HistorySrivastava Caste, Origin, Gotra, OBC or General, History

Srivastava Caste, Origin, Gotra, OBC or General, History


Srivastava caste is among the upper castes in India. Before reading in detail, we provided you with a chart to got a previous view about this caste.

Take a look at the valuable information of this chart, then follow the entire article to get detailed information.


srivastava caste

Srivastava Caste

Other Spellings Shrivastava/Shrivastav/Srivastav
Gotra It belongs to Kayastha gotras
Sub-Castes One of the twelve sub-castes of Kayastha
Religion Hinduism
Language Hindi
Region Northern India, and some are in the northeast of India
States Utter Pradesh, Delhi, West Bengal
Traditional Occupation Record-keeping, administration, and military services
Food Habits Non-vegetable foods

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Srivastava caste history

Srivastava’s originally back to one of the twelve sub-clans of the Chitraguptvanshi Kayasthas. Srivastava (Shrivastava, Shrivastav, Srivastav) is a surname used widely among the Kayasthas in India.

Kayastha community is one of the upper caste in Hindu communities. It mostly is found in Hindi language areas of India.

According to history, Srivastava’s were doing administration and military services. During Ancient Empires and Mughal Empire, Srivastava’s influenced India by their activities.

Their positive effects gained their titles, such as Lala, Pandit, and Thakur. Kayasthas were using the script called Kaithi. This script was inspired by Gupta and Brahmin scripts.

The word “Srivastava” is the short form of “Srivastava.” This word is a Sanskrit word; Sri means “God”, and Vas means “To Dwell” in the Sanskrit language. The suffix Tavyat has been added to these words to shape the word “Srivastava.”

If we want to explain its meaning in general for your information, Srivastava means “In Whom God Dwells.”

However, some other believe that the name “Srivastava” comes from the ancient name of the Swat River. Its ancient name was “Srivastu/Suvastu.” Also, the Srivastava caste is considered to be found in the region of the Swat River.

Srivastava claimed that they were part of “Kayastha Brahmin”, and this claim was accepted by Brahmin and Shankaracharya communities.

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Srivastava caste OBC or General

We did a lot of research and found that Srivastava is not a scheduled caste. However, it belongs to Kayastha, which got a place in the upper caste. Kayasthas widely found in Northern India.

However, due to the news, the State Backward Classes Commission in Uttar Pradesh will soon arrange a request to put the Kayastha community in the list of OBC (Other Backward Castes).


Srivastava caste gotra

Gotra is a lineage segment among the castes in India. Every caste has its own gotra, which is an essential factor in determining possible Hindu marriage alliances.

Srivastava caste is a sub-castes of Kayastha, so the gotras of Kayastha can be considered the gotras of Srivastava.

Bhatnagar, Mathur, Srivastava, Sinha, Ghosh, Bose, Mazumdar, Hazarika are some of the Kayastha gotras. Their tradition includes different things like dancing, music, theatre, drama, etc.

Kayasthas, including Srivastava’s, live in the north part of India; however, some live in the northeast, too. Srivastava’s are among the early castes who brought education and superior services to their land.


Srivastava surname caste

Srivastava surname is primarily used in India. However, you can find others with this surname out of India, too. This surname has various similar spellings that all of them refer to the prominent surname, Srivastava.

Srivastava surname is the 3,322nd most common surname all around the world. Up to 168,780 people are currently using this surname, and most of them are Indian, 153,041 people.

The people who held this surname in India live in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and West Bengal. However, some other countries also use this surname, like the United States, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, etc.


Srivastava caste from which state

Srivastava’s mainly spread in North India. This caste originally comes from Uttar Pradesh. However, Srivastava are living in other states, too.

Delhi and West Bengal placed some other populations of Srivastava’s in themselves. The shares of other remaining states from Srivastava’s are minimal. Also, you can find Srivastava In northeast India.


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