Make MoneyTalent Desire Real Or Fake (Talent Desire Review)

Talent Desire Real Or Fake (Talent Desire Review)

Are you looking for online ways to make money? So you must have tried many side hustles which didn’t work. Meanwhile, you must have heard about a freelancing platform like Freelancer, Fiverr and “Talent Desire.”

Talent Desire connects businesses to talented workers. You can find various jobs, such as transcription, typing, tutoring, etc.

However, if you open their website, it will look 100% genuine, but there are many questions in people’s minds about whether Talent Desire is legit or a scam. Talent Desire, real or fake? And many more, so it will be a Talent Desire review.

According to Talent Desire, you can work with huge brands that pay well. Most importantly, you will work from home and in your comfort zone, wearing your comfy pajamas. It sounds good, but still hard to trust.

I’ll share essential insights about Talent Desire work and its legitimacy in this post, which will help you to know whether it’s worthwhile or a waste of time.


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What is Talent Desire? And How does Talent Desire work?

Talent Desire promotes itself as a freelancing platform similar to Freelancer, people per Hour, Upwork, Fiverr, etc., that connects top-class brands with talented freelancers worldwide.

It will help you find the best remote jobs you can do from home, such as Proofreading, Translating, Affiliate marketing, typing jobs, Content writing, online surveys, Voiceover artists, and many other jobs that pay a high amount.

When you open Talent Desire for the first time, it will look exactly like other freelancing platforms showing you options “Start Here,” “Jobs Opening,” or “Current Opening,” and they are providing most of the information like other top freelancing websites.

When you go to the menu section and click “Start Here,” you will find a lot of information about making money. Secondly, one thing that makes it look unprofessional is the advertisements. It seems more than a freelancing platform. Talent Desire is a personal blog.

They also have a unique selection where you can get help, like making money from home and many other essential tips.

You can open the option “Current Opening.” There, you will find many online jobs such as typing jobs, tutoring jobs, etc. On the other hand, many jobs pay $180 per day. Secondly, Talent Desire also promises to find you a job that pays $40 per hour. You will find this amount lucrative, especially if you are a beginner or a new freelancer.

Talent Desire Review

It doesn’t matter what option you choose; you will be directed to a page where you will get a lot of information. Most of these jobs pay too much money, which seems unrealistic. For example, they say they can help you to earn $180 a day or $2,250 a month.

You can find any job, whichever you like, and click on “Apply Now.” once you click on that option, you will see “Error establishing a database connection,” and sometimes you will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill out personal details such as your phone number, email id, in-person address, and employment status.

Most importantly, even if you fill out your personal details, still, there is no guarantee that you will get a job. I wouldn’t say I like this website because many websites, like Talent Desire, collect users’ data and sell it for money.

That is why they claim to pay a lot of money; many other freelancing platforms are not paying as high as Talent Desire.


Is Talent Desire Legit?

My shortest answer about Talent Desire is that it is not legit; the website is full of bugs and makes hundreds of fake promises. I checked many different platforms such as Quora, Reddit, and many more and found that most people are giving red flags to Talent Desire.

Therefore, if you are serious about working online or looking for a remote job, you should not waste your time on Talent Desire. If you create an account on this website, you are wasting your time; let’s know some red flags I found.


Hard to sign up

On every genuine website, it is straightforward to sign up, but that’s different with Talent Desire. For example, if you want to sign up on Fiverr to do freelancing work, you can quickly sign up with your Facebook and Gmail accounts. And that’s how every job-providing website should work.

On freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, you can create an account within 5 minutes, but if you are new and want to create an account on Talent Desire, it can take 15 minutes because you cannot easily find the sign-up way.

The signing process is the worst thing you will face for the first time. Therefore, I do not even recommend you waste your time just by clicking useless links. This website doesn’t want new members; they are just making money.


Negative Reviews

One of the most essential things is rating and reviews. You must check reviews and ratings on websites like TrustPilot, Reddit, Quora, etc. These are community platforms that will help you to determine whether you should work or not.

I checked all these reviews and community platforms and found that most reviews were pessimistic about Talent Desire. Most people complain about poor customer service, lying about providing jobs, being hard to sign up for, misleading payment information, and many more.

All these negative reviews are a sign that Talent Desire is not a genuine website to work on.


Your data is not safe

Most freelancing websites collect data but do not share it with 3rd party websites, but that’s not the same with Talent Desire.

When I read their terms and conditions, they say they can share your data with 3rd party websites for cash.

That’s one of the ways to make money for them; they will sell your personal information, Number, Email ID, etc. After that, you will start receiving advertisement messages.

Initially, it was hard to believe that a freelancing platform was sharing data for money because I had previously worked with several freelancing platforms, but they all shared my data.

On the other hand, Talent Desire claims to be a genuine platform that can provide you with paying remote jobs, but it’s doing unprofessional work.

Sharing data is another reason I do not recommend using Talent Desire to find remote jobs or side hustles. Who knows whom they will sell your data? And sharing personal information is not good when other options are available.


Unprofessional Website

Another thing that makes Talent Desire completely unsafe is that there are tons of red flags, such as few details available about the founder of this website. Secondly, people need to find out where Talent Desire is being operated.

Talent Desire doesn’t have active social media accounts. It’s hard to find grammatical mistakes and unprofessional English on other freelancing platforms, but you can easily spot grammatical errors on the Talent Desire website.

That makes it a very unprofessional website that can’t hire professional writers who can catch grammatical errors.


Plenty of Ads

It is okay if someone is displaying advertisements on its website, but it is not suitable for a professional website providing jobs to show too many ads and make people click on their ads to make money.

Generally, 3 to 5 ads are enough, but Talent Desire is showing many more ads, and they placed ads so creatively that people mistakenly click on them.

And most importantly, many other websites provide jobs, but they need to show ads because it makes the professional website look unprofessional.

Talent Desire does not want to provide jobs; its purpose is to make money by displaying ads. Because advertisements are on every page, you will accidentally click on them, and they will make money through it.

This is another reason you should avoid Talent Desire: it is unprofessional, and users are not happy with it.


Poor grammar

I have also discussed above that they need professional writers who can correctly write grammar even when the website provides jobs. Ironically, they are providing typing jobs.

You can open their website and find many grammatical mistakes on their home page. Moreover, they are not even fixing mistakes; even for one time, it’s okay when a blog is making grammatical mistakes, but professional typing jobs providing websites making grammatical mistakes, I can’t digest it.

Again, I recommend you refrain from making an account on Talent Desire because it offers typing jobs while its employees can’t type problems. I think they should hire professional writers first and then provide typing jobs.


Fake Jobs

Talent Desire offers an attractive salary where they promise to pay thousands of dollars monthly. That means it’s scamming new users. And when new users see high-paying jobs, they become a trap for these websites.

Talent Desire is not legit, but it’s a freelancing website where you cannot make money. However, many of the best freelancing websites are 100% legitimate and allow you to make money based on your skills and working capacity.


Alternatives To Talent Desire

I have mentioned many red flags in the Talent Desire platform promising fake remote job opportunities. However, the list continues on something other than Talent Desire; besides this, many websites will help you get remote jobs.

Here are some of the most popular and reputed companies that have been working genuinely for decades.



Whenever we talk about freelancing, Fiverr is the first platform that comes to mind. On my list, Fiverr is the best platform for finding remote jobs.

The only thing required is skills; if you are talented and can make a full-time income from Fiverr, people who are skilled freelancers make thousands monthly.

Fiverr allows you to meet millions of employers ready to pay well enough for simple tasks; you can choose any niche you want, such as typing, dubbing, graphic designing, etc.



Upwork is another platform for finding remote jobs; therefore, I am keeping it in my list of the best freelancing websites and alternatives to Talent Desire.

It is one of the most legitimate websites, working for years and connecting employers and highly skilled freelancers. You can place a bid and talk to the employers.

Upwork is 100% the opposite of Talent Desire because it is strict about preventing scammers. Therefore, it is one of the safest freelancing websites where you can find remote jobs.



Toptal is another website that connects highly qualified freelancers with companies. You can find any type of job, such as web developer finance consult, or product manager. However, to apply to Toptal, you must pass five tests, such as English, project assignments, etc.

Once you pass all these tests, you can get any job and connect with potential employers. One downside of this website is that you must pass a test to apply for a few months.

Fiverr takes 20% of your income, while Toptal will give you 100%, which you can receive in your PayPal, Payoneer, or local bank account.

Freelancer, as the name suggests, is a dedicated platform for freelancers, and they have over 25 million users right now, including freelancers and employers.

It is also similar to Fiverr, which lets you choose your favorite niche, such as graphic designing, software development, video editing, etc. Moreover, it allows you to talk directly with the employer.



Flexjobs is another best website that can provide you with part-time and full-time remote jobs, and they also have broad categories from tutoring to writing jobs.

This is one of the most legitimate platforms; therefore, all companies listed there are genuine. Unlike Talent Desire, which shows advertisements on its website, it removes suspicious companies and employers.

If you want to find full-time or part-time remote jobs, you must buy a subscription that costs $6.95/week. All subscriptions have limited listings, and they have different types of subscriptions.

You can use a prepaid card or PayPal to buy a subscription, with a 30-day subscription guarantee. If you do not like it, you can get your money back.


Final Thoughts

Okay, so it was a Talent Desire review, and we found it is not a legitimate platform to find remote jobs, whether full-time or part-time; Talent Desire does not offer any real way to earn money online.

One of the things that I don’t like about Talent Desire is that it collects your data and sells it to other third-party websites. Besides this, Talent Desire places ads at the place where you accidentally click on them.

There are many other companies that I have mentioned above that can help you find full-time or part-time remote jobs. They have been working in the freelancing market for decades and are paying well enough.

I recommend you refrain from creating an account on Talent Desire, as you cannot make money from it. They will only collect your data and sell it to other third-party websites. They lie about providing jobs; they can’t even write grammar correctly.


Talent Desire real or fake

Talent Desire real or fake?

Talent Desire is entirely fake; the sign-up process is too complicated. It’s truly a scam. Even at TrustPilot, they don’t have good ratings. Most importantly, they’re not active on social media, and details about the owner aren’t available.

It offers fake high-paying typing jobs just to attract people to create accounts on its website. On the other hand, they sell users’ data to third-party websites to make more money.

The website does not look professional; many grammatical mistakes are not even fixings. Secondly, they have placed ads everywhere, which leads users to click on ads by mistake.

Therefore, Talent Desire is a hundred percent fake; if you’re thinking of creating an account, you will only waste your time and nothing more than that, and most importantly, you will share your data with a website that will sell it to third-party organizations.

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