19. 7-Eleven 

Joe C. Thompson founded 7-Eleven in 1927. It’s a multinational chain of retail convenience stores headquartered in Dallas, Texas. 

7-Eleven is famous for its food, snacks, and hot and cold beverages. It also includes Kerosene, gas, etc. Most of its stores are open 24 hours a day. Therefore you can find the nearest 7-Eleven store and buy Kerosene.


20. Murphy USA

If you’re from Arkansas and searching for who sell Kerosene near me? Then Murphy USA is for you. Murphy USA is one of the most famous and independent retailers of gasoline. It also sell Kerosene and much more. Its convenience stores are satisfying. Murphy USA has nearly 1700 stores in the US, and many of them sell Kerosene near you.


21. BP (Amoco brand)

BP, i.e. British Petroleum, was founded by William Knox D’Arcy, and Charles Greenway

 in 1909 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. The owner of this company changed its name over time, such as Standard Oil of Ohio, ARCO, and Amoco; however, it’s now known as the Amoco brand in the USA. 

You can visit BP- and ARCO-branded sites and find Kerosene near you. Only a few stations sell Kerosene, but not all or many.


22. Mobil 

Mobil is a petroleum brand established in 1911, currently owned by the American oil and gas corporation ExxonMobil. Mobil is a multinational company, and it also sells Kerosene. You can find the nearest store and buy Kerosene. I recommend you call the pump to see whether they are selling Kerosene or not.

Remember: I’ve mentioned the 22 best places to buy Kerosene, but all of them may not have Kerosene available, as I’ve mentioned earlier too, therefore before visiting any shop, you’ve to make a call to them and see if they offer Kerosene for sale. 


What is Kerosene?

Kerosene is a distillation of crude oil, a light fuel from distilling crude oil. It is considered to be the best alternative to gasoline and diesel for domestic and outdoor uses. Diesel and gasoline are also derived from crude oil.

Kerosene is obtained by fractional distillation of petroleum, and the process of making Kerosene is known as hydrotreating. 

To make Kerosene, gas-rich hydrocarbons are needed, or from the cracking of heavier petroleum streams) gas-rich hydrocarbon is fed into the catalytic cracking unit till it becomes NAPHTHA or NAPH. This process separates light hydrocarbons, i.e. diluent.


What Gas Stations DON’T Sell Kerosene?

Sadly, many gas stations don’t sell Kerosene at most of their locations, so if you need the oil for your lamp or heater, you’ll be out of luck. Try the ones on our post above to get Kerosene near you.

As I said, many stations may sell gasoline and diesel but not Kerosene.

Unfortunately, many gas stations don’t sell Kerosene even though not a single station sells it. I’ve mentioned almost 22 gas stations that sell Kerosene at a pump near me. But all of their stations do not sell Kerosene at the pump.

Therefore if you’re looking for it for the heater, cleaning purposes, or your lamp, you won’t find it at the stations which I’m mentioning. Therefore you can try what I’ve mentioned above. However, many stations I’m mentioning sell gasoline and diesel but not Kerosene.

Here are a few stations that DO NOT sell Kerosene:

  • Valero
  • Phillips 66 (Sell but not all)
  • Wawa
  • Circle K
  • BP (Sell, but the probability is low)
  • 7-Eleven (Sell but only a few)
  • QuikTrip (Do not sell kerosene)
  • Chevron
  • Safeway
  • Publix
  • Marathon (Very few or nearby)
  • Valero
  • Kwik Trip
  • BO
  • Costco
  • QT
  • Sam’s Club gas


How Is Kerosene Sold?

Generally, Kerosene is sold in gallons. You can buy one-gallon or two-gallon containers online or from a gas station. If you’re looking to buy in bulk, you can do a bulk order of Kerosene. However, it can’t be found easily as it’s rare and not available at every gas station. Generally, you can buy a one-gallon kerosene container rather than buying in bulk. 


Why is Kerosene so hard to find?

Kerosene has become hard to find due to ongoing tension between countries and the rise of natural gas and electric heating sources, and on the other hand, the demand for Kerosene overseas has increased. Therefore the production of Kerosene is declining while customers are increasing.


Other best Places to Buy Kerosene 

If you buy Kerosene at the gas station, it is good because it’s more affordable than online, but the sad thing is that it’s only available at some gas stations. You might be one of those who can’t find Kerosene nearby your location.

Therefore I am mentioning other best places to buy Kerosene: your local hardware store, retail stores, supermarkets, and hardware stores. 

The price varies depending on your location, and at the place where you buy Kerosene, at the gas station, it’s cheaper, usually costing about $5 for a gallon; on the other hand, you’ve to pay $10 per gallon at Supermarkets, retail stores, or at hardware stores.

Therefore if you are one of them, how can you not find it quickly? So here are some stores that sell Kerosene:

  • Walmart ($12)
  • Menards
  • Amazon ($57 for 5 gallons)
  • Tractor Supply Co.
  • Ace Hardware
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot

If you are still looking for it or need a nearby gas station that sells Kerosene, you can go with one of the abovementioned stores.


Where to Buy Bulk Kerosene Near Me?

You can buy bulk Kerosene in your area at a gas station, Amazon, Tractor Supply, Walmart, Ace Hardware, or hardware store, but the cheapest place to buy Kerosene is in gas stations.


Finding Kerosene At A Gas Station Near Me

Many gas stations near you sell Kerosene, but make sure to visit their website, make a call, or download their applications because not all stations sell it. 

Suppose you are going to a gas station to buy Kerosene. In that case, you must have a certified blue container authentically marked as “Kerosene”. And wherever you put that kerosene container, whether it is your home or car, it must be dry and cool. 


How Long Does Kerosene Last?

If you store it properly, it can be used for the next 5 years, but if you can’t, Kerosene can go back due to condensation.

For example, if you can’t save Kerosene from water, and if they get mixed, the quality will be decreased, and the fuel will be diluted. That’s why I said to store it in a cool and dry place, especially if you’ve bought Kerosene in bulk and want to use it for a long time.


Can You Still Use Bad Kerosene?

The shortest answer is Yes. If your Kerosene is not good and has become bad due to shelf life, condensation, or after getting mixed with water, it still can be used, but it depends on how much water is there in it. 

Suppose the amount of water is less, so it can be used, but it won’t be as effective as it used to be; using bad Kerosene is a last resort.


How Do I Know If A Lamp Or A Heater Accepts Kerosene? 

To know whether your lamp or heater Accepts Kerosene or not, you can check the label of your heater or lamps. Most heaters and lanterns come with a label, or you can also confirm from the seller. If you can’t find the label, then you should go with another fuel and use Kerosene until it’s not confirmed.


What is Kerosene Uses for Cleaning?

Kerosene is another best thing for cleaning used in modern days, especially for clothes with strain, greasy or oily surfaces. It’s an excellent choice for cleaning dust particles and any machine. But remember that it is a highly flammable product; therefore, be careful and do not let fire touch it.


What are the K-1 Kerosene Prices Near Me?

Many gas stations nearby sell Kerosene at low cost, along with Auto repair shops, hardware stores, Local gas stations, or websites, to see local K-1 kerosene prices.

Some of the best places to see the price of K-1 Kerosene near me:

  • Walmart
  • Ace Hardware
  • Menards
  • TrueValue
  • Fred Meyer
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • REI
  • Kroger
  • Tractor Supply


Where To Buy Kerosene Summary?

Kerosene is an excellent product which is used Indoor and outdoors. It’s been used for years for cleaning, lighting, heating, and cooking. Due to high demand and less production, finding where to buy Kerosene near you is rare. However, if there is no place to buy kerosene oil near you, I suggest you use online websites such as Walmart, Amazon, etc. 

But you want to find a nearby place to buy Kerosene. In that case, you can visit a hardware store, supermarket, home depot, tractor Supply, Lowe’s, local retailers shop, TrueValue, and Walmart and see the local K-1 kerosene price per gallon.

You can buy Kerosene in bulk nearby at supermarkets, home depot, Walmart, Amazon, and TrueValue, and it’ll cost about $50 to $80 for a 5-gallon container.

However, you may need a driving licence to buy Kerosene at the pump because it’s a hazardous substance. On the other hand, only some sellers will ask you for that.



Buying Kerosene is easier and cheaper than people think. If you want to buy Kerosene for your hater or lamp or any other purposes, you can visit the closest gas station to you because it is cheaper there. As I’ve mentioned above, not all gas stations sell. 

In that case, I suggest you call the nearest gas station, inquire, and confirm they sell Kerosene at that specific gas station where you plan to go. Another benefit of calling is asking the price per gallon, and you’ll have information on how much kerosene costs.

Now you don’t have to think, “where can I buy kerosene near me” because I have already mentioned many gas stations and retail stores. 

Although it is hard to find, fortunately, it’s available in most parts of the USA, convenience stores, hardware stores, gas stations, etc. But the advantage to buying Kerosene at the gas station is that you will get it at a lower price there. Also, you can know the price of Kerosene near me.

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