InformationalVlebazaar review: return policy, owner, COD

Vlebazaar review: return policy, owner, COD


In this article, we are going to do a Vlebazaar review. Vlebazaar is in the discussion for the past few months because it claims to sell electronic gadgets at meager prices.

Perhaps you have also checked the Vlebazaar website. You must have noticed that electronic items are available there at meager prices. However, you would have seen many negative reviews in the comment section of Vlebazaar. And a question would have come up in your mind that Is Vlebazaar safe?. So let’s do Vlebazaar review.


What is Vlebazaar

Vlebazaar is an online shopping website just like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal, ShopClues, AliExpress, and Myntra. But the difference between Vlebazaar and other mentioned websites is that other websites are old and reliable and sell every product. On the other hand, Vlebazaar is a new website, and it only sells electronic Gadgets. For example, Mobile, Laptop, Power Bank Earphones, Smartwatches, Earphones, Charges, etc.


Is Vlebazaar Safe

In our opinion, Vlebazaar is not 100% safe. However, this website is designed like a professional E-commerce website. But when we checked some reviews on this website, so we found that more than 80 percent of users were unsatisfied with their products.

However, there were people on this website who were happy with Vlebazaar. But their number was significantly less, which is putting the wrong impact on this website. But maximum people were criticizing it.

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Is Vlebazaar Fake

Vlebazaar is not fake because after doing a lot of research, I found that the Vlebazaar website delivers every single product within four days. Still, on this website, we saw that most of the customer reviews were negative.


Vlebazaar review

Vlebazaar Reviews

A Customer named Subas Nambi wrote, “Once i purchased a MI 4K TV, and after receiving the product when i open it so i found that there was an old and used MI 4K TV. And later when i try to call them they so they did not answer me.”

Another customer named Jyoti Rawat said, “I purchased a pendrive which i received within four days and its genuine and working properly.”

Suhani Jain said, “I purchased two products to check their services and i received defective products.”

Vijay Kumar said, “In my opinion, Vlebazaar is safe for shopping because everything that I ordered received in between three to four days.

Shazia Ahmed said, “I ordered an item last when and when i received i noticed it was damage so i called at Vlebazaar contact Number so then they delivered a new package which was in good condition.”

Anjali Sharma wrote, “I bought a product a few days ago that is still in good condition so Vlebazaar is trustworthy.”

Dheeraj Kumar said, “Vlebazaar costumer care service is excellent.”

Source: Quora


Should you buy from Vlebazaar?

Well! It’s your choice whether you buy or not. But would suggest you that you should not buy expensive products like Mobile phone, Laptops although you can cheep products like Earphones, Pen drive, or power bank.

Suppose you ordered a cheap product, but it turned out to be wrong, then you will not suffer much loss. But on the other hand, if your expensive product turns out to be wrong, you will have more loss of money.

We want to advise you that if you’re going to buy an expensive thing, you should buy it from an extensive and trustworthy website like Amazon or Flipkart. Because both these websites are famous at the global level.

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Vlebazaar return policy

Suppose you are satisfied with Vlebazaar, so you can return that product you bought from there within seven days. If you want to exchange, so you can also do that. As soon as they receive your products, they will return you money within ten days, depends on your payment method.

UPI  1 day
Net Banking 1-4 days
Credit Card 1 to 7 days
Debit Card 7 to 10 days


Frequently asked questions

Who is Vlebazaar owner

Vlebazaar is owned by two-person people named Aman Agrawal and Himanshu Agrawal.

Vlebazaar case on delivery

No, Although there is a case on delivery on Vlebazaar, but it’s for cheap products like Earphones and power bank. It’s Because Vle Bazaar is not a big website. The owners of this website are running it through Facebook and Google ads.

Vlebazaar contact Number

Their number is (+91 9026655551). There is a shortage of men due to Covid 19, so your call might be unanswered.

Note: This Vlebazaar review is based on users comments on their website, YouTube.


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