InformationalWhat is Trail Mail | Use, Rules

What is Trail Mail | Use, Rules


You may see the term Trail Mail when replying or forwarding emails, but you don’t know what does it mean exactly?!
Read the article below to know all the information related to Trail Mail.


Trail Mail

Trail Mail or Trailing Mail

First of all, let’s get over this question, Trail Mail or Trailing Mail? This is a confusing question that can happen to anyone. Well, here we are going to solve this mystery.

According to numerous and continuous searches on the Internet, we found that Trail Mail had been used more than Trailing Mail by the users. Trail Mail had near to 85,000 searching results, and Trailing Mail had just 1,390.

These statistics show that Trail Mail seems to be correct.


What is a Trail Mail

Users reply to a mail many times, or in conversations, reply to related emails. It will form a chain with details of every email, or we can say a series of emails exchanged on a single topic, which is called a trail mail.

Trail mail is a detailed mail or chain of emails in which you can access all related information about conversations between users.

This information includes:

  1.  Related email addresses
  2. Whole completed conversation
  3. Who had sent the first mail
  4. How many people replied to that mail
  5. Who was the recipient
  6. Date and time

Trail mail can be an email message or an active conversation that had started by replying to the original email; in other words, mail is a list of replies to the original email.

First emails or contents are saved for conversation reference. Also, all related information such as date, time, related email addresses, etc., are stored to reference.

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What is the use of Trail Mail

Through using trail mail, it will bring options to both senders and recipients.

There is no need for attachment; it means the sender doesn’t have to attach an attachment while sending new emails. Instead of an attachment, the sender can simply click on “reply or forward” to refer to the previous email.

Moreover, the recipient can easily get access to the reference to which he had received the reply.


How to send trail mail from outlook express

  1. If you are using your phone or tablet, open the outlook application. If you are using your computer, open its site.
  2. Tap the massage you want to forward or reply to.
  3. In the mobile app, tap the bottom-left corner. In, click the bottom-right corner.
  4. Enter an email address in the “To” part. If you want to send your email to multiple recipients, write any addresses, thereby using commas between them.
  5. Type your email here. You will see the previous email besides or under your email because it’s a mail to try and contains the email’s information. You can give the reference to the previous email.
  6. Click the “Forward all” or “Reply all” from the “More” button.


How to send trail mail in Gmail

  • If you are using your phone or tablet, open the Gmail application and go to inbox. If you are using your computer, open its site and go to inbox.
  •  Click the message you want to forward or reply to.
  • Scroll down and click the forward button.
  • Enter the email address in the “To” field. If you want to send your email to multiple recipients, write any addresses there and separating them with commas.
  • Type your email.
  • Click the “Forward all” or “Reply all” from the “More” button; by default settings, your mail will carry the previous email while replying.


Rules for sending trail mails

  • Don’t attach any attachments like PDFs, photos, etc. By this Method, attachments won’t be sent along with an email.
  • Forward and reply to emails that are related to the topic (to the original email).
  • When you click on “Reply,” your email will be received just by an author. You must click on “Reply All” if you want that your email is seeable to the whole list’s users.
  • Don’t start and continue personal conversations. If any conversation goes between just two users, it should be in private emails and off- mail.
  • No flaming should happen, just be careful of your words and remember that every view on a specific topic is respectful, just agree or disagree.

Using this effective guidance, your shared contents and emails on mails will be useful. You could also use information beneficially.

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