Shabana Dutt Actress: Where is she now?


In today’s world, everyone loves to watch Bollywood movies and also known as Salman Khan. Therefore we will tell you about Shabana Dutt, who brought Salman Bollywood and left the film world herself.

They will try to provide every truthful information which we found on a different platform about her.

Please read this article thoroughly because we will tell you who Shabana Datta is and where is she. Everyone is looking for her, but nobody could found any information or her location.

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Shabana Dutt

Shabana Dutt Wikipedia

We searched a lot about Shabana Dutt but cannot find any authentic information related to her. However, Wikipedia has not created a page by her name.

Therefore we decided that if Wikipedia did not have created any page, so we will do it.

First name Shabana
Last name Dutt
Date of birth Not known
Age  Not known
Location Not known


Shabana Dutt actress

Perhaps a question would be occurring in your mind that who is Shabana?. So we would like to tell you that Shabana Dutt is an actress, but nobody knows her location, where she lives, or what she does.

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How did Shabana that brought Salman to Bollywood?

An audition for the “Maine Pyar Kiya” film was going on. An actress named Shabana went for this audition but could not clear it. Although at the time she was a pretty known actress for the director.

After her unsuccessful audition when she was leaving the office, a director ask her do she know any actor who could play a lead role in Maine Pyar Kiya? Then she suggested to the director that you can try a famous writer’s son. He has currently done a footwear advertisement.

That famous writer was Salim Khan, and his son was Salman Khan, who is now known as bhaijaan in Bollywood.

During the press conference of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, the director played her audition onscreen and requested that if someone is in touch with her.

Currently, Shabana is in the headlines because during the Prem Ratan Dhan payo’s press conference. A film director head plays audition on screen, after which he said that if anyone knows her location or what she is doing, please tell us.


Would Salman become an actor without Shabana Dutt help?

According to us, yes, of course, he would have become an actor. We are saying that because, as Shahana said, Salman had already done a footwear advertisement, so that means he was already an actor.

Although we are not saying that Shabana did not do anything for him, of course, She preferred Salman khan for Maine Pyar Kiya, which was his first film and made him famous.

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Is Shabana Dutt alive?

Perhaps yes, but no one has exact details about her, whether she is alive or dead. Still, many directors are looking for her, but she never comes into anyone’s eyes after the Maine Pyar Kiya audition.


In this article, we shared every detail that was available on the internet about actress Shabana Dutt.

If we have made any mistake in this article so you can contact us.

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