InformationalVMC full form, Uses, History, Types & Cost

VMC full form, Uses, History, Types & Cost

VMC machine full form

VMC full form is “Vertical Machining Center,” and it works with CNC. CNC’s full form is “Computer Numerical Control.”

VMC full form

CNC and VMC full form

  • CNC: Computer Numerical Control
  • VMC: Vertical Machining Center


What is VMC Machine?

VMC (Vertical Machining Center) is a type of machine which is controlled by CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

The essential function of the VMC Machine is its tool, which moves in the vertical direction. Its two tools move in X and Y direction and move in Z position is known as VMC Machine.


What is Milling Machine?

Milling Machine is one of the most potent tool and machine in the Construction Industry. It’s the most helpful machine in modern manufacturing industries across the globe.

You might be surprised to know that a milling machine can separate 85% of any other metal from almost any Metal.

History of Milling Machine

It was invented in the 17th century, and it was initially was used by watchmakers.

In the 18th century, the United States started using this machine.

1818 was the turning point because, at that time, this machine was completely converted to a milling device.

The main person behind this applicable invention was Eli Whitney.

In the 18th century, VMC was used to build guns part. Binamo


VMC Machine works

  1. T-Slot Milling Operation
  2. Gang Milling Operation
  3. Plain Milling or Slab Milling Operation
  4. Side Milling Operation
  5. UP and DOWN Milling Operation
  6. Straddle Milling Operation
  7. Face Milling Operation
  8. Gear Milling Operation
  9. End Milling Operation
  10. Groove Milling Operation


Types of VMC Machine

  1. Planer-Style Milling Machines
  2. Column Milling Machines
  3. Horizontal Milling Machines
  4. Bed Type Milling Machines
  5. C-Frame Milling Machines
  6. Tracer Controlled Milling Machines
  7. Turret Milling Machines

What are the uses of VMC machines?

To any cut Metal (Aluminium, Iron, Central)
Make a design on Metal

How much will VMC Machine cost?

There are many types of VMC machines, and their prices depend on their work and size. You can just type on google whichever VMC machine you want to buy as per your need; then Google will show you its prices.

How to choose a better VMC Machine?

I’m going to tell which you to remember before buying a Machine.

  • Check the spindle speed of the VMC machine because it should be good.
  • There should be rotation in their Axis.
  • Rapids must be well-organized.
  • The size of the table being used in this machine should be correct.


Differences between VMC and CNC

CNC has two Axis X and Y VMC has three axis X, Y, and Z
You’ll have to Modify CNC for Every different work VMC is capable of adjusting itself
It’s only capable of cutting Metal It can cut Metal and also make a design on it
It moves on two Axis It moves on three Axis


Minimum to Maximum cost of VMC Machine

It can be range from 20 lakh to 80 lakh depending on your need.

How many types are there of VMC Machine?

There are a total of two types of VMC machine.
CNC (Computer Numerical Control). This computer controls the VMC.



In this article, I shared all the information about VMC, such as VMC’s full form, cost, work, and uses. If you have any questions regarding this VMC or CNC machine, please comment below.


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