InformationalWhat is Telecalling? | Skills, Job description

What is Telecalling? | Skills, Job description


Telecalling or Telemarketing is one of these ways which can utilize by-product selling based businesses. To understand what telecalling/telemarketing means and recognize how it can affect the business, follow up the article below.

Many businesses are emerging today, and existing businesses are growing at a good pace. There are many methods and ways to develop a business depending on its products or services; marketing is very important for businesses that are based on selling products.



Telecalling definition

Some businesses communicate with their customers through calls, discover their requirements, and offer them the best and timely services and products; this process is called “Telecalling.”

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What is telecalling

Telecalling is one of the ways that companies or factories can communicate directly with their customers. It is used for advertising, selling, customer surviving and responding to inbound queries. Telecallers can take all these responsibilities just by telephone.

Company’s/factory’s representatives can easily and directly communicate with the customers and open the gate to have a strong relationship with them. That’s what makes telecalling an effective method for businesses.

In addition, to get better results and develop a business faster than usual, telecalling should be done in a way that uses some techniques. You will get better telecalling results if telecellers use the best communication methods and can handle calls well.

For having good telecallers who manage the calls as well, they should be thought. It means that telecallers must have enough information about the business (company/factory) and must be able to answer all kinds of customers’ questions.

In telecalling, telecallers are business representatives, so they must have enough knowledge to represent the business well and accurately. There are two types of telecalling:

  1. Inbound
  2. Outbound

Inbound Calling:

In inbound calling, customers make a call with telecallers to ask questions and fix doubts. Inbound calling includes:

  • Order Taking
  • Collections
  • Customer Services
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Up-Selling/Cross-Selling
  • Verification


Outbound Calling:

In the outbound call, customers make a call and ask for the products and after-sales services of the business. Outbound calling includes:

  • Sales
  • Collections
  • Live Transfer
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Survey


Telecalling skills

You must have skills to do any work; similarly, a telecaller needs good communication skills. Because if your communication skills are not good, you will not be able to convey to your customers well.

A telecaller needs to have the knowledge, apart from this, you must be polite while talking cause. Often, you do not understand what the costume is saying, so in such a situation, you have to keep your mind calm.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that when the conversation between you and the customer is over, thank him and tell him that if there is any further problem, then call again.

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Telecalling advantages and disadvantages

Telecalling/telemarketing is an effective way that easily boosts your profits and improves your products and services in a business. However, it has some disadvantages that you should know them, but first, let us talk about its advantages.


Advantages/Benefits of Using Telecalling:

  1. Bring to businesses a way to interact more and have more personal sale services.
  2. Provide an immediate connection between the business and its customers.
  3. To survey technical problems more easily and clear than before.
  4. Generate leads and appointment
  5. Easy marketing, easy access to individuals for arranging more sale deals.
  6. Offering products and services to both existing customers and prospective customers.
  7. To be able to record measurable results about products and services.
  8. Providing a good trading experience to the customers.
  9. Telecalling/telemarketing opens direct meetings gates with your customers.


Disadvantages of Using Telecalling:

  1. Deficiencies can occur in telecalling, especially when dealing with B to C (Business-to-Consumer) customers.
  2. The list of customers can be erratic and incomplete; this will cause dissatisfaction among customers and bosses.
  3. If telemarketing/telecalling got done incorrectly with not enough expert telecallers, it could provide negative images from the business, damaging.
  4. Telecalling/telemarketing has the potential to supply all sale needs of a business so that it can be replaced with the sales team of the business; this event will bring negative feelings among your employees.
  5. To train expert telecallers to do telecalling/telemarketing can be time-consuming and costly.
  6. If you use an outside service provider, the results can break the balance between requirements and sales in your business because these telecallers aren’t your employees, and they are not in direct contact with your business.
  7. Costumer lists can be very costly.

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Telecalling job description

If you want to start a job as a telecaller, you should read the telecalling job description to make a clear vision in your mind before choosing this job. Here we provide you with a completed telecalling job description.

As a telecaller, your main target is to increase sales by having a strong relationship with customers. You are responsible for managing sales over phone calls. Moreover, it would be best if you took responsibility for explaining customers’ questions about products or services provided by the company.

Apart from this, telecallers should collect desired information from the customers and report them to the company. They should create a healthy and friendly relation with clients.

Telecallers must understand the customer’s needs and demands, close deals with them to sell products, and note important information provided by the customers. These notes, knowledge, and requirements should be followed up regularly to give customers a better company experience.

There are a few responsibilities (what you should do as a telecaller) and requirements (what you need to be a telecaller) from telecallers; here you are going to read them:



  • To answer phone calls and to explain products and services provided by the company.
  • To create effective relationships with existing and prospective customers due to a plan or a script.
  • To obtain given information from customers and other relevant data.
  • To asking some important questions to discover customer’s specifications.
  • To fix doubts or any issues about the company’s products and services.
  • To arrange a report of all the sale deals.
  • Continuous tracking of needs and information provided by the customer.
  • To understand customer’s needs for suggesting them the best solutions.



  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Having a good work experience as a telecaller, telemarketer, or similar roles in companies/businesses.
  • Precessional certification sales and marketing will consider as an advantage.
  • Having great interpersonal skills.
  • Having great organizational skills.
  • Having great oral and written communication skills.
  • Having great outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Having great time managing skills.
  • Having great decision-making skills.
  • To be able to work in a team and individually both.
  • You should be able to manage and handle multiple tasks.
  • To pay exceptional attention to details.
  • Hard working.
  • Ability to control and get over the stress and pressure.
  • Computer literate.
  • Exposure to different perspectives and cultural norms.
  • The capacity to hear criticism.


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