InformationalShipment Further Connected meaning, Solution, Bial & Bluedart

Shipment Further Connected meaning, Solution, Bial & Bluedart


Friends, In today I’ll tell you about shipment further connected. It happens when you order something, but it doesn’t reach your home, let’s know.


Shipment further connected

Shipment further connected meaning

Shipment further connected meaning that your order has been returned to the sender who sent you the parcel.

For example, you order something from Bial Hub, and you see that (bial hub shipment further connected) means your packages won’t reach your home now because ot has been returned to Bial Hub.


What should you do in such situations?

If you see an error like that, you should ask for help from the sender if he says that he’ll send you back that parcel, so it’s good if he doesn’t send, so your order again.

But always ask him why your why my shipment was further connected.


Shipment further connected meaning in Hindi

जब आपने कुछ समान ऑडर किया हो लेकिन किसी कारण आपका समान आपके घर तक नहीं आता और वह समान भेजने वाले को ही वापस चला जाता है तो इसी को शिम्पमेंट फर्थर कनेक्टेड कहते हैं, I hope you understand it.


Shipment further connected bluedart

A guy ordered a mobile phone from Bluedart, and he was continually chacking his shipment status. The parcel reached his city but not his home; he saw status like “location untraceable/landmark needed.”

Oaky, after a few times delivery boys called him and said he’s going to deliver the package in the evening. The guy was worried, so he called customer care and asked about the delivery boy. They said his package would reach today.

In the evening, the delivery boy again called him and nervously said, “I’ve mistakenly placed your order somewhere else. However, the guy again called bluedart customer care, so he got a refund from the Delivery boy’s salary.

Later on, the delivery boy found that package in his bag, but he couldn’t give it back to Bluedart. And tell him, I’ve lied to you, please take your phone back and give me money. However, the delivery boy nervously called the guy who had ordered that phone.

He told him to come to the delivery address then tell him properly because he couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Then the 3rd person came to the delivery address and said that the other guy was too afraid so he could not come here. Then he asked him to give him the money as it was “Cash on Delivery” and take the package and if someone calls him from Bluedart customer care, just tell them that he didn’t receive the package.

A delivery boy was very nervous while talking and told him that he might lose the job. Out of sympathy, he did the same. After a few times, he received a call from customer care and told them that he didn’t receive the package. After thinking a lot, he understood what mistake he had made.



You can also see shipment further connected if you’ve ordered something from a small website like Bluedart or Bial. In that case, it can be the mistake of delivery boy, so you should contact the customer care services.

Because every company wants to grow like Amazon and Flipkart, if the delivery boy does something terrible and you make his complaint to the customer care, he’ll lose his job.


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