Small Durood Sharif, Every Muslim Must Read It


In my opinion, every Muslim should memorize the durood Sharif. But there are many long lengths that are pretty hard to learn, especially for ordinary Muslims. 

That’s why I will share some small durood sharif so that you can memorize it quickly.

Here is the most reciting and authentic shortest or small durood sharif.


Small Durood Sharif

Durood e Ibrahim

Allah-humma salli, ala muhammadin, Wa Ala aali Muhammad.

Kma sallayta, ala Ibrahima, wa’ala aali aali Ibrahima, Innaka himidum Majeed.

Allah-humma barik, ala muhammadin, wa-ala aali muhammadin, 

kma barakta ala Ibrahima, wa-ala aali Ibrahima, Innaka himidum Majeed

Meaning: O God, Bestow your favor upon prophet Muhammad and his family. As you bestowed your favor upon prophet Abraham and his family.

O God, Bless prophet Muhammad and his family as you blessed Abraham and his family.


What is small durood sharif meaning?

The word “Durood” or “Drood” comes from the Persian language, Iran’s most spoken language.

The word “Sharif” stands for honor or elevated.

So when you combine “Durood” and “Sharif” together, it becomes praise and honor to the last messenger of God, i.e., Prophet Muhammad, with love and compassion. 

By Reciting Durood Sharif, Muslims send blessings on Prophet Muhammad and his family as God blessed the family of Abraham.


Why do Muslims recite durood sharif even prophet Muhammad the most lovable prophet of God?

Muslims pray to only one God just like their holy prophets Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Moses, Abraham, and Noah. 

Durood is just a prayer that Muslims recite for their lovable prophet and his family. They’re not sure how the prophet Muhammad’s family will be, but they’re in love with them.

Once, a Companion of Prophet Muhammad asked him, “will you go to heaven* he replied, “Only God knows.”


Can I recite durood without Wudhu?

In my opinion, yes, you can recite durood without Wudhu because it’s not the Verse from the holy Quran. Still, it would be best if you recited it when you’re at a usual place, like not in toilets, etc.


Why is the prophet Muhammad is the greatest prophet? 

Well, it’s a question that people primarily ask. Its answer is simple I have seen many Muslims who loves too much to prophet Muhammad, but they also love other prophets such as Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Adam, and many other; only 25 are mentioned in Quran.

I have not seen a single Muslim disrespecting any of their prophets. In my opinion, Muslims don’t compare their prophets with their another prophet. 

For example, A Muslim will not compare Muhammad with Jesus, Moses with Muhammad, or Moses with Jesus; they love them equally.  

One more thing that I noticed is that whenever Muslims recite their prophet names, they ads “Peace be upon him.” 

I have seen many Christian people making fun of Prophet Muhammad, but I haven’t seen Muslims making fun of Jesus because they also love him. I don’t think so there is any Comparison between Muslim prophets.



I shared a very small durood sharif in English and some more critical questions regarding this topic; I hope you liked it. If you have any questions about durood sharif, please let me know in the comment section; I will answer you.



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