120 Best Side Hustles For Single Moms In 2024

Side Hustles For Single Moms

Are you looking for a side hustle for a single mom? As a single mom, you must face many challenges, such as child responsibilities, Financial problems, self-care, affordable healthcare, a kid’s education, etc.

Worry not. In this article, I will share the best side Hustle for single moms who can make more than $100k yearly. That’s true.

The best thing about the article is that you do not need a lot of income or huge capital to start a business. You might require a little income for such a business as blogging, photography, YouTube channel, etc. 

Now whether you are looking to make your kid’s future bright, saving money for the future, or side hustling for single moms, what I have mentioned will improve your life.

So let’s know how a single mom can make extra money from home without investing a lot of money or giving up their current job. 


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Side Hustles For Single Moms


The article contains full-time jobs, part-time jobs, side hustles, passive income and business ideas for moms and single moms. 

I have also mentioned platforms where you can get those jobs; many jobs do not have a specific platform for a specific location. Therefore you have to search on Google for any job, like “Babysitter jobs near me,” and then the list will appear on Google, and you can contact them. 

Besides this, I have also mentioned platforms. For example, you are a writer, so I have mentioned freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. So read this article completely to get more ideas. 


Table of this Article

Why Should You Start A Side Hustle As A Single Mom?

A side hustle can improve your life by providing you with financial support. Besides this, many jobs I have mentioned can replace your full-time job and provide extra money in your spare time. 

Here are some reasons why you should start a side Hustle as a single mom:

Kid’s Future: To raise our kids, we need money to pay for their expenses, such as toys if they are too young, and school and College fees when they grow up. Therefore if you don’t want your kid to face what you are facing today, you should start a side hustle as a single mom.

Clothes: Till the age of 18, the human body made a lot of changes such as increasing height, weight, etc. In that case, we have to provide clothes to our kids, although there are many places to get free clothes online and offline. However, It is better to have enough money so that you can provide new clothes for the baby.

Retirement: if you are working a 9 to 5 regular job but don’t want to work, you must start a side hustle to generate extra income and invest it in the stock market, real estate or anywhere profitable assets.

College: After completing school, your kid may want to attend college to get a higher degree and start his career. And we know very well that colleges and universities are expensive. Especially if your son or daughter is trying to leave home to study further, you may have to pay for their room, college, college fees, food items, etc. Therefore, starting a side hustle as a single mom and collecting money for their future will be beneficial.

Emergency Fund: As a single mother, you must have enough money to care for yourself and your children in a serious situation as you do not have a partner. Working as a single mother can bring you extra money to keep in your bank account or invest in the stock market or other assets.

More money, more fun: Working hard and caring for her little one as a struggling single mother can cause stress. It can make you feel like you are always working and not giving enough time to yourself. In that situation, if you are doing a side hustle, you can save money for a trip and go with your little one.


1. Become a Writer

Becoming a writer can be a highly beneficial job for single moms that you can do in your flexible time from home, office, or anywhere else. 

It is very easy to become a freelance writer because you do not need a College degree or any other kind of fancy degree to become a writer. You need writing skills and a good grip on English and its grammar. 

Even if you are not experienced, you do not know how to write content because you have never done it before. I recommend learning content writing from YouTube or joining any paid course. 

However, you already know how to write articles on any topic. In that case, you can start your writing career at WritersWork or FlexJobs. However, many other platforms allow you to write content on their platform, which I have mentioned in this article. 


2. Proofreading 

As we are looking for the best side hustle for single moms and a way to earn extra income as a part-timer, proofreading can be one of the best jobs for you. 

Proofreading is one of the most demanding jobs worldwide. People are looking for someone who can check their content, like books, articles, blogs, etc. If you find any spelling or grammatical error, then you have to fix that mistake. 

And the best thing about becoming a proofreader is that you do not need a College degree or specific location, plus you do not have to sit in front of a computer all day. Because you can find errors using your mobile phone or tablet in the given content. 

However, you must remember that as a proofreader, you are responsible for editing content and making it flawless. Therefore, you should have a good grip on grammar.

Now let’s talk about how much you can earn as a single mom after becoming a proofreader. Well, many people are making up to $2000 a month. 

The most important thing is how you find errors and fix them. Clients satisfied with your work would also like to hire you for future projects. So if you are interested in finding errors, you can become a proofreader and do not need investment. 


3. Bookkeeper 

Suppose you are sharp-minded and good with numbers. In that case, a bookkeeper can be the best job for a single mom because thousands of businesses are looking for someone to manage marriage day financial transactions and other records. 

As a bookkeeper, you can usefully make $22 to $50 per hour, depending on your task. The best thing about a bookkeeper job is that you are not required to have a college degree, and sometimes you might be asked for that. However, if you can do your job properly, the client won’t mind if you have a degree or not.

So if you do not have a degree, you must have some basic bookkeeping knowledge, like creating balance sheets, managing income, maintaining cash, creating a budget, providing detailed invoices, etc. You can learn it from a YouTube channel if you do not know about that. There are many video uploads on bookkeeping. 

Do this job if you are familiar with numbers because a small error can make everything worse as you would be managing too many things like balance sheets, financial records, etc. 


4. Swagbucks

Using Swagbucks, you can make money by answering simple questions in paid surveys. And the best part is you do not need a specific location. You can do it in your living room, sitting on a sofa. Besides this, Swagbucks allows you to shop, get cashback, and earn money by watching videos, completing surveys, playing games and online activities.

Being a single mother, you would not have much time to play video games, but at least you can answer surveys for money. Besides this, sometimes you would like to watch videos, so you should watch some videos on Swagbucks because you will get money there.

However, Swagbucks will not make you super rich by giving you a lot of money in a survey. But by doing simple activities, you can make $5 to $10 a day, which can help you in daily life, such as groceries shopping, etc. 

You can withdraw your amount into your PayPal or Payoneer account or get an Amazon gift voucher; a few more options are available there.

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5. Sell Arts 

In the United States and worldwide, selling crafts online is in trend. Besides this, crafts are among the most legitimate jobs for single moms. 

Therefore, If you are interested in crafts, it can be the best side hustle for you as a single mom. Some of the most famous platforms for selling crafts online are Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Facebook, etc. I recommend using Etsy as it’s more famous for crafts than Facebook, or you can try both platforms.

As a single mom, if you want to start a career, you must have some art and craft skills, if you do not, then learn it from YouTube. Besides this, you must have a laptop, computer or tablet where you will design art that will be printed on Mugs, T-shirts, Shoes, etc. 

Selling arts and crafts online can be a good side hustle for a single mom and the best source of passive side income


6. Blogging

What is your passion? Yoga, discussing health and fitness, Politics, history, geography, Gardening or Cooking and trying different recipes every day? Well!! Whatever it is, you can create a blog and write about your passion.

Blogging is one of the best ways to generate extra income for single moms. You can also create a YouTube channel, but it requires a camera and good communication skills.

However, blogging is different from youtube because you do not need a big camera setup. You only need hosting and a domain to start your journey, which won’t even cost $200 a year. Many people are generating more than $10000 a month from their blogs. 

Moreover, you will never get rich overnight. You have to give at least 6 months to one year, and meanwhile, you have to be consistent and keep writing creative blogs every day if you want to have passive income as a single mom.

You can learn content writing skills from YouTube; many people teach you how to write an article. 


7. Earn Cashback 

We all do shopping, whether grocery or clothes or other fashionable items. So how would it be if you got some cashback when shopping? Of course, it will be good. 

Therefore you should start using a cashback app so that whenever you go shopping, you will get a little cash back or gift card, which you can use for more shopping and save money or withdraw into your PayPal account. 

Some of the most famous applications you can use for cashback and save money are Rakuten, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Upside, MyPoints, TopCashback or Ibotta. 

I recommend you use Ibotta the most. Besides this, you can also use Swagbucks, not only for shopping, but also you will get paid surveys and can easily make $5 to $10 a day.

Using multiple cashback apps can be highly beneficial for you because you will get different offers on different applications, so whichever you find beneficial, you can use that. I have already mentioned a few cashback apps.


8. Virtual Assistant 

Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the best jobs and side hustles for single moms because virtual assistants are always in demand. On average virtual assistants can make up to $20 per hour, so if you become a virtual assistant, you can easily make up to $40000 yearly. 

Thousands of small and large businesses are always looking for more affordable virtual assistants who can complete tasks very well. 

However, as I said, you can make $20 per hour, but another best thing about virtual assistants is that if you are productive, you can make more money than $20. 

I have seen many people making more than $10000 monthly, a passive income for single moms. And you can invest that money in a stock market mutual fund for the future.

Now let’s discuss as a virtual assistant what you have to do. Well!! As a virtual assistant, you have to handle someone’s business virtually. For example, it can be handling someone’s social media account like an Instagram account, Pinterest account or Facebook page, etc.

You can offer some services if you know about digital marketing, you can offer, and if you do not know, you can learn through YouTube. 


9. Flea Market 

Have you ever heard of flea markets? If not, then I will explain it to you. However, if you buy products cheaply and sell them for profit, isn’t it an awesome side gig for a single mom? In my opinion, it is.. because many people do that, they buy products at a low price and sell them for a higher price. For example, some people sell used shoes online after buying them elsewhere at a lower price.

Also, you do not have to always bye items and then save them. Many people like to give their items for free, which you can find on Craigslist. But often, they will not deliver items to your home, especially if they are free. In that case, you have to go there and pick that free item and sell it to someone else. 

Besides free items, many items are available at lower prices, like appliances you can buy cheaply and then sell online.

Now let’s discuss what items are best for sleeping for a profit. In my opinion selling used appliances, shoes, clothes are better, as they are more in demand. Always look for those items which are gently used; they should not be too old.

Some people make six figures in income yearly by flipping items of cash. It might be hard for a single mom, especially if you are already doing a job. However, you can give it a try. 


10. Transcription 

Being a single mom, you have a lot of work to do; therefore, the best job for a single mom can be a job you can do from home in your comfort zone. 

Therefore I am suggesting you find a transcriber job where you only need to have good listening and typing skills which you can gain. 

Let me give you an example: nowadays, people do podcasts on YouTube. In that case, they are looking for someone who can write down subtitles, so you have to listen to their podcast and their words exactly as they’re saying. 

Isn’t it amazing? It is similar to writing articles, but as a writer, you must research a lot, while as a transcriptionist, you must listen to someone and their words.

To become a transcriber, it is better to have fast typing skills if you do not have them learn it from YouTube. People with good typing are usually making $20k to 60k per year without leaving their job. 

But suppose you have good typing skills, auditory processing skills, etc. In that case, You can make more money than usual people. People paid hourly make, even more, $15 – $22 per hour. 

Therefore, being a single mom, you can easily write text by watching a video or listening to audio. These jobs are available on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, people per hour, etc.


11. Social Media Manager 

Celebrities, Businesses and many other influencers are too busy to keep their social media accounts active as they have more work. Therefore, becoming a social media manager can be the single mom’s best side hustle or source of passive income.

If you handle someone’s social media account every day, they will pay you monthly or weekly after fixing the price with you. But if someone asks you to work and pay hourly, you could easily make up to $30 – $40 per hour.

As a social media manager, you must help a business or celebrity grow. You have to create posts, interesting videos, reels, or content that can attract people or existing people.

Let me give an example if you are handling a business Instagram account related to Faison, in that case. You have to create a knowledgeable post for those interested in business. You could talk about fashion, dressing sense, etc. There are many different types of accounts, and everyone has different requirements.


12. Play Games

Well, I know very well that as a single mom, you won’t like to play games as you have a lot of other work to do. I am not saying you should ignore your kids or give up your work. 

I recommend you play video games with your kid instead of scrolling on social media, watching Netflix, YouTube, etc. Little older, you can give your phone to him to play games for some time. It can not give you a passive income but still can give you a few dollars every day.

Some of the best places to play games for money are Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Rewarded Play, MyPoints, Drop, Swagbucks Live, Twitch, etc. Not only games. These websites also allow you to watch videos to earn money. 

Once you have a certain amount of dollars, like on Swagbucks, you must have at least $15 to withdraw the amount into your PayPal account. Apart from this, you can also get gift cards, etc.


13. Graphic Designing 

Graphic designing is one of the easiest jobs to learn. Therefore if you do not know graphic design, you can learn it from YouTube or other websites and make money. 

Many people join University to study graphic design. Still, I have also seen people who learn it from the internet, making more than $50 to $100 daily. 

I have seen graphic designers deliver projects within 2 hours, so it does not take long. And being a single mother already, you would not have enough time to take care of your baby, cook, have a regular job, etc. Therefore, you should study graphic design.

As a graphic designer, you must design logos, art for t-shirts and other wearable accessories, posters, banners, book covers, etc.

Suppose you have learned graphic design. Now let’s talk about how you will find a job. Well! Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, UpWork, People Per Hour, and Freelancers are the best places.

One of my friends worked for a graphic designing company and was paid about 5 dollars. On the other hand, when he started as a freelancer, he made 30 dollars a day.

However, I am not saying you should only work as a freelancer. You can also do this job on Virtual Vocations and We Work Remotely; they are the same as other freelancing websites.


14. Talk To Lonely People 

How would it be to earn money by talking to people? Amazing. Some websites, like McMoney, LiveWorld, and Premium Chat, allow you to talk with people and get money in return. 

Websites like Premium Chat are not for flirting, etc. They’re genuine, and people who want someone to talk are genuine, too. You can set your price and time limits. Influencers, Health coaches, business advisers, life coaches, wellness gurus, online tutors, and others are people giving services.

If you are interested in talking with strangers, this can be a good side hustle for you as a single mother. Firstly you are talking to someone who is lonely or going through a serious problem, and second, you are being paid for that.


15. Online Tutoring 

Online Tutoring is one of the best for single mothers. You can earn an average of $50 to $20 per hour. And the best thing about these is that you do not need a specific time as you can set your own. Besides this, no age limit or kind of student who will come to you.

I have seen many parents complaining that their kids are not good at mathematics; therefore, they are looking for a tutor. Therefore if you are good at any subject, you can start teaching other kids. Besides this, you can also get certification to increase your credentials which will help you to get a job.

I am not saying that you must be a mathematician or a science teacher to explain the subject to others. Even if you know a language, let’s say English, then you can teach English to others. There are many people worldwide who want to learn English. 

Suppose you belong to a native English-speaking country like the United States, United Kingdom etc. In that case. You will get more money than those who are not native speakers, but it is better to have a certificate or degree. 

Therefore Tutoring is one of the best side hustles for moms without experience. I mean, you are not required to have a degree. Still, if you have a degree, you have chances that you will make more money than people with no degree and with time, you will also get experience. Initially, You only need a laptop with a good internet connection.

Some of the best websites and applications to teach English are Preply, Italki, Cambly, SkimaTalk, etc. 


16. Pinterest VA

Pinterest is the largest image search engine. Millions of pictures are already uploaded there. Therefore, becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant can be the best side income source for a single mom. 

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you have to create amazing photos that will be uploaded on Pinterest. Clients will provide you with a list of topics you must cover. The more creative you are, the more money you will make as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Let me give an example of what photos you may have to create. Let’s say that you are working for a health-related client, so they may ask you to cover a topic: weight loss. In that case, you have to make a picture that includes some points related to weight loss, like, Exercise Regularly, eating calories deficient, etc.

Now the questions come up: if you have a voice like a celebrity, how will you make money from it? Well! Many people use voice-over talent for their YouTube videos and social media clips, and they are ready to pay a high amount. Besides this, You can also get work in animation series if you have a really good voice.

Voice-over sometimes gets paid per minute, like $1 a minute, on average, $30 an hour; however, if you can talk like a big celebrity, you can make more money than this by setting your price.

Some of the most famous websites for voice artists are Voices, BunnyStudio, Voice Crafters, Filmless, etc.


17. English and Maths Teacher

English is a global Language; therefore, many non-native speakers are looking for someone who is native and can teach English to them. For that, they are ready to pay.

On the other hand, mathematics is one of the hardest subjects to study, so people are looking for a teacher who can teach maths easily. Therefore, teaching is one of the best side hustles for moms, where you can earn more than $20 per hour.

You must have a great knowledge of a subject, whether English or mathematics because you will have to clear someone’s doubts and help them understand their subjects’ concepts. One of the best platforms to teach English and mathematics is BookNook.

You can also find jobs on Fiverr, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can create and sell your course on different platforms like courses, udemy, etc.


18. Sell Unwanted Stuff

Single mom, I am sure that you will have a kid; therefore, you will have many toys and items that are not being used. Besides this, there will be toys, games, clothes and many other items.

So if you have all the items, you must share them for extra cash on Facebook marketplace, eBay, Nextdoor, etc. Especially if your kids used to play with Pokemon cards, then you can sell Pokemon cards at a higher price because they are in demand. Another best site for selling unwanted items is Decluttr.

Decluttr is specially designed to sell unwanted stuff, like selling used appliances, clothes, and various other items. Besides this, they will send a box to your doorstep if you want to sell something through this quad phone.


19. Sell Online Course

Do you know a particular thing? If yes, selling courses can be an easy side hustle for a single mom. You can still learn from YouTube even if you are not an expert in anything. For example, you can learn cooking, make a premium course, and sell it on courses selling platforms such as Courses, Teachable, Udemy, etc.

All course platforms, such as Teachable, courses, and udemy, work similarly. But they will take a commission from you, and you will make money from students who would like to learn something from your course.


20. Become a Short stories seller.

If you are interested in writing or have a good imagination, you can think like a professional author. Then you can also become a professional story writer or Start writing short stories and sell them on platforms like Amazon Kindle.

Besides this, you can also create your ebook. Thousands of ebooks are available on Amazon Kindle, so it is a great opportunity for a single mom who wants to make extra money in her spare time.


21. YouTube Channel

If you have a mobile phone, you must have installed YouTube, which you use to watch videos. So why don’t you start creating videos on YouTube and earn money from this?

YouTube is the largest search engine for video; therefore, you can start a youtube channel, create videos on a specific topic, and monetize your channel through Google AdSense or sponsorship.

If you make high-quality videos, your channel will grow quickly, and within 1-2 yes, you will start making money.

And most importantly, YouTube can make you retire because thousands of people have become millionaires from YouTube.

The biggest example that we have is Mr beast. He is also an American but very famous out of America because of YouTube.

Some people only show their daily life, and still, they make thousands of dollars monthly, so you can see they want to watch anything in their free time. So why should I not suggest you also start a YouTube channel and make money?

You can make videos on cooking, Fashion, Reviews, Book summaries, Educational channels, movie reviews, Travel, health, lifestyle, history, Dance, etc. The Internet is full of opportunities; you only have to grab it.


22. Data Entry

Data Entry can be a good side hustle if you can type fast and accurately. Being a Single mom, you will not have enough time, so the good thing is that you do not need much time for data entry.

You have to learn how to write fast. BesidesBesides, you can also learn how to use Microsoft Office because it can make your work easy.

The client will provide you with a datasheet or any other document you have worked on. For example, the client will give you a document to enter into a new spreadsheet and add data.

Can you guess why most freelancers try to do data entry at the beginning of their freelancing journey? It is because data entry is very easy to do. Anyone can learn it very quickly. And you are not required to have a fancy college degree.

Therefore, start a data entry job on Fiverr or any other freelancing platform and start making money from your home in your spare time. However, I have also written an article you can read about how you can work on Fiverr without skills and experience.


23. Rent out Room

It is one of the easy side hustle ideas for a single mom with one or two children. If you have any extra room, then you can add your room on Airbnb to make some extra cash for free.

Airbnb is a platform where individuals can rent out their extra rooms, and nowadays, most tourists prefer Airbnb rooms because they are more affordable. Besides, you will get to meet many new people traveling for work, like business meetings or vaccination.

Getting even 4 to 5 clients a month will be enough to pay your groceries cost, help you pay debts, or save money for the future.


24. Blog Flipping

Have you ever heard of the blog flipping? Maybe not, so let’s know what it is. Some people create a blog on any specific topic and sell it at a higher price once they start getting some traffic on their blog.

And you do not need a lot of money to start this business. If you want to do this, you must buy a domain name similar to the blog you create. For example, if you want to create a cooking blog, your domain name should be CookingMaster.com, ProChef.com, etc. You will also need hosting and some plugins. Overall, this will cost you less than $200

If you add a premium theme and your blog also contains affiliate opportunities. You can sell it at a very high price. One of the best websites to sell blogs is Flippa. I have seen blogs and applications sold for more than a million dollars on this website. So you can get an idea of how profitable a blog-flipping Business can be.


25. Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money by recommending products you already use and love to others – then getting paid a commission for your work.

We know and also discuss that Pinterest is the largest picture search engine. More than a billion pictures are available on Pinterest. So if you cannot create a blog or a YouTube channel to promote a product, you can do that with Pinterest.

Unlike blogs and YouTube, you cannot attract many people to click on your affiliate link. But you can still make a few hundred dollars a month If You can attract audio through your pictures.

Though I recommend, you start a blog or a YouTube if you are uninterested. Still, you can do affiliate marketing through Pinterest or any other social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. They are also similar, but if you start with all these three platforms simultaneously. You might get a lot of traffic soon and make your first income through social media.

You have to add pictures and write something and add your affiliate link.


26. Rent out baby supplies.

Being a mother, you probably have a lot of baby supplies. Since babies grow so quickly, you likely have a lot of baby supplies that your child has outgrown. You may as well rent an object you already have and probably don’t need, especially if you live in a touristy place or big city.

You have a baby. You must have his clothes and many other toys and supplies. Within a few years, the baby grows too quickly; therefore, he will not need those toys and supplies anymore. So how would it be to rent out your baby’s supplies on babyQuip? This is one of the most reliable websites to list your baby’s supplies when you no longer need them.

The most famous items sold on this website are chairs, toys, car seats, etc.


27. Become an App Tester

Becoming an app tester or a website tester can be the best side hustle idea for a single mom that you can do from your home.

Being an app or website tester, you must test a website and find bugs. For example, if you are testing a website, you have to make sure that website is working fast, or if there are any errors, etc. It is the same with applications. Commonly app testers are paid more than $10 per test. There are no working hours as it is one of the side hustle ideas.


28. Rent out Extra Storage Space

If you do not have an extra room but have a garage, then it can be an easy way to make money by giving that area to your neighbors. I have even seen people having a garage, but one car and some areas are still empty, so in that case, you can give that area on rent.

One of the best platforms to rent out extra space, like the garage, is Neighbor. It will provide you with people looking for extra space to park their vehicles. Not only vehicles, but you can also rent out an overstock inventory, etc.


29. Rent Your Car

Above, we have discussed how you can rent out your kid’s supplies or extra room space for cash. But what will you do if you do not have an extra room or a garage to rent out? So another easy side hustle idea for single women is to rent out your car.

For example, If you have an extra vehicle like a car, truck, or any other but a bigger one. Even if not extra, if you are not using it, then you can give it on rent.

However, one of the best websites to share your car or any other vehicle is Turo. They would also pray for gas, give you payment, and maintain your car.

Renting out your car is also the best way to earn money for a single mom because you do not need to work. And secondly, your vehicle will be in use. If you do not use it, it will only get dirty. If you want to keep your vehicle in working condition and get money, then rent it out.


30. Sell Photographs

Most people like photography, and some consider it a hobby. Even If you don’t like yourself still, you can do photography for money, as it is one easy side hustle for single moms.

You will only need a professional camera to capture high-quality images. Although the iPhone camera is still good, professional cameras are better as they are designed for photography.

Besides having a professional Camera, you must learn some photography tips. You may have to capture images in low light and sometimes in high. Sometimes you may have increased the shutter speed and sometimes decreased it.

After learning photography tips, you can buy a professional camera and capture pictures. You can capture people, buildings, monuments, festivals being celebrated, and various other moments.

After that, You have to create an account to sell photos. Some of the most famous websites are Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, SmugMug, and many more.

Suppose you upload the same photo on different platforms that won’t be called an exclusive photo. If you upload one photo on one platform, you will get more money because it will be called an exclusive photo.

Remember that most photos selling websites will take some commission whenever someone buys a photo you have captured. For a single mother, photography is a fun way to make money.


31. Before and after-school care

Single mothers would be already experienced with kids; therefore, Before and after-school care can be an easy side hustle for a single mom.

Many parents want someone to care for their children after and before the School.

Now let’s know what you must do in this, well! You have to provide breakfast and afternoon snacks and help the children with homework, etc., even though it can be a full-time job if you want to do it.


32. Dog Walker

We all love cats and dogs, so how would it be if you took care of a dog and got money in return? Isn’t it one of the best sides to hustle for you as a single mom?

Some people look for someone who can take care of their dog when they go out for vacation.

And some people are so busy that they do not have much time to take their dogs out of home for daily activities. In that case, they will need someone to do that. So if you love dogs and can take them out of home, you can find this job.

To find a dog Walker job, search “dogs Walker job near me” and then them on Google. You can make $14 to $23 per hour as a dog walker.


33. Babysitter

As a single mother, you would already have experience with kids, which means it will be easier to find a babysitter job near you.

As a babysitter, you are responsible for taking care of someone’s baby when the parents are out of the home. Besides this, you’ll have to provide food and engage in daily activities with the child.

As a babysitter, you can earn up to $15 per hour. One of the best ways to find a babysitter job is by searching on Google or creating a profile on LinkedIn. Some parents have multiple kids. In that case, you can make more than $15 per hour because you will care for more than one kid.


34. Internet Scoping

Have you ever heard of Internet Scoping? And how much can you make from it by working from home? As an Internet Scopist, you must edit court reporter transcripts after the transcriptionist is finished.

Internet scoping is one of the easy ways to earn extra money from your home. You can make anywhere from $1 to $1.25 per page, earning $2000 to $6000 monthly. Therefore, I consider it one of the best jobs for a single mom to make additional income from the comfort of their own home.


35. Print and sell stuff

Do you like art and craft? If so, you can start designing items and selling them. This is an easy way to make money from home, and the best thing is that it doesn’t require a college degree.

Even if you don’t know design, you can learn it from YouTube. Besides, you’ll need a tablet to design items like T-shirts and mugs. Some popular websites that allow you to sell your designs are Etsy, Printful, RedBubble, CafePress, Teepublic, etc.


36. Start a podcast

Suppose you are a woman who likes to talk a lot and loves gossip, etc. Then I will suggest that you should start a podcast channel on YouTube. These channels are more in demand nowadays.

In the beginning, you will not get big celebrities on youtube. In that case, you must bring some small YouTubers, social media Influencers, and celebrities who are not too famous.

Initially, you will get a lot of rejection. Still, you should not give up and keep trying your best once you start getting celebrities for podcasts and start getting views. You will also get money.


37. Mystery Shopping

You can make hundreds of dollars with mystery shopping, but it is not a consistent job. It is a fun way to make money.

Being a mystery shopper, you must go to the shop and do some shopping, report employees and their behavior, and submit that report to your employer. As a single mother, you can also take your kids to the shops.

Some famous websites to get Mystery shopping jobs are Market Force, Market Force, Secret Shopper, Bestmark, etc. How much money you will make as a mystery shopper depends on your task.


38. Grocery Shopping For Instacart

Grocery shopping for Instacart is another side for single moms who can allow you to take your kids to work. And the best thing is that the work is not hard, you only have to go shopping, etc.

Nowadays, people use Instacart for groceries, especially after 2020, because they do not have to go anywhere, and groceries arrive on time. So if you want to become a part of Instacart, you can sign up on their website and clear an account.

And some of the most famous stores, like Costco, use Instacart to deliver groceries on time.


39. Deliver Food For Cash

Food Delivery is one of the best jobs that students prefer. Still, I won’t recommend you deliver food as you are a single mother.

It can be a little harder for you to get food from a restaurant than take Uber and deliver that to someone’s home. But in one situation, I would recommend it. If you do not have a job right now, but you are looking, in that case, you can do this job as a side hustle or full-time.

One of the best things I like about delivery jobs is that you can choose your timing as it is not a traditional 9 to 5 job, which you have to do every day and take a leave or wait for a holiday on Sunday.

You can work as a delivery partner in the evening with your kid using your car. The choice is yours, but it can be the best side hustle if you like driving.


40. Make money on Fiverr

When it comes to making money from home, the first thing that comes to our mind is freelancing, and one of the best platforms is Fiverr. Some people work full-time on Fiverr and make over $5000 a month.

Suppose you have skills like writing, voice dubbing, video editing, photo editing, data entry, etc. You can sign up on Fiverr, and you start making money. You can also read my previous article, where I can explain how you can make money from Fiverr without experience and skills. Also, you required skill, but I have mentioned that gigs require less effort.


41. Bake for money

As a single mom, you would be cooking at home for yourself and your kid. Therefore cooking cake or cookies can be one of the best side hustle for a single mom as you already have skills. You can learn how to cook different cakes, sugar cookies, etc., and decorate them.

To find a cooking job, you need to find out if a business is nearby looking for someone who can cook food or cookies for them. If you get the opportunity, then grab it.


42. House Cleaner

House cleaning can be one of the part-time jobs for a single mom that can provide you with more than $50 per depending on how much work you have to do. And this kind of work is available on many websites such as Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. You must open one of these websites and search for a house cleaning job. And when your kids are in school or you are free, you can go to work, clean the house, and get money.

Even if you try to do a full-time job, you can make up to $3000 a month by cleaning the house and setting a time after talking with the employer.


43. Read Aloud

Suppose you have a few things in you, like a good voice. In that case, the capacity to read loud and clearly, and write a review about the book that you will read, then reading aloud can be another best part-time job for a single mom.

Another great idea related to the job is creating a YouTube channel where you will read books and tell the summary in your YouTube channel.

To get a read-aloud job, sign up on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, UpWork, or people per hour, make a portfolio, and start getting orders. And another benefit is that you will get a lot of knowledge by reading books daily.


44. Pet Boarding

Pet boarding is similar to a dog Walker as we have discussed above; as a dog walker, you have to take care of a dog and take it out of the home for daily activities. On the other hand, In pet boarding, you will have to take care of any pet when the owner is out on vacation.

If the owner is going out of the country, they may give you their animal that you must keep in your home, and sometimes you may have to go to their home.

However, most of the time, the owner will leave their pet at your home. Therefore it is one of the best side hustles or part-time jobs for a single mother as you do not have to leave your home to do any special task.


45. Music Instructor

Who does not like music nowadays? As far as I know, everyone likes to listen to music, some like hip hop and some like classical. So if you are one of those who will like music, becoming a music instructor can be another best side hustle for you.

However, firstly you need to learn about music. Secondly, you must have some instrument at home like a guitar to teach your students. Besides this, you can learn vocals, flute, violin, and trumpet because these are the most essential instruments that all musicians need.

Some of the basic things a teacher teaches to any student are voice warm-up, music sheet reading, tongue twisters, and many other things. Once you learn a musical instrument, you can start giving classes, give Facebook advertisements about yourself, or create online courses, which will bring hundreds of students. A music instructor makes up to $20 to $30 per hour.


46. Landscaping

How about becoming a landscaper? As a landscaper, you must modify outdoor space, like planting trees, flowers, etc., to make the outdoors look better and more attractive. I’m suggesting this to single mothers because many look for someone to care for their garden.


47. Make Money from Smartphones

Whether you are a single mother or a single father, everyone likes to scroll social media all the time. And we do not use computers and laptops as much as smartphones. Therefore you can find a perfect job to do from home as a single mom.

You can use your phone to find a job and do it from your phone, such as chatting, making an account on Tango, receiving gifts, etc. However, this can help you make money but cannot give a lot of cash as other side hustles such as Graphic designing, teaching, freelancing, etc.


48. DJ (Disc Jockey)

If you are in love with music, then you consider becoming a DJ (Disc Jockey). On average, you can make about $20 per hour. Being a disc jockey, you must play music at events like Birthday Parties, weddings, festivals, clubs, school dances, etc. Isn’t it cool?


49. Translate

Suppose you know multiple languages worldwide, like English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, German, etc. Then you can become a translator and translate a language in your free time.

One of the best websites to work as a translator is translate.com. Many companies are looking for someone who can translate their documents, audio, etc, into another language.

Besides this, you can also create an account on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc., and make gigs. But you must be fluent in a second language; otherwise, it will be hard to translate audio into another language as you can’t even take Google’s help.


50. Yard Sale

There would be many things available in your home that you are not using anymore. For example, if you have shoes, you can sell your used shoes or any other items on the Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, and Poshmark. All these applications and websites allow you to sell used appliances for cash. Another idea is to buy products at a low price and sell all the products at a higher price.


51. House Sitter

If you live in a highly developed area like New York, you can easily get a house sitter job and make money caring for someone when they are out. There are hundreds of websites like Indeed, Jooble, etc. These websites allow you to find a job near you.

As a house sitter, your job is to take care of pets and plants, clean garbage, etc. And this is not a tough job. You can also carry your baby. Therefore it is one of the best and most comfortable jobs for a single mom. As a house sitter, you can make up to $15 per hour and make more money if the house is big or there are many other tasks to do.

You can also Google “House sitter job near me,” and a list will appear. After that, you have to contact the employer and get that job.


52. Makeup Artist

People have liked to do makeup from ancient to modern day, and the industry is growing every day. Therefore you can become a makeup artist because they are required in many fields such as salons, beauty parlors, photo studios, the fashion industry, film and television, bridal and events, special effects, freelancing and self-employment, etc.

You can also become a makeup teacher and start a blog or YouTube channel where you will give make tutorials.


53. Provide Customer Service

Traditionally most people go to the call center for a customer service job. Still, you can also do it from home, which is a side hustle because many companies exist worldwide. They are looking for a customer service provider who can communicate with their client and solve their problem.

Companies are looking for those who can sit at home and solve customers’ problems. Companies are doing that because they do not have to pay so much and do not have bigger offices for their employees. It saves a lot of money; therefore, they prefer work-from-home workers.

However, you need to be polite and helpful. You should be able to deal with all kinds of customers because sometimes you will face rude customers and politeness, especially if you are working in healthcare or finance-related companies.


54. Dance Instructor

When I was young, I used to love dancing. I had a dance on waka-waka by Shakira, and I enjoyed that moment. Even now, I miss my school. And I remember I had a teacher who taught me how to dance. And many young and older adults love the dance and look for teachers.

In that case, if you can learn choreography, you can become a dance instructor. Dance instructors are mostly in demand for events like weddings, corporate parties, social gatherings, school functions, community festivals, etc.


55. Animal Groomer

Do you have a pet? Or do you like taking care of an animal? If you have, you would have experienced grooming an animal. And trust me. You are not required to have a fancy college degree. Thousands of people have dogs, cats, and other animals but do not know how to take care of and groom them.

Therefore you can grab this opportunity and earn up to $100 to wash and dry the dog. Depending on the animal, you can charge. If it is bigger and too dirty, you have to cut your hair and give it a new look, so you have to charge more. On the other hand, if you only have to wash it, you should not charge too much money.

Single mothers can make hundreds of dollars daily, which is the best side business for single moms.


56. Personal City Tours

Are you a traveling lover? Who likes to visit various new places and learn about them. If yes, then you can become a personal City Tour guide.

There are many applications and websites where you can offer your service, such as Airbnb, where I have already mentioned that you can also provide your room on rent. Airbnb is the perfect way to get tourists.


57. Provide IT Support

IT support is one of the most in-demand jobs because not everyone can do it, as you need to be calm and face many technical problems. You can find the job on any website like Jooble, Indeed, etc.

This is similar to a customer service provider, but you usually go to the call center. But in the IT support sector, you will face many technical things.


58. Petition Circulator

Petition circulator is one of the easiest jobs for a single mom because you are not required to have a fancy degree, and you need to do hard work.

Being a petition circulator, your job is to collect signatures from citizens; therefore, petition circulators are also called signature gatherers or signature collectors.

You must collect signatures from your community, like nearby grocery stores, libraries and other public places. You can make between $1 to $5. However, you cannot make too much money as you will only do this job on weekends. Sometimes you can do it daily.


59. Teach Kids

If you are teaching kids, you are not required to have a fancy degree, but if you are teaching college students, you will need a degree, especially if you want to teach kids online. In that case, you will require a degree. Suppose you teach in person and have experience with a particular subject. In that case, you can give classes even when you do not have a degree.

I was that guy who used to go to a nearby home, and that lady used to teach me mathematics. You can approach your neighbors to send their kids to your home to study. Even if you charge $5 for an hour and get 5 students, you can still make $25 a day within an hour.

The most demanding subjects are mathematics, science, computer, arts, etc. If you have a degree in a particular subject, you can also give classes online and offline.


60. Tech repair

Repairing technical products like computers, laptops, refrigerators, mobile phones, etc., can be another best side hustle for single moms, and you can take it to the business level as well. However, you need to develop the ability to repair technical stuff. You can also take online classes from udemy, any other website, or offline, where you can learn repairing.

Generally, tech repair costs around $15 an hour, whereas iPhone screens are repaired for closer to $189.99.

Also, it depends on the problem. The bigger the problem, the more money you will make. However, people earn around $15 to $200 to repair technical problems.


61. Run a Neighborhood Garden

Suppose you don’t belong to a metropolitan city or another urban city like New York. In that case, you might have a bigger land. You can think of buying one even if you do not have one. First, let me tell you how it will help you physically and financially.

Let’s talk about physics first. When surrounded by nature, your mental and physical health always remains good. Now let’s talk about finances, so if you have a bigger land, you can start planting seeds and grow vegetables, fruits, or flowers. You can sell them to your neighbors or even online when they grow up.

The best thing is that you do not have to pay too much money for seeds, you do not need a specific time, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can keep your kids with you, or maybe they can help you too.


62. Stock Trading

More than trading, I prefer to invest money in the stock market, but if you can learn to trade, you can also trade in stock. I have seen many people making a few hundred dollars daily from the stock market but are experienced. Although one of the greatest investors, Warren Buffett, suggests that we should invest money.

You can undoubtedly make a lot of money from trading but also keep in mind that there is always risk in trading. Many times you will lose a lot of money. For example, if you even trade for $10000, you may lose $500 daily and makeup to $500 daily. Some of the most reliable applications and websites for trading are OlympTrade, Robinhood, Acorns, etc.


63. Become a Seamstress or Tailor

If you have an eye for detail, are good with your hands, and want to make some money on the side, turn it into a side hustle! You can find plenty of people who need help hemming pants or sewing quilts.

All you need is a machine to get started. Some people even prefer teaching themselves using YouTube tutorials.

I need to tell you that my mother used to sew clothes a long time ago because she was a Seamstress or Tailor, and she can still do that. However, when I was not born, my mother made much money from it. She used to sew neighborhood young girls and women’s clothes.

And she did not have to buy a piece of clothes; all she had was a machine, thread, and nothing more. So if you can also buy a machine and thread, you can do this job like my mother.

My mother could not extend her business because we did not have Facebook, Amazon, or other applications and internet access at that time. Nowadays, you can take it a step further. You can buy clothing materials, sew them and sell them online.


64. Deliver pizzas

You can become a pizza delivery partner if you have a car, cycle, or motorbike. Most international students who come to America, Canada, and Australia do this job to make money. As a single mother, you can also do this job in flexible time and make 15 to 20 dollars per hour. However, you must deliver items on time to make a lot of money as restaurants surround us.


65. Start Micro-Investing

As I have mentioned earlier about trading and investing, I am telling you that you should start micro-investing, which means you have to work hard no matter what you do online or offline. You make money from a side hustle or in any other way. Still, you have to invest some income if you want to grow your money.

You must create an account in any application, such as Acorns or Robinhood. After that, you find out the best stocks that can grow in the future and can also give you a dividend. Do you know one of the richest personalities on the planet is an investor named Warren Buffet? He started investing at a very young age and is now a billionaire.

Suppose you are already doing a full-time job and want to do a side hustle or a side business as a single mom. I recommend investing money because when you retire, you will have some amount that will grow up.

Let me give an example of how much money you can earn from the stock market. For example, You’re 40 and want to retire at 60. So now, if you start investing $1000 a month in the stock market, your portfolio grows by 10% yearly.

At the time of your retirement, you have $1,026,000. This means you will be a millionaire, and this is when you invest only $1000, and your portfolio only grows by 10%. Some companies are growing by 12% to 15% or more yearly.

If you invest more than $1000 per month and the company grows up to 10% yearly, you can get an idea of how much money you will have at the time of your retirement.

As a single mother, you will have much money by retirement. You will not have to bag anyone. You can buy a home at 60, give one rank, and run your daily life peacefully.


67. Wrap Your Car

This is one of the easiest ways to make money as a single mom. You only need a car and then have to advertise someone’s business or company by applying their banner on your car. Various companies give you money to advertise someone’s business on your vehicle. Wrapify, Carvertise, and StickerRide are some of the most famous companies, and you can usually make $150 and $462 a month.


69. Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is one of the best side hustles you or any single mother can do because you have already experienced it. And on average, I have seen people charging up to $22 hours per hour.

And being a wedding planners, they have to handle Event designing, budget management, Venue selection, Timeline planning, Guest management, Ceremony and reception coordination, Legalities and contracts, Rehearsal coordination, Emergency kit, Communication, Post-wedding duties, photoshoot, etc.


70. Quilter

If you like sewing, you can go for quilt creations and sell them online or offline. The choice is yours. I suggest both. It is one of the ways to create, design and sell.

I know many people who make attractive quilts out of old t-shirts or other clothes and sell them. That makes it one of the best side businesses for single mothers.


71. Stage Houses

Stage houses, if you are good at designing and putting things in their place and making a house look good, then Stage Houses can be a perfect side hustle for you because there are people who hire someone to give their home a new and attractive look so that they can sell it quickly at a higher price.

Therefore they are ready to pay a good amount, like $200 to $500, depending on the house size. You only have to clean the home, garden, etc and put everything in their place.


72. Try Peer-to-Peer Lending

You must have a financial cushion to try Peer-to-Peer Lending. Peer-to-peer lending is also known as P2P, in which some people give loans, and others take it. It is a genuine way to make money from home, but you need a good amount. And secondly, it can be risky for you as you are already a single mom. Imagine if the person does not give you the loan back, etc.

But if you are smart, you can still think about doing this job.


73. House flipping

As I have already mentioned about blog flipping and website flipping. You can do house flipping, but you must have huge capital. You should use your mind even if you do not have one. I have seen people making money even if they do not have big capital. Some people collect money for a few years and then buy a home or a flat in an apartment; after a few years, they sell it at a higher price.


74. Fitness Trainer

Although we are discussing side hustle and other ways to make money and how you can build wealth. However, your wealth is nothing if you lack good health, as you cannot enjoy life. We heard from childhood that health is wealth.

It can be a good idea to become a fitness trainer. First, you have to maintain your health and have a good physique. Then you can talk to the gym owner to see if they can hire you as a fitness trainer. Secondly, you can create an Instagram page to upload your exercise videos. Once you have enough followers, you can approach your followers if they want to hire a personal trainer.


75. Personal Stylist

Can you make anyone look good and attractive by suggesting to him what to wear on what occasion? If yes, you can become a personal stylist, approach Instagram influencers, etc.

Thousands of people find it a headache to think about ‘ what to wear daily. In that case, they need a personal stylist. You will get a monthly or weekly salary.


76. Interior design

If you like decorating rooms and know how to make a room look good, interior designing is for you. Being an interior designer, your job is to create a layout, color schemes, furniture selection, overall design, etc. If you can design well, you will get a lot of money from it. You can provide your service on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.


77. Teach kids yoga online

Everyone should do yoga because it is very good for mental and physical health. Besides this, Yoga is very easy to learn, especially for older people. Hence, as you are a mom, you can easily learn it. And once you learn yoga, you can start teaching yoga to other students, especially kids. Many applications and websites allow you to teach yoga. One of them is Pretzel Kids.

However, it is good if you have a yoga certificate, and you can get it very easily because it is not hard to learn yoga. Once you get this, you can start giving classes on Pretzel Kids.

On average, a yoga teacher on Pretzel Kids makes up to $50 per hour, and some are making more. And another good thing about this application is that a woman created it. Hence, this application allows other single moms to make extra income in their spare time.


78. Multi-level Marketing

I don’t like MLM, but some people find it very good and beneficial for them. Therefore you can do that too. Let’s understand the MLM concept. But, you must sell a product by building an organization. Each salesperson becomes like a downline, and each one of you will earn a commission.


79. Email Management

Email marketing is one of the most demanding jobs right now. It can allow you to earn a lot of money. Some people are making $1,000 to $10,000 monthly. You do data entry, social media management, and many other work as an email marketer.

However, you should not expect too much money because initially, you will get less income. Secondly, it depends on your task. If you do too much work, you will get paid more. And some people make up to $15 per hour as email marketers.

Your main work will be advertising, tracking income, setting up PR meetings, etc.


80. HairDresser or Stylist

Everyone takes care of their hair, whether they are men or women. Everyone likes to have hair, some like short and some like long. But many people want to have a hair stylist or hairdresser for special events such as birthday parties, festivals etc.

It is not only about trimming or cutting hair but also about making someone’s hair look good. As a single mother, you must learn more about hairstyles to make more money.

As a hairstylist, your job is to give people a new, attractive look that makes them feel comfortable.


81. Web Development and Design

Would you like to study web design? Are they in demand? So if you are a web designer or developer, you can start giving service on my platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Designing a WordPress website is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore they look for people who can build their website like a pro. And sometimes, people can build websites after watching YouTube videos. However, they still face issues like speed, CSS, or HTML issues. In this situation, they need someone to help them.


82. Marketing Specialist

This is when millions of people use online websites for shopping, especially after 2020. Therefore it becomes easier to sell any service or product from your home with the help of Google.

So there are people who cannot run advertisements for their products. In that case, you can do so on their behalf. You can pick a profitable product from a platform like ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, etc.

After that, you must advertise that product on Facebook or any other platform. Once you start generating sales, you will also make a profit. You can do this for yourself or someone else. In both cases, you will make money, but when doing this for someone else, you will not have to invest money in advertisements.


83. SEO Consultant

Above I have discussed web designing or web development, and now we are talking about SEO consultation. Thousands of people build websites daily but fail because they do not know SEO.

Some people who do not know SEO consider hiring an SEO consultant. Who can help their website or article to rank on Google? If you can learn SEO “search engine optimization,” you can make between $30 to $100 per article, depending on the length.

And sometimes, you may have to do a complete website SEO. In that case, you can make more money.


84. Personal Shopper

Personal shopping is one of the best jobs a single mother can do in her spare time. Thousands of people work and do not have to go shopping. In that case, they look for someone who can just go to the market and bring some groceries for any other stuff.

For this, these busy people pay some amount. It can be $10 to $50, depending on how far they send you. However, most of the time, they will send you to neighboring areas. And sometimes they can also go with you where they will ask your choice, or you will have to handle their shopping bags.


85. Become A “Momtographer”

Above I have suggested how to become a professional photographer, take images, and sell them on websites like Adobe Stock, Getty Images, etc. But you can also start your photo studio if you can edit well with software like Adobe and have a professional camera.

You can be a photographer for family events, weddings, etc. Besides this, you must have some camera skills because I have seen people with a professional camera. Still, they do not know how to take quality pictures.

You can make $50 to $100, or even more, but most money that you have will make money on events like Christmas, birthday parties, or weddings. That money you will make within 1 hour, so if you spend 6 to 8 hours, you can make a decent income as a single mom.


86. Personal Chef

I’ve seen thousands of people, including myself, Who like cooking because it is their hobby, so becoming a professional chef for someone can be the best side hustle for a single mom to earn some extra cash. You can also take your children to your work.


87. Become a homemaker

Above I have discussed becoming a professional chef. So homemade is similar to it. As a chef, you only have to cook delicious food for a family, but you must be professional. On the other hand, as a homemaker, your duty will be to cook delicious food, clean dishes, wash clothes, etc. Depending on your location and your work, etc.


88. Chat Operator

Chat operators can become another best way to earn money for single mothers. You can make more than $15 per hour as an operator. You have to be calm as your work is to fix people’s problems. Some of the best websites for chat operator jobs are Indeed, Glassdoor, FlexJobs, and Remote.co, Upwork, Freelancer.


89. Become A Consultant

Do you have expertise in any subject or sector? If yes, then you can become an online Consultant. For example, you are a good financial advisor, so thousands of people are here to invest money and which stock will go up. These people need a good Consultant or a financial advisor.


90. Resume Writing

Whenever someone wants to apply for any job, they need to write a resume and if the resume is good. There are high chances that the person will get a job easily.

However, many people need to learn how to write a resume. Therefore, you can become a professional resume writer and help people get jobs. You can make up to $2000 monthly, a good side income for a single mom.


91. Caterer

Are you good at cooking? If yes, you can become a Caterer at weddings or any other party-related event and make a good income part-time. I would suggest you contact a nearby wedding planner or catering company if they are looking for someone who can cook so they can hire you.


92. Tax Preparation

Everyone has to pay taxes, especially those making a sufficient income. Especially in the early year, from February to April, people look for someone to help them with tax preparation. Usually, you will make up to $20 per hour.


93. Party Planner

Are you good at planning parties or events? If yes, you can become a party planner, one of the great side hustles for single moms. You can even do that from home. Many people look for someone who can decorate and decide the location. Therefore they pay some money. So in your spare time, you can do this job.


94. Programmer

Programming and development are not easy, but they are a lucrative way to earn extra money in your spare time. However, you can learn programming language from Udemy. After that, you can start providing services on any freelancing platform, such as Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, People per Hour, etc. And you can earn between $30 to $50.


96. Sell Gift Baskets From Home

Selling gift baskets can be another side business for single moms you can do from home. This business becomes more in demand, especially during holidays, baby showers, and festivals like Christmas.

And you do not have to do anything special. You only have to learn how to decorate a gift creatively.

Therefore I consider selling gift baskets is one of the best and most fun ways to make money right now as a single mom.


97. Brand Influencer

Becoming a brand influencer is the easiest way to earn money. Still, before that, you will have to get a lot of subscribers or followers on any social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. And after that, you can monotony your social media platform or your Europe channel. The more Subscriber or followers you have, the more money you will make.

The most famous person on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo, charges up to 2 million dollars per Instagram post. Even if you create a fashion-related Instagram page and somehow gain 100k followers. Then you can get a good side income from your followers.

If your Instagram page looks very good, many brands will approach you, and you can also approach other brands to work with you.

One of the ways to get sponsorship is to create an account on Impact.com. And there, you will find many products related to your field, which you can promote on your Instagram page to get a good commission.


98. Real Estate Agent

Real estate is not hard to learn, like the programming language. If you still have no experience, you can get an idea of how it works. The simple idea to make money in your spare time is to see a house sold for, let’s say, $1000k, so you have to find someone who can buy this home for 1.1 million dollars. This $100k you will keep as your commission. In simple words, you have to get a commission while selling someone else property. You can even talk to local agencies.


99. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine Evaluator is one of the best jobs for single moms who do not even have a College degree or experience, and you can do it from home. No matter where you are sitting in California or New York, you can do it and make $500 to $5000 monthly.

Being a search engine evaluator, your duty is to improve search engines by conducting searches, analyzing search results, providing feedback, etc. One of the best places to get this job is Google, as it is the most popular search engine on the planet. Besides, Google many more companies will hire you, but it is always better to try Google.


100. Make Cards From Home

Can you make greeting cards? For festivals, like Christmas or new year? If yes, you should start designing amazing and creative cards.

Afterward, you must sell your greeting cards on any marketplace, like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc. Making greeting cards is not a tough thing, and you only have to be a little creative. You can watch some videos and get an Idea to be more creative.


101. Internet Researcher

How good are you at internet research? Institutions and businesses depend on online research to get leads and grow. Much of this is done by off-site researchers who can work from anywhere worldwide.

This job involves sifting through the web to extract all kinds of information. It will be upon you to analyze markets and define who the competition is. Forget about cat videos; think about spending time on the net to develop actionable databases.

Being adept at software such as PRIM Internet research can take your side hustle as an internet researcher a notch higher and push you towards being a headhunter for top-tier clients.


102. Watch Videos

You may find it crazy, but you can make money by watching videos, playing games, etc. These are fun activities that we all do.

Some of the best platforms to make money by watching videos are InboxDollars and Swagbucks. You will often have to watch ads that we usually see on YouTube and get nothing, and sometimes you will have to watch movie trailers, etc.


103. Purchase Vending Machines

After adding some items like snacks, beverages, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, you can buy a vending machine and place it at a busy place. You do not have to do hard work. You can set the price after including your profit. That’s what we call passive side income for a single mom. If you buy more than one Vending Machines and place them in different places, it will become a good side business.


104. Gift Wrap For Cash

Can you wrap a cash gift? Yes, because it is very easy, and there is no hard work. So as a single mother, you can start wrapping gifts for cash.

You can do this when you are not doing a full-time job. Also, you can do it full-time. The choice is yours.


105. Sell Digital Products

Nowadays, we are selling everything digitally, like services, etc. The best thing a single mom can do is sell digital products like making courses and selling on platforms like Udemy, e-books, meal plans, study guides, templates, and many other products.

Some of the best platforms for selling digital products are social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon Kindle, if you are considering selling e-books, etc. Another platform for selling e-books, audiobooks, etc, is Scribd.


106. Run Errands

After your full-time job, when you go out, you can do some simple tasks for some people. Tasks include grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, going to the bank, mailing packages, etc.

This is very similar to a homemaker, but you must work at home as a homemaker. Still, when you’re running errands, you must complete tasks outside the home.


107. Furniture Refurbishing

Refurbishing furniture is another great job for moms and other females that can put money in their pockets. You can find cheap furniture like beds, sofas, tables, etc., in garage sales, thrift stores, etc.

You must paint and decorate it and make the furniture look good and new. After that, you can resell it at a higher price. It will be easily sold because it will look good, and some people will buy affordable furniture as they cannot afford new.


108. Make Money Cuddling

In Japan, people could hire a rental girlfriend; it is the same concept thousands of people follow in the United States. They look for someone who can cuddle them and provide some emotional support; for this, they are ready to pay good money.

If you feel okay doing so, you can do this job. You must cuddle people in tough situations and provide them with mental support.


109. Upselling

This can be as easy as buying things from Walmart and then selling them for more on Amazon. You can get cheap items at thrift stores, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Depop, LetGo, and more!

These cheap items can then be refurbished, decorated, or otherwise reimagined before being sold for a profit. You can learn how to turn $10 into $10k through upselling objects here.


110. Market Research

Do you know anything about market research? Well, you do not need a college degree because your job as a market researcher is to take part in service. Thousands of companies are looking for marketing research and paying money. So this is one of the best side hustles for moms. They just want your opinion and your feedback.


111. Sell Your Jewellery

Most women love to wear jewelry, so if you are one of them who has jewelry but are not using it anymore, you can sell it.

Some of the most reliable platforms for selling jewelry online are Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Facebook marketplace, etc.

However, suppose you have jewelry and are unsure how much you should charge for this jewelry. In that case, you can go to a professional jewelry store before selling it. Otherwise, you may sell it for a lower price which is not good.

Once you find the value of your topaz, rubies, diamonds, gold, or opals, you are ready to sell it.


112. Start A Fun Business At A Theme Park

Are you looking for business ideas for single moms that you can do with the kids?

Starting a theme park business is another best side hustle for a single mom, or you can even call it a passive income side business for a single mother. A theme Park that you can even start with selling cotton candy, snow cones, selling popsicles, etc.

So these are the best side business ideas for single moms where you can even take your kids.


113. Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are one of the fun ways to make money. In this, you have to take part in some research projects such as drug tests. It does not take too much time; you can make over $100 within an hour. And I think it is too much because the jobs I mentioned are not paying a hundred dollars for 1 hour. Most of them are paying $15 to $30. Also, you can read my previous article, where I mentioned the best jobs that pay $40 per hour.


114. Sell Fake Lashes From Home

One of the jobs for single moms right now to make some extra cash is selling Fake Lashes. Many types of eyelashes are available in the market, one of which is Magnetic eyelashes. They are in demand, so you can make a good side income from home if you start selling them.


115. Product Testing

You can get paid to test the products of the companies. Some companies provide baby products, and some provide elders. They only ask you to provide them with genuine feedback.

The items that you will get to try will be makeup, soap, and other items. This is a good way to make money because you are using a product for free plus getting money to use it.


116. Make money with Flowers.

Can you arrange flowers? If yes, you can start a floral business, selling bouquets, etc. This is one of the good side businesses for moms.

You can do it from your home if you have a garden, then you can grow and sell some flowers. Also, you can buy flowers from somewhere else, arrange them and sell them for a higher price.


117. Exercise

Are you overweight or underwear or even fit? You can make money by doing simple exercises and keeping yourself in shape. And this is beneficial as you will get money to keep yourself healthy. Physical health also benefits your mental health, so as a single mother, you might be in stress. Therefore, if you exercise regularly and keep yourself healthy, you will make money to maintain your mental and physical health.

One of the best websites you should join, especially if you are overweight and want to lose weight, is HealthyWager, and the more you lose, the more money you will get. Even if you are doing any other side hustle, you can still do this exercise in the morning or the evening.


118. Sell Your Clothing Online

You can start selling clothes online for money. They can be old or new, and both can be sold in good condition. In my previous article, I also mentioned where you could get free clothes. However, I do not recommend getting free clothes and then selling them because the websites I have mentioned in that article are built for charitable purposes, so you should not make it your business strategy.

You can sell all kinds of clothes like Sox. You can even sell used underwear or anything else you are not using. Depending on the condition, you can make up to $5 to $300 per clothes; if you are selling underwear, you will get $5 or less, but if you are selling a fancy coat, you can make about a hundred dollars or more.


119. Decluttr

Decluttr is one of the best platforms allowing you to donate or sell items you are no longer using. They mostly prefer to buy and sell used appliances such as refrigerators, mobile phones, CDs and DVDs, etc.

So if you have anything lying in your home and are not using it anymore, it is better to sell those items for cash. It will keep your home clean and put some money in your pocket. You can visit their website, create an account and list the items you wish to sell.


120. Sell Stickers

One of the best ways to make money as a single mom is to start making stickers and sell them on platforms like Etsy. However, you must learn how to design because most students or kids will buy attractive stickers.

You can also watch videos on YouTube that teach “how to create stickers that sell,” once you learn properly, you should create an account on Etsy and start selling if you start without learning that, you will only waste time and will not make a single penny.


Can you make passive money as A single mom?

Yes, you can make a passive income as a single mom. Still, as mentioned earlier, you must choose a better business, like starting a blog, an Etsy store, a YouTube channel, or any other idea. After that, you have to build expertise and help people, and then you can make passive income after giving a few years to your work.

Some people make up to $5000 monthly from a side hustle or business and do not have to work consistently to make this money because they have already worked in the past. So as a single mother, you can choose any of these businesses.


Can you have a side hustle along with a full-time job?

Yes, you can do a side hustle without leaving your current job and if you are doing YouTube. But if you have started generating full-time income from YouTube, then you can think of leaving your full-time job and focusing only on YouTube.


What is the best side hustle for a single mom?

There are side hustles like YouTube channels, blogs, and online stores. You can also build social media pages, like on Instagram. Any ideas, as mentioned earlier, where you do not have to leave your kid for a long time and do not disturb your full-time job? This is good for a single mom as you can focus on your kids and other homework.

Besides caring for your baby and doing regular homework, you must also see which platform can give you sufficient income. Secondly, you should also use a cashback application and keep making investments to grow money for the future.


How can I balance my parenting responsibilities when starting a business?

Firstly you need to create a flexible schedule to start a business as a mother. Secondly, you can involve your kids in business. As I have mentioned above, if you do a business like selling candies and other things at theme parks, you can take your kids with you. Suppose you sell products on Etsy or any other website or provide services on Fiverr or Upwork. In that case, you will not need to go anywhere, so that you can take care of the children at home.


What are some low-cost business ideas that I can pursue from home?

Blogging is one of the best low-cost businesses for single moms to make a passive income from home. You will only need less than $200; this money you will spend on the theme, hosting, and domain. After that, you have selected a good niche and started writing articles.

It will take time to get someone money out of blogging. Besides blogging, you can also try a YouTube Channel, Photography business, Selling stuff at theme parks, etc.


What flexible work options would allow single moms to spend more time with their children?

Businesses and work like freelancing, in which you have to provide a service from home, is the best option if you want to spend more time with your children. Babysitter, dog walker, etc., are other better jobs you can do in the morning or evening, and you can take your kids with you.


How do you handle self-care and manage a family at the same time?

Managing work and family simultaneously is tough, but you have to practice effective self-care. I know it is difficult to simultaneously handle family, job, and side hustle. But initially, you have to work more and more hard so that you do not have to ask someone for money in your old age. I can only motivate you.

Do a side hustle when you have time? Firstly pay attention to yourself and your kid.



This was the article where I shared the best side hustle, business, and passive income ideas for single moms. Initially, you will not get money and clients, but you have to be patient, so keep working hard, then you will see the results.


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