HistoryUllaskar Dutta | Biography, History, Death reason

Ullaskar Dutta | Biography, History, Death reason

Ullaskar Dutta

Ullaskar Dutta Introduction

In today’s article, you will read about Ullaskar Dutta of Alipur, Bengal.

Many young revolutionaries from Bengal sacrificed their life such as Khudiram Bose, and Praful Chaki but in the modern era, these revolutionaries have been forgotten.

Ullaskar Dutta and Barindra Ghosh were arrested on 2 May 1908, they were sentenced to death by the court.

However, an appeal was made in the High Court to convert their death sentence to life imprisonment, therefore they were sent to Cellular Jail.

Their cases were fought by Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das.

Real History of Alauddin Khilji

Early Life

Ullaskar Dutta was born on 16 April 1985 in Kali Kachcha village of Brahmanbaria district (Modern day Bangladesh).

His father was a professor in an engineering college in Shivpur

Ullaskar Dutta had built a laboratory in his house where he used to research explosives.

When he joined the team of Barindra Ghose, his team was very compelled and this was a group of revolutionaries.

However, some historians also believe that the bomb Khudiram Bose used to kill Kingsford was made by Ullaskar Datta.



Ullaskar Dutta was engaged with the daughter of Bengali leader Bipinchandrapal before his arrestment, and her name was Leela. Unfortunately, he was arrested before his marriage.

It’s believed that Leela didn’t get married after Ullaskar Dutta’s arrestment.


Cellular Jail

At that time the British police used to force Indians prisoners to work hard. Although these Indian prisoners were educated, yet they were tortured very badly.

Sachindra Nath Sanyal wrote in his book that Ullaskar Dutta never tolerated Injustice.

And he said this because Louis, a deputy commissioner of Andaman, said that the most courage to stand against the injustice is in Dutta. Apart from this, the other prisoners of the cellular jail were also agreed with that.


What happened with Ullaskar Dutta

Barindra Ghose was also lodged in the Cellular Jail and he had told everything to Sachindra Nath about Ullaskar Dutta.

Sachindra Nath made this reference in his book (Bandhi Jeevan).

Once the British police had put Dutta to work on the Brick kiln in the sun. But Ullaskar refused to work there and said that “I am a rebel and I have been punished for rebellion and I will revolt everywhere, why should I work for Britishers”.

After this the British police warned him but he did not listen to the police. Then the police put handcuffs in his hands and left him in the sun, (Quit India Movement)

The law of the British police stated that no prisoner can be left in the sun for more than 8 hours by putting a handcuff in his hands and this punishment can only be given for one week. But the wicked officers of the jail used to write in the notebook as it was written in their law, but they used to torture the prisoners day and night.

He had a high fever of about 103 degrees in the same condition, but no officer showed Mercy on him due to which he became unconscious.

After this, he was sent to a hospital in jail and when he came to his senses after treatment, He had gone mad due to deteriorating mental balance.

He was treated for a few days in a cellular prison but he did not recover after which he was sent to a madhouse in Madras.

Mahatma Gandhi

Free from Jail

Barindra and ullaskar were released from prison in the year 1920.

Some people believe that he had been insane all his life and some people believe that he was cured after treatment. And after that, he went to jail again and was released in a few months.

It’s said that Ullaskar Dutta’s fiance Leela had moved to London in the year 1922 and she got married in London.

It’s said that Leela returned to India in 1946 and was widowed after which she married ullaskar at the age of 63 years.


Final days

It’s said that they both stayed in Kolkata for a few days after the marriage.

And that they both moved from Kolkata to Silchar


Ullaskar Dutta Death

Leela died in the year 1958 And a few years later, on 17 May 1965, Ullaskar Dutta also died.


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