InformationalSurkhi VS Fly Ash, Know Everything About It

Surkhi VS Fly Ash, Know Everything About It


In this article, you will read about Fly Ash and Surkhi. I will tell you its benefits and why you should use it, so read this article Completely.

Surkhi and Fly Ash are construction materials; let me explain one by one.


What is FLY ASH

Fly Ash is a fine grey powder that is made from burning Pulverized coal in the eclectic generation power plants. Siliceous(SiO2), Aluminium (A1203), and Calcium are present in it.

Fly Ash is used explicitly in cement-based products such as concrete blocks, Poured concrete, and bricks. In modern days, mostly building are made flyash product because it’s nature friendly which is good for our environment.


What is Surkhi

Surkhi is also known as brickdust because it’s made from broken bricks (A bricks powder). It’s made from good quality and highly burning bricks. It’s free from burnt particles like silt and Salts.

During construction, surkhi is used as concrete sand for concrete, and surkhi is added to lime mortar to build something.

How is Surkhi made?

Clay that contains Lime, Aluminium, Oxide of Iron, Silica, and Magnesia is burnt at a higher temperature about 600° C in a furnace.

Because of high temperature, Cly turns into Red or Reddish-brown colour. Later it’s transferred to a mill to grind like (Sand or Cement); that’s how Surkhi is made.

Types of Surkhi

Fine Surkhi

This is a finely powered surkhi that is used instead of cement or any other binding products.

Used in temporary construction


Coarse Surkhi

This is used in place of filling material like sand.

They are used in permanent constructions.


Which is better fly ash brick or a normal red brick?

Normal Red Bricks is made of Normal clay, which takes a lot of energy to create; on the other hand, Fly Ash is the waste product of burning coal, and it doesn’t take much energy. Therefore I would suggest going for Normal Red Bricks because they’re more nature friendly.

Here are a few facts which you should remember.

Normal clay can absorption 20 to 25% of water, while Fly Ash can absorb 7 to 10 percent.

Normal red bricks are heavier than Fly Ash bricks. Normal clay can be about 3.2kg, while Flyash bricks are 2.6kg.

Red Bricks are more expensive than Flyash bricks. But red bricks aren’t strong as Flyash.


What are the pros and cons of fly ash bricks?


  • Environment Friendly.
  • Fly ash is comprehensive stronger.
  • Cheaper compared to clay bricks



  • Their outer surface is hard compared to the inner core.
  • They will absorb less water as compared to Norma clay.
  • All fly ash is not suitable for construction; therefore, you’ll have to buy Expensive (If needed).



I hope you understand everything about Surkhi and Fly Ash if you have any questions regarding this topic so feel free to ask me.

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