InformationalSkinny Pitbull, How you can transform him?

Skinny Pitbull, How you can transform him?

Skinny Pitbull


Do you have a skinny Pitbull? Many people ask me a question that is “Why my Pitbull is so skinny”. Read this article till the end to know facts and information about Pitbull. 


Why my Pitbull is skinny?

Although it’s normal because every puppy has a lanky skinny, and awkward phase in his life, no matter whether it’s Pitbull, German Shepherd, or a Dogo Argentino.

In my opinion, if your Pitbull is eating correctly and he is not sick but skinny, so there should not be any problem; he’s skinny because of his genetics. 

If he has a problem like he’s not eating correctly or he’s sick, so in that case, he might get more skinny if he’s a fully grown dog.

Suppose he’s a puppy, so he might face problems while growing. That’s why I would highly recommend taking your dog to the doctor/veterinarian.


How to transform a skinny Pitbull into a muscular one?

Most Importantly, you have to visit a veterinarian to ensure that your Pitbull has not no serious underlying health condition.

Although many American pitbull terriers are lean and agile dogs, so they’re supposed to be skinny but fit like Doberman. 

Dogs that are genetically skinny or small can be bulked up by adding more calories to their regular diet.

A genetically small or Skinny Pitbull can be bulked by adding high calories foods to his diet. 

If your Pitbull is young, provide him/her with a good diet and daily exercise.


The best diet for a skinny Pitbull

Nutritional Food: For a muscular body, you have to provide a highly nutritious and quality diet to your Pitbull because it determines his physical appearance.

While purchasing any dog food, you should check the amount of fat, proteins, and vitamins. High protein food is suitable for an unhealthy Pitbull.

Ingredients like chicken, lamb meat, egg, Solomon, pork meat, and pumpkin are suitable for skinny dogs or puppies.


Food Quantity: Increasing the food’s quantity is an excellent option to make your dog muscular. If you’re giving a meal to the dog twice a day, then start giving him three or four meals a day.

Suppose you’re already providing him three meals in a day so you can increase the number of foods. 


Health Supplements: Dogs grow up much faster than humans; that’s why it’s essential to take care of their health. 

Like a growing human child, it’s important to provide vitamins and nutrients to your skinny dog. 

All vitamins and nutrients are not available in foods; therefore, you can buy some healthy supplements to boost the calories, vitamins and protein intake.


Eggs: It’s an excellent source of protein and healthy fat; that’s why provide at least two whole eggs to your skinny Pitbull every day.


Chicken: Chicken is the best food for non-vegetarian and especially for a bodybuilder because it contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins B6. 

Therefore, if you want to increase your Pitbull weight, you must include chicken in his diet.

Although a dog can eat raw chicken as he’s a non-vegetarian animal, it would be good to cook that chicken and provide him with a bit of salt.


Calcium: It’s an essential element for bones and teeth. If you want to gain your dog’s weight, provide him foods rich in calcium.

Dogs with solid bones will look muscular, especially if you have a Pitbull’s puppy and you are providing him calcium-rich food, so he will definitely look muscular.


Vitamins: For the growth of your Pitbull. You need to provide him with all types of Vitamin that will his mental and physical strength.

It’s crucial that your Pitbull is getting enough vitamin A, vitamin b, Vitamin C, and Vitamin d. You can make some green vegetables with chicken and provide him.


Carbohydrates: The main work of carbohydrates is to provide energy to the dog. If you increase the amount of carbohydrate-rich foods, your dog will have automatically become muscular.



Whether it’s a dog or a human, only carbohydrate and protein-rich food will not make him muscular; it will only increase his weight; if you want to make your Pitbull muscular, then it’s essential to exercise him.

For exercise, you can take him for a walk or play with him with a ball; by doing this, his energy will also be utilized, and he will not become aggressive.

Swimming is also a good exercise for a dog that will help your Pitbull to look more muscular and energetic.

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