InformationalTehzeeb Hafi Poetry, Shayari & English Lyrics

Tehzeeb Hafi Poetry, Shayari & English Lyrics


It has become a trend to upload Tehzeeb Hafi poetry on WhatsApp status. I saw money of Shayari and became his fan; therefore, I’m going to tell you some of my favourite tehzeeb Hafi Shayari.

Tehzeeb Hafi Poetry

Who is Tehzeeb Hafi

He is an Urdu poet, I searched a lot about him, but no authentic details are available about him. I can only say that he belongs to Pakistan and is based in Lahore, according to sources.


Tehzeeb Hafi Poetry Lyrics


Ghar mein dil nhin lag rha! Aur kaam par bhi nhi jaa rha
Jaane khauf kya hai jo tujhe choom kar bhi nhi jaa rha

Raat ke teen bajne ko hain yaar ye kaisa mahboob hai
Jo gale bhi nhi lag rha aur ghar bhi nhi jaa rha, Unke ghar ka pata jaante ho?

I neither feel good at home nor desire to go to work.
I don’t know what the matter that is not going even by kissing her (Lover) is.

It’s about 3 o’clock at night, don’t know why my lover isn’t even hugging me, and not going home too. Is someone knows her address?.


Tumhare husn par darastt hai bahut, Mohbbat bada jaante ho
To fir ye batao tum uski aankho ke baare mein kya jaante ho

Ye Geography, philosophy, Psychology, Science, Riazi etc.
Yeh sab jaanna bhi aham hai, Magar unke ghar ka pata jaante ho

O lover, You’ve got a lot of affection for your beauty, you know love!
Then tell me, what do you know about her eyes?

These are Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Riazi etc.

Knowing all this is also essential, but do you know the address of her house?


Gali se koii guzre to choonk udthta hun
Naye makan mein khidki nhi banwaunnga
Fareb dekar tera jism jeet lun,
Lekin mein ped kaat kar kishti banaunga

I get shocked when anyone passes by my street
I will not make a window in the new house.
I can win your body by cheating but
I will not make a kayak by chopping down a tree.


Tera chup rehna, Mere Zehan mein kya baith gaya.
Intni awaze tujhe di ki ga baith gya.

Yun nhi hai ki faqat mein hi use chahta hun.
Jo bhi us ped ki chhaya mein baith gaya.

Itna meetha tha vo gusse bhara lahza mat pooch.
Usne jis jisko bhi jaane kaha, baith gaya.

Apna ladna bhi muhabbat hai, tumhe ilm nhi.
Cheekhti tum rhi gala mera baith gaya.

Uske marzi vo jisko paas bitha le apne.
Ispe kya ladna fla meri jagah baith gaya.

Baat Dariyon ki, Suraj ki, Na teri hai yaha.
Do kadam jo bhi mile, saath chala baith gya.

Bazm-e-Jana mein nshisht to nhi hoti makhsoos
Jo bhi ek baar jahan baitha, baith gaya.

Your silence, what has sat in my mind
I called you so many times that I can’t even talk now.

It’s not that I really want him.
Whoever went in the shade of that tree got fell in love.

It was so sweet, don’t ask for that angry tone.
Whoever he asked to go sat down.

Your fight is also lovable; you don’t know!
You kept screaming, and my throat swelled.

Whomever she wants to sit next to you
What to fight over this and so sat in my place.

It is not yours here that the sun is about rivers.
two steps, whoever went with me sat down

Bazm-e-Jaan doesn’t have any bad luck.
Whoever once sat down



I know English translation isn’t perfect as it should be. However, I didn’t try to change tehzeeb hafi Shayari because poetry words weren’t matching like poetry in Hindi.


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