SpaceX All Civilian Mission: Elon Musk is going to send four ordinary citizens to space

All Civilian Mission SpaceX


SpaceX All civilian Inspiration Mission

This is happening for the first time when four common citizens will go in space by Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX and all four people of this crew have been named by SpaceX and their training has also started.

4 Layers of Space


Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, has now decided to send four ordinary citizens to space. The astronauts will be sent to space through the Inspiration4 mission and the names of all the astronauts have also been revealed by the SpaceX company.

The name of astronauts is Sian Proctor, Chris Sembroski, Hayley Arceneaux, and Jared Isaacman. All these astronauts will go in space through Dragon Spacecraft with the help of the Falcon 9 rocket of the SpaceX company.

Elon Musk plans to send these people to space by 15 September 2021. Till now, only trained astronauts have been taking the spacecraft to the Earth’s orbit.


They will be in space for three days

The spacecraft will be flown by the Kennedy Space Launch Center of USA. And It’s being told that these four members of the crew will remain at an altitude of about 335 miles in space for about 3 days. After that, all these astronauts will land on the coast of Florida.

Why sky is blue

Crew Members

Jared Isaacman, who joined this crew, is about 38 years old and is a billionaire. He is the founder of shift4 payments company,

He has so far flown 6 thousand hours of aircraft and military jets. However, he is going to fly a spacecraft for the first time. And he will be the commander of this mission.

Hayley Arceneaux is the only woman on the crew. and she’s 29 years old and has overcome cancer in childhood. Hayley is a doctor by profession.

Sian Proctor, who is in the crew, is a geologist and an expert in science communication. He has been chosen after an experiment organized by Isaac.

The fourth and final member of this crew is Chris Sembroski, who has retired from the US Air Force. Chris has been chosen from 72 thousand people. These four people are being trained by SpaceX.



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