Sn Dey, Is it enough for WBJEE?


In this article, I’ll tell you about Sn Dey mathematics books, and I will also cover some of your most important questions related to maths.

Sn dey

What is Sn dey

It’s a short form of Subhasish Dey, who was a hydraulician and educator. He’s famous for his research on hydrodynamics. Currently, he’s a professor at IIT Kanpur.

Let’s know some of the most critical questions regarding sn dey mathematics books.

How can I prepare for mathematics in WBJEE?

You can pick up any paper of WBJEE; you see atleast 2 to 3 questions from S.N.Dey.

One of the best ways to prepare for WBJEE would be to prepare any section by reading theory (Understand theory properly), practice lengthy problems, and then solve MCQs from the entrance corner of the book.

Remember that it’s necessary but not sufficient. So it would help if you also solved TMH or any other standard JEE Main book.

Remember a quote from a mathematics teacher who said. “If you really want to get into A, then you should aim 1.5A. Otherwise, you’ll never get into A easily.”


Is the SN DEY book enough for WBJEE math?

San dey book is not enough. SNDEY book is for wb boards. I know it sounds wired, but in my opinion, that will not be enough for wbjee.

Therefore, I suggest you practice more from books like Arihant, Cengage, Sk goyal and a few more.

Remember that, WBJEE mathematics section is more challenging than physics and chemistry, so you should practice from these (Arihant, Cengage) advanced books along with SN DEY.


What is the best mathematics book for WBJEE 2021?

Sn dey by Chhaya Prakashani is an excellent book to start with Basic.

Algebra For JEE Main and Advanced is my second choice, written by Vinay Kumar (2 volumes) TMH Publications.

My third choice is S K Goyal’s book and maintaining a diary or copy of formulae. Because in WBJEE, you will have to remember a lot of formulae.

Trigonometry from Rudiments of Mathematics and Amit M Agarwal.

Is one year preparation enough for WBJEE?

In my opinion, one year preparation should be enough, especially for those students who have already completed the plus two syllabus.

Having daily routines and sincere efforts during the period concerned matters a lot.

Any IIT jee practice book should suffice. However, in WBJEE, the maths section is quite challenging and trickier. So don’t forget to pay attention to that.

Before a month, you start solving the previous year’s question papers because many concepts are repeated.

If you’re doing continuous practice and solving previous question papers so you might get an advantage.



I shared some information about Sn dey; if you have more suggestions for students preparing for WBJEE. Please let me know in the comments section; however, you can also give some tips to the students.



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