InformationalUdai Singh I, An Unknown Rajput Ruler

Udai Singh I, An Unknown Rajput Ruler


The history of India is full of history of great and brave kings, but unfortunately most of the people in India are not familiar with those kings, one such king was Udai Singh I, about which you will read in this article.

The history of Mughal Empire in India like Akbar, Babar, and the emperor of Delhi Sultanate like Alauddin Khilji or Ibrahim Lodi is recorded in Indian books, whereas Udai Singh I is not the famous, so I request you to share this article with your friends so that then can gain more knowledge about it.


Udai Singh i

Who was Udai Singh I

Udai Singh I, is also known as Udaikaran and often his name Udai is also pronounce as Udah. He was the Rana or the Ruler of the kingdom of Mewar for about 5 years, from 1468 to 1473.

His father name was Rana Kumbha also known as Kumbhakarna who a ruler of the kingdom of Mewar from 1433 to 1468. At that time Khizar Dynasty was ruling delhi when Udai Singh I, sat on the throne of his father and become a ruler.


Udai Singh I Biography

It’s believed that Udai Singh I killed his father Rana Kumbha in 1468 to became the ruler of Mewar. That’s why, at that time he was also known as Hatyara which means Murderer.

Udai Singh could not role for a long time because after just five years he was also died in 1473.

Some historians believe that he died because of lightning but majority of the historians says that Udai Singh was killed by his own brother, Rana Raimal, by doing so Rana Raimal took the revenge of his father, Rana Kumbha or Kumbhakarna.

The death due to lightning is recorded in the Mewar chronicle Vir Vinod, by Kavi Shyamaldas, which James Tod mistook to be about the Delhi’s ruler rather than Ghiyath Shah who was the ruler of Malwa.

Shah was agreed to render assistance to Udai Singh, therefore, Udai Singh agreed to give his daughter in marriage to Shah.

The proposed of this matrimonial alliance was to establish friendly relationships between two dynasties which was an excellent step.

However, That book says that, Rana Udai Singh I was struck with lightning during returning to his camp, after this event, the entire plan fell through and no marriage took place and no relationship were built between two dynasties.



I hope you that i could successfully provided you valuable information about a unknown Rajput Ruler Udai Singh I. I know he’s not famous like Prithviraj Chauhan and Maharana Pratap but still you should remember history.

Two rulers Sahasmal and Surajmal remained at their positions in Malwa court and asked Sultan Ghiyath Shah to help them to recover. However, Sultan Ghiyath Shah also accepted their proposal. He happily helped Sahasmal and Surajmal and with his forces marched on Chittor.


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