What are Sodexo coupons? And Its Benefits

Sodexo coupons


Companies provide Sodexo Coupons to their employees, which gives them tax benefits, and there are some disadvantages too. 

But why do they do that? I have covered all the essential questions related to Sodexo Coupon. 

Sodexo coupons

What are Sodexo coupons?

Sodexo is a French food facility management service operating in more than fifty countries worldwide.

Sodexo provides book cards, training vouchers, mobility passes, and restaurant Coupons, but Sodexo mainly offers food-related coupon for other companies.

These other companies gave Sodexo Coupon to their employees. 

Sodexo Coupons are given to employees monthly or quarterly, and using Sodexo Coupons; employees can eat food in restaurants. 


Sodexo coupons benefits

Sodexo Coupons benefit individuals who make enough money and are eligible to pay taxes. 

Sodexo Coupons are also available in metal cards in digital form. Because it saves money plus it has more security features.


Sodexo coupons tax benefit

Nowadays, companies provide employees with complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and food during working hours. 

These coupons can only be used to eat foods and non-alcoholic beverages. But it does not exceed fifty rupees per meal.

You can only take Tea, Coffee, snacks, and cold drinks during working hours at the office.

Now, let’s understand the Sodexo coupons tax benefit.

Example 1: If you have to pay tax, and your employer is providing you two meals a day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

And the cost of a single male is 50 rupees, i.e. two meals, 100 rupees a day, and a total of 22 days working days in a month, i.e. 2200 rupees a month.

These 2200 will be tax-free.


Example 2:  If you spend 2000 rupees a month on food, then these 2000 rupees are not taxed. But if you want to take these 2000 rupees in your bank account, instead of 2000, you will only receive 1600, because 20% will be taxed.

Therefore, if the company is providing you with Sodexo meal Coupons, feel free to accept them. 

However, companies have both options; you can take a coupon or get credit in your bank account. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are mentioned below.



You get some tax benefits and do not pay the government. Although if you want, instead of this Coupon, you can credit that amount to your bank account.

Because there are some disadvantages of Sodexo Coupons, which are down below.


Why should you not use Sodexo coupons?

Some people find it hard to handle this Coupon.

If you have a Sodexo coupon, everyone will not accept it, while money can be taken anywhere. 

A Sodexo Coupon mainly covers meals, such as Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner, because Sodexo is a French company that works in the food field. 

When you have this Coupon, sometimes you can feel like spending it, while it won’t be necessary for that time.

All the coupons come with an expiry date; if you don’t use your Coupon before the expiry date, it will expire. In that case, you will have to return to the Sodexo company and get another coupon. 

Sometimes when you are even using your Coupon, you will still have to pay some extra money. However, it has happened to many people in the last few months.


Is Sodexo accepted in Dmart?

DMart is India’s leading retail store, offering customers a wide range of products in groceries, food and non-food items. It is one of the most popular shopping destinations and is visited by millions daily.

The main focus of DMart is on providing customers with quality products at reasonable prices.

As such, it only accepts certain customer payment methods, including cash, credit and debit cards.

One of the payment methods that DMart does not accept is Sodexo. Sodexo is a prepaid Card-based food service solution that provides customers with convenient access to various food and beverage products, from snacks to quick meals and from daily staples to luxury items.

Although DMart does not accept Sodexo, it offers its customers various other payment options, such as credit and debit cards, UPI, and even net banking and e-wallets. Depending on their choice and convenience, customers can pay for their purchases using any of these options. DMart also provides customers with an easy and secure way to pay online. So, customers can shop online and make payments through credit and debit cards or UPI, net banking, and e-wallets.

Apart from the convenient payment options, the other benefits of shopping at DMart include the wide range of products available and the excellent customer service. The store has a variety of products ranging from groceries, home appliances, electronics, and fashion and lifestyle products to books, magazines, and toys. In addition, DMart also provides free delivery of groceries as part of its services. With its wide range of products, there is something for everyone, and customers are sure to find what they want.

The customer service at DMart is also top-notch. Its staff is friendly, responsive, and always ready to help customers with queries or issues. And, even if an item is out of stock at the store, customers can inform the staff, and they will arrange it for them.

Thus, although DMart does not accept Sodexo for its payments, it provides customers with various other convenient payment options and excellent customer service. This ensures that customers have a positive experience when shopping at DMart, ensuring repeat visits and creating customer loyalty.


Where can I use Sodexo coupons?

You can use a Sodexo coupon in Sodexo merchants, such as MacDonald, Subway, Karachi Bakery, Costa Coffee, Domino’s, Pizza King, Zomato, and Swiggy.


Bigbasket accept Sodexo?

No, BigBasket does not accept Sodexo as a form of payment. Bigbasket only accepts debit or credit card payments, internet banking, mobile wallet, and UPI. Sodexo is a prepaid meal card and a gift card with limited use and acceptance.


Can I use Sodexo on Amazon?

Sodexo is a prepaid card system that many employers use to provide meal and entertainment allowances to their staff. The cards are accepted in hundreds of dining, leisure, entertainment and retail outlets worldwide. Unfortunately, Amazon is not one of them. Unfortunately, Sodexo cannot be used on Amazon.

Sodexo does not offer a traditional credit card, so Amazon does not accept it. It is only accepted at those merchants that accept Sodexo for payments. It cannot be used for online purchases, such as at Amazon. While Sodexo cards are available in Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, American Express and JCB cards, none of these cards are accepted on Amazon. All payments on Amazon have to be made with credit or debit cards.

While Sodexo cards cannot be used on Amazon, there are other ways to use them. The card can be used online with certain retailers that accept it, such as Argos, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Asda. The cards can also be used at in-store locations such as supermarkets, pharmacies and retail stores.

The value on the Sodexo card can also be used to purchase retail items online. This can be done at the retailer’s website, and the payment will be accepted without issues. However, the cards cannot be used for purchases via Amazon.

Sodexo does not offer direct discounts on Amazon either, as all transactions are done through the retailer’s website, not directly on Amazon. So, all in all, Sodexo cards cannot be used on Amazon, from purchasing items directly and using them for payment to receiving discounts on their items.


Sodexo coupons accepted in which shops

Sodexo coupons are accepted in food-related companies which have signed deals with Sodexo, such as Pizza King, Zomato, Swiggy, Burger king, Dunkin Donuts, Chai point, US Pizza, KFC, and Big Bazaar.


What is Sodexo metal card?

Sodexo metal cards are premium payment cards issued by Sodexo, one of the world’s leading providers of prepaid cards, meal vouchers, and more. Sodexo metal cards are ideal for those who want to manage their spending but still want the convenience of using plastic. These metal cards are durable and secure and built using a sophisticated metal exterior and state-of-the-art technology.

For starters, these metal cards come with a smart chip embedded in the card that provides top-notch security features, making them difficult to duplicate or clone. This chip works in combination with your Sodexo prepaid card account to help prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring. Also, almost all Sodexo metal cards come with a PIN, giving you added security and the ability to pay without revealing your financial details.

Additionally, Sodexo metal cards allow you to quickly and conveniently access money at any ATM in your bank or another city and make purchases at stores that accept these cards. This can be extremely helpful, especially when travelling, as you can use the same Sodexo metal card throughout your stay.

In addition to the convenience and security, Sodexo metal cards offer excellent rewards and cashback programs. These cards come with bonuses, discounts, and loyalty points that can be redeemed for products, services, and more.

Sodexo metal cards are growing in popularity due to their security, convenience, and rewards. They offer customers a reliable way to pay without worrying about carrying around bulky wallets or losing their bank cards. Furthermore, the cards can be personalized and used for all transactions, from everyday purchases to larger, more expensive items.

With numerous advantages and almost no downfalls, Sodexo metal cards are a great payment option for those who want convenience, security, and rewards.


Is Sodexo deducted from salary?

In some companies Yes, in some companies No. Many companies deduct some money from employees’ salaries, while few don’t.

For example, A company is giving 40,000 rupees to their employees but no food or meals.

And another company is giving 38,000 Rupees to their employees with meal Coupons worth 2000.

In both cases, companies pay the same amount; they have different strategies.



If you cannot take food or if you like food from outside of your home, then you can accept this Coupon; otherwise, it is also good to take this amount back into your bank account. 

However, this is my personal experience; You have your own choice. It’s Beneficial for some people, and for some, it is not. A Sodexo coupon give relief from tax.


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