InformationalSugoi dekai: Japanese anime girl, meme, meaning, shirt

Sugoi dekai: Japanese anime girl, meme, meaning, shirt

Sugoi dekai

Sugoi dekai girl

Hana Uzaki is a female character from the anime Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out.

Appearance: Hana Uzaki has silver-coloured, short hair with black nape, big blue eyes, and big breasts. She’s 150cm tall. She has a fantastic outfit, a long-sleeve white shirt with the phrase “Sugoi dekai” on the front, a short light blue skirt, black pantyhose, and brown boots. She’s famous for her Sugoi dekai shirt.

Personality: According to anime, Hana Uzaki is an energetic, confident, cheerful high school student. She sometimes annoys her classmates.

In her high school years, she was shy around other students. Still, since she entered college, her playful and testing personality got changed and improved.

The chart below is going to provide you with all the biographical information about Hana Uzaki.

Name Hana Uzaki
Age 19 to 20 years old
Gender Female
Height 150 cm
Hair Colour Silver
Eye Colour Blue
Father Fujio Uzaki
Mother Tsuki Uzaki
Brother Kiri Uzaki (Younger than her)
Sister Yanagi Uzaki (Younger than her)
High school student (Will enter the college during the serial)
First Appearance
Manga (Chapter 1)
Second Appearance
Anime (Episode 1)
Japanese Voice
Naomi Õzora
English Voice
Monica Rial


Sugoi dekai meaning

Sugoi dekai is a Japanese phrase that means “Amazingly big” or “So big” in English. This phrase contains two words, “Sugoi” & “Dekai.” Sugoi means vast, extensive, very large, unique, or fantastic. Dekai means enormous, big, or massive.

This phrase has a similar meaning to the word “Great.” This English word means big/large, technically, but colloquially means fantastic/incredible.

Sugoi dekai is exactly meant “Great” in English. This word also means big/ massive in old English. It came to popularity in its use as fantastic/excellent around the year 1848, and some words like big, giant, massive have been replaced by the word great to describe big things.

In addition, there is a verb in Middle English, “Greaten”, which means to become more prominent; this verb went archaic after the 17th century.

In conclusion phrase, Sugoi Dekai exactly means Great in English, and it became a meme in English; also, it has become somewhat of a meme in English.


What is the origin of the phrase Sugoi dekai?

The Japanese phrase Sugoi dekai originated in the anime Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out! Hana Uzaki is the main character of this anime.

Hana Uzaki, a girl with large breasts, wears a shirt with the phrase Sugoi dekai on it, which means as a joke. She has short silver hair and usually wears a short light blue skirt, black tights, and brown boots with her famous Sugoi dekai shirt.

The Uzaki-chan manga debuted on Niconico in December 2017. It began serialization on July 9th, 2018. Studio ENGI created this anime, and Kazuya Miura was its director.

Kadokawa Corporation announced this anime on February 3rd, 2020. Uzaki-chain Wants To Hang Out premiered in July 2020.

Hana Uzaki has become popular on social media websites like Twitter by several internet edits and memes that are made using the Sugoi dekai shirt. Also, some modifications and memes in which users combined Hana character with other large-breasted anime characters, like Mega Milk.

Many users criticized this amine because Hana Uzaki looked so young and believed that the creators of Hana Uzaki were sexualized young girls. Those who had the same opinion about Hana Uzaki started to make it better and delete its matters. They were redrawing and editing the character with an older look and a more realistic body.

New drawings and edits became even more trending meta memes. Some people felt that redraws were ridiculous and unnecessary. So they just put Sugoi dekai shirts on other famous characters such as Peter Griffin from Family Guy and other famous cartoons like Rick and Morty or Big Mouth.

This Japanese phrase and Hana Uzaki character have become very popular. Sugoi dekai shirts and other merchandise related to this anime are available on different websites to buy. Sugoi Dekai shirts and hoodies are becoming a part of some people’s style.

Many people began to cosplay with anime merchandise. They wore outfits the same as Hana Uzaki. Many people are wearing cosplay outfits like Uzaki Hana from anime Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out, even in popular anime conventions like Anime Expo.

Anime has become more popular in the west than in other places. It also has been in the United States for a long time. This kind of popularity in western media has allowed for phrases like Sugoi dekai to come into the English vernacular.


What does Sugoi dekai look like in Japanese?

In Japanese, hiragana (Hiragana is a phonetic writing system in Japanese like katakana and unlike kanji). The Japanese phrase Sugoi dekai is represented by characters すごい でかい. It is directly translated to “it’s large” or “so huge” or “amazingly big” in English. Word “great” is similar to the phrase Sugoi dekai, “great” also means huge or big.

Both phrases Sugoi dekai and word great technically mean big/massive but colloquially means excellent/outstanding.


Sugoi dekai meme

Sugoi dekai meme


Sugoi dekai anime girl


Sugoi dekai meme


Sugoi dekai anime meme

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