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spiders on mars

Spider found in mars

As we all know that our scientists are searching for evidence of the life and potential of life on the red planet, therefore our scientists take seriously every strange thing or mystery that found on Mars.

Now days our Scientist tried to understand the shape of the spider on Mars.

This shape is called “Araneiforms” and it is formed from the height and depth of the surface of Mars.


Spider on Mars

How this spider shape formed on the red planet is still a puzzle, although scientists believe that this shape is formed due to the sublimation of carbon dioxide into melted ice without stream.

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What is the mystery

Scientists from both countries, Ireland and Britain, in their university (Open university Mass simulation chamber), created the atmosphere like a red planet to see what shape would be formed by the sublimation process.

For this, the scientists took some pieces of carbon dioxide ice and pierced them and then rolled those pieces of ice onto the gravel, after which they reduced the pressure of the chamber like the surface of Mars and placed it on the blocks.

After doing this process, the scientists noticed that the ice cubes of carbon dioxide were sublimated and then when the scientists removed the ice pieces, then Scientists saw that the shape of spider that was created on Mars, the same Same Shape was also created in their lab.


How does spider shape form on Mars

Scientists have named this hypothesis as Kieffers hypothesis and scientists believe that this appearance on Mars can be easily resolved.

You should know that in the spring season, when the sun rays fall on the surface of Mars through the snow, then there is a sublimation process, due to this process the downward pressure decreases and the cracks form and the gas from these cracks Comes out and therefore a spider-like shape is created

By the way, this theory has been given importance for years, but there is no physical evidence of it.


Mars clouds

Eight pictures of Mars were captured with the navigation camera of the US agency NASA’s Rover Curiosity, in which clouds of Mars were seen moving like the clouds of the Earth.

And all these pictures were shared by a Scientist named Paul Broiner of North Carolina State University.

The atmosphere of Mars is much different and thinner than the Earth’s atmosphere, therefore there will be completely different clouds.

By the way, this weather of the red planet is very different from the earth, but it is to know know about Mars.


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