HistoryTimur Lang | History, Cruelty, Attacks, Death

Timur Lang | History, Cruelty, Attacks, Death

Introduction to Timur Lang

Timur Lang is also called as Tamerlane and he was born on 8 April 1336 and died on 8 February 14, He was the founder of the Taimur dynasty, he ruled from West Asia to Central Asia i.e. India.

Timur belonged to the Turk clan, his father’s name was Amir Taraghai, who was the leader of the Turks. Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, a descendant of Timur, laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire in India in 1526.


Timur lang

Taimur History

Date of birth 6 April 1936
Country Uzbekistan
Mother name Takina khatun
Died 19 February 1404


Timur lang history

Timur Lang was born in the year 1336 at a place called Shahar-e-Sabj in Transoxiana. His father was a converted Muslim, therefore, Taimur Lang was also a follower of Islam, His policies were like the policies of Genghis Khan, he also did not forgive his enemies and also wanted to conquer the whole world like Alexander the Great.

In the year 1370, the Mongols’ power in Samarkand had diminished, due to which Timur Lang established his rule there. And after that, he attacked Digvijay with full force. He believed in Genghis Khan a lot, that’s why he trained his soldiers like Genghis Khan’s soldiers and at the same time he used to attack any country. His rule was also based on cruelty like that of Genghis Khan.

In the next 7 years of the year 1380, he conquered Khorasan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Sistan, Persia, and Azerbaijan. By the year 1393, he had also conquered Mesopotamia and Baghdad. After capturing so much area, he made up his mind to attack India too, but at that time Sardar and Amir did not want to attack India, Although somehow Timur Lang convinced them to attack India.

Timur had heard many things about India since childhood, due to which he was attracted by India’s gold and therefore he wanted to attack India and loot all the wealth there. At the time when Timur had made up his mind to attack India, the Tughlaq dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate was ruling in India, and whose ruler was Firoz Shah Tughlaq. Firoz was a very weak ruler and his army also did not have the strength, due to which this was a golden opportunity for Timur to plunder India.

At the beginning of the year 1398, he sent a man named Pir Muhammad to Multan who had conquered Multan within 6 months. And it was only in 1398 that Timur came to India with his army, he crossed the Indus, Ravi, and Jhelum in September.

In the year 1398, on October 13, he had killed and robbed many innocent people of Tulumba town. Apart from this, he also enslaved many people in the city of Tulumba. After this, he broke many temples in Multan and Bhatner and took possession there too. Within a few weeks, he had reached Delhi and after reaching Delhi, he had killed about one lakh Hindu prisoners. I was doing all this because he believed in Genghis Khan a lot

Before entering Delhi, he had fought with Sultan Mahmud on December 17, but Tughlaq Sultan Mohammad fled to Gujarat in fear, and his vizier Mallu Iqbal had also gone and hide elsewhere. Sultan Mahmud’s army included 40,000-foot soldiers and 120 elephants, but despite this, he could not face Timur.

After defeating Sultan Mahmud, when he entered Delhi, he looted Delhi for about 5 days, he enslaved many people of Delhi, including women. He had robbed Delhi’s treasury and gold and had taken them to Samarkand as well as took many women from India with him. With the money looted from Delhi, he got many buildings constructed, including a mosque. Timur’s purpose was not to come to India and establish his empire, but to make his empire rich by looting money from India.

He stayed in Delhi for only 15 days and after that, in 1399 he attacked Meerut and looted money from there too. After plundering Meerut, he turned to Haridwar where he faced many Hindu forces but he defeated them all. In the year 1399, on January 16, he captured Kangra and attacked Jammu and Kashmir and looted it too and he had killed many people there. And he stayed there for a few days and after that, he went back to his country through the river Indus.


The cruelty of Timur Lang

Just as Alauddin Khilji considered himself to be the second Alexander, in the same way, Timur Lang also considered himself to be the second Genghis Khan. Although Genghis Khan was a Mongol and Timur was a Turk. Although Timur was a very good adviser but he was also a cruel ruler, his father had adopted Islam and at the same time many Mongols had adopted Islam. Despite being a Muslim, he did not show any mercy to Muslims many times. He used to pile up the dead bodies of enemy soldiers who died after fighting. He had killed lakhs of innocent people from Delhi to West Asia. He cut off the heads of enemies and made a rock.


Timur Lang invasion of India

Timur invaded India for the first time in the year 1399, although before that he had sent one of his companions to attack India. It is said that he came to India to wage a religious war. It’s said that he came to India to wage a religious war, but it was to plunder the wealth of India because he looted the money from India and went back.

Kashmir was first attacked by him and from there he imprisoned many women and children and also killed many men, after that, he looted a lot of treasure from there. After this, he attacked the Rajputs at a place called Durg but the Rajputs soon accepted defeat and apologized but after some time Timur attacked them again. And within a few hours, he had killed more than 10000 people, including innocent children and women. After this, he had ordered them to set fire to the houses of the people and plunder their treasury.

He attacked the city Sarsuti and killed the women, children, and innocent people there too, and looted the treasure, And in addition, he took many young women and children captive and took them with him (Maharana Pratap)

When he was coming towards Delhi after looting other cities of India, at that time there was a Hindu city near Delhi where some Muslim population also lived. He had ordered to kill the non-Muslims living in the Hindu city, but he did not kill a single Muslim there, apart from this he had taken Hindu women in his possession.

After this, he killed many such people whom he had kept captive in the camp. He had also killed the prisoners living in Delhi, perhaps he would not have done so if he aimed to rule in India. But his dream was to rob India’s wealth and to kill and beat the innocent living in India. He also broke many holy places, Although he was saying that I have come to India to wage a religious war, but he did not listen to his religion. It has been told in his religion that you can never kill the running soldiers and priests, nor can you break any building, religious place, or cut down trees. But Timur did not follow single teaching of Islam he did everything which was come to his mind

Timur Lang had captured Delhi by defeating the last emperor of the Tughlaq dynasty, although that emperor was a little timid because he fled the field instead of fighting Timur. And he did the same situation in Delhi, whatever he was doing, he robbed Delhi and then went away from here. However, when he went back from Delhi, he had left a soldier named Khizr Khan. And after this Khizr Khan established the Sayyid dynasty in India.



After plundering India, he attacked a city called Anatolia in Turkey in the year 1402. However, at that time the Ottoman sultan had defeated him badly, due to which he did not dare to attack again. Three years later in the year 1405, he tried to attack China but he died due to a common disease.

Timur’s son also wanted to become the ruler but he could not, although his third grandson Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur became the ruler of India who established the Mughal Empire. And there was a time when the Mughal Empire had become the largest empire in the world. Although the Ottoman Empire was also doing well at the time.


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