InformationalVoltas Remote Lock, How To Unlock It?

Voltas Remote Lock, How To Unlock It?

Voltas Remote Lock


Voltas remote lock: If your AC remote is locked and not working correctly, then this article is for you, here you will read many other related questions to remotes which you should if you have an AC.

How can you unlock Voltas remote lock?

Suppose your Air conditioner remote’s button isn’t not working; here are the following steps.

  1. Long press (+) and (-) together
  2. [+= temp. Increasing key]
  3. [ – = temp. Decreasing key]

After doing so, your remote will definitely start working. I hope it’s helpful for you. I suggest you read the article Completely to know more about Ac remotes.


How should I reset my AC remote?

Please remove the battery of your AC Remote, then reinstall it; that’s how your Ac Remote will be reset. However, Some ACs have reset functions enabled on their remotes.

If you have any other m question related to it, please let me know the purpose of resetting the remote. Do you mean how to reset Air Conditioner using the remote?


AC remote keeps showing only one display that has all the icons in it. What should you do?

If you’re pressing any button on your Voltas AC remote, it keeps showing you only one display with all the icons in it. So you should follow the following steps.

The remote operating battery cell may be discharged; that’s why it’s happening.

Replace cell with new and check.

The LCD control circuit may be faulty.

Display can’t be repaired so that you can buy new from same Voltas.


How do I switch on voltas ac without a remote?

Sometimes you can face a problem when batteries die, and the remote will not work. In that case, you need to do is to open the ac filter cover on the front.

Nudge the cover from both sides of your ac to open it. Then you will see two holes beside the circuit board.

After that, take a pen or a screwdriver and insert it into the bottom hole, then push it slightly. By doing so, your ac will be switched on.

Now your AC will be get automatically started, and the same process can also switch off the AC. This process can be used in voltas ac. However, many other ACs also come having a switch & off button.



I have shared every information about voltas remote lock and other Ac remotes. Apart from this, I’ve also covered many questions which might be helpful to you. If you still have any questions regarding the voltas remote lock, please let me know in the comment section.

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