What is SMZeus? Is it real or fake


SMZeus is a website that gives services to you, that you can buy subscriptions, views, etc., from there. But, shortcomings have been reported in its work. To know all available information about SMZeus, read our article.

Nowadays, most people are working on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, which are their sources of income. So, to gain more money, they try many ways to promote accounts and channels. One of these ways is purchasing subscriptions, views, likes, followers, etc.

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What is SMZeus?

SMZeus company provided you with a social platform/application for social media marketing, advertising, and promotion. People can use SMZeus services to grow their YouTube channels, Instagram pages, and other platforms at an affordable price.

SMZeu’s official site has been written that “social media is the most powerful tool for growing your business.

With over 3 billion users and growing, reaching your target audience has never been so easy. Want to outrank your competition, make thousands of new fans or help your videos go viral? Well, you have come to the right place!”

According to SMZeus.com, this company has more than 100000 active users, over 500 services, and around eight years of work experience.

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SMZeus real or fake?

We did internet research and asked for people’s experience with SMZeus and found that most people are not satisfied with its services. Moreover, using services such as SMZeus to promote social platforms by buying fake subscriptions, likes, followers, etc., is against with platform’s terms of use.

People declared that, while they were working on their YouTube channel or Instagram page, they received a fake comment that encouraged them to use SMZeus. These comment’s text was like, “You deserve more views and try SMZeus” or “Nice channel! Watch SMZeus grow your channel!”

These comments sent with the pinned link of SMZeus are not from real users, but bots were who send them. This kind of spammy automation on YouTube or Instagram violates their terms of use, and it can end with banning your account.

People saw so many comments from SMZeus in the comments chart on YouTube or Instagram and asked whether SMZeus was real or fake?

In the login process of SMZeus, it will ask for your account’s private information such as password and login email. Most people believe that a website like SMZeus, which asks for your account details that shouldn’t be shared anywhere, is most likely fraudulent and unrealistic.

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Furthermore, some users claimed that After depositing money to receive the view in their YouTube channel videos, not only they didn’t receive the specified amount of view, but their view remained constant in a small number and did not increase. 

They got in contact with the support team of SMZeus, but they didn’t receive any answers or explanations.

In addition, you should know that it is not safe to get subscriptions, views, and likes on platforms, especially YouTube. It is completely against with platform’s terms of use.

Purchasing fake views by the platforms like SMZeus strictly harms your account and safety. These fake views screw with YouTube’s workings, and they won’t suggest your videos to people. Moreover, they will delete advertising from your videos, and it will ruin all hard works.

If you ask any expert person, they will suggest ways other than purchasing views, likes, subscriptions, followers, etc. It is risky and illegal with social platforms. Consequently, do hard work and follow up on special strategies to boost your activities on social media.