19 Best Places to Sell Used Socks Online To Earn Money

where-to sell used socks

Have you ever wondered if you can make money by selling used socks? It might sound weird, but it’s one of the best ways to earn money.

Millions of men buy used socks yearly, and this industry has evolved over the years.

There are hundreds of places to sell used socks, but I have mentioned only 19 of the best places to sell used socks for money.

I have mentioned various platforms; some are dedicated to finding food fetishes, and some are marketplaces where you can sell anything, like other stuff, even digital content.

These mentioned platforms connect sellers and buyers. Now, if you want to sell used socks, you need to remember many things, such as how much money you can earn by selling socks and the potential in the foot fetish market.

Most importantly, you must learn what precautions to take to protect your identity. There are scammers on every platform; you need to be aware of them.

If you are a single mom, then there are many ways to earn money as a single mom from your comfort zone. Besides selling used shoes or socks, etc.

However, in this article, I will tell you more about where to sell used socks online for money right now. And I have only shared genuine and reliable platforms.


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Who buys used socks?

Isn’t it weird why people, especially men, buy used socks? Well, it is because there are millions of people in the United States who are foot fetish; even outside of the United States, foot lover exists.

They love buying women’s feet Pictures, underwear, gym workout clothes, socks, and many more items women wear. Because of that, there are many dedicated platforms to sell foot pictures and used underwear.

Most importantly, some women also buy used socks, shoes, or other accessories, but that is not because they’re foot fetishists. It is only because they want to save money, as they earn less.

The interesting thing is that when foot fetish men are buying shoes, they will notice one thing: if your socks are smelling, they will give you a higher price.

So, having stains on socks is fine. It might be the reason to earn more money. You can also ask the buyer if he wants them as they are or if you need to clean them.


Is Selling Dirty Socks and Stockings Legit?

Yes! Selling dirty socks and stockings is a hundred percent legitimate and normal. Besides this, you can sell anything you want, for example, underwear, gym workout clothes, etc.

However, some warnings are given to buyers of used socks that they need to be aware of, as dirty socks may contain some disease, which may affect their health.

Dirty socks contain bacteria and other microorganisms usually present on human and animal skin and everywhere else. This is one of the reasons why our socks smell.

You may sweat when you wear socks and shoes, and many bacteria will come on the socks.

However, it is not a big issue because people have been selling used socks in the United States for years, and no law says it’s Illegal.

You are going to sell used shocks, while there are dedicated platforms that allow you to sell digital content, such as Onlyfans.


How To Sell Used Socks?

Before telling you the best places to sell used socks, you need to remember some important things while selling socks.

There are 6 important steps in selling used socks.


1. Choose a suitable Marketplace

The most important thing is to choose the correct marketplace to sell dirty socks and stockings because hundreds of platforms allow you to sell unused stuff, but not all of them are genuine.

You can choose any of the platforms that I have mentioned. All of them are genuine. No matter which platform you choose, you must create a seller account; then, list your socks and write the description and Price.

Some platforms may also ask you for some money if you want to start a socks-selling business so you can pay for it.


2. Add Used and new Socks for Sale to your Inventory

As I told you, you must create a seller account on a reliable platform first. The second most important step is to create an inventory of your dirty socks that you want to sell online.

If you are taking it as a business, you can buy some branded and attractive new socks and then wear them for a few days, and after that, you can add those socks to your inventory. It is a very good idea to boost your income.


3. Activities

It becomes very crucial to do some activities while wearing socks. You need to decide what kind of activities you are doing. Moreover, you must provide details about what activities you usually do wearing socks.

I know it may sound weird, but that’s true. Foot fetishists give the most money if you are doing a certain type of activity with your socks, whether it is playing sports, going to the gym, walking, or anything else.


4. Click good Pictures

Whether you are selling foot pictures, shoes, or anything else, the picture is the most important because buyers see your pictures and decide whether to buy your product.

Even when you buy something, let’s say from Amazon, first you check pictures to see whether it is looking good or not, then you buy a product. This is the same fundamental that applies when you are selling dirty socks.

You must take pictures with a high-quality camera. If you have a DSLR, you can use that; otherwise, you can use an iPhone or your smartphone.

Besides this, do not take pictures in dim light because your socks will not be visible. So you should take photos of your socks in bright light.


5. Write deception and Price

Of course, you would love to know how much money those dirty socks can fetch. This is quite simple. Read the pricing of other sellers and check the descriptions of their used socks. You can expect to get similar money for your dirty socks. However, don’t compare your prices with old timers with loyal customers and, hence, charge more money.

When selling dirty socks, you want to make money from this. To make sufficient money, you have to describe socks. You could tell the buyer how long you have worn socks and what activities you have done wearing them.

And besides this, you have to decide how much you sell your socks for. For that, you first have to calculate the actual cost of the socks and then add at least 15% extra (Which you will earn). You can also demand a higher Price. It is just my recommendation. Based on your interest, you can decide the Price, and you can also see your competitor.


6. Be Aware

You need to be aware of office scammers; they are everywhere present on the internet. So I want to give you some tips. For example, you should not meet someone in person if a buyer asks you to do so, especially for payment purposes.

Secondly, you can hide your identity if you want to do that. You can sell socks anonymously. Whenever you sell socks, ask for payment first. If the buyer asks to deliver socks and says he will pay later, consider it a scam.

Best Places to Sell Used Socks


17 Best Places To Sell Used Socks For Money

I assume you have understood everything that I have discussed. Now, we will explore the 17 Best Places To Sell Used Socks For Money.

There are many best places to sell worn socks, but I have mentioned only popular marketplaces that allow you to sell dirty socks and stockings to earn money, such as side gigs or hustle.

Remember, some platforms may ask you to pay a small amount initially. On the other hand, some played-for will take commission. Therefore, you can always read their terms and conditions and pricing before selling used socks.


1. Where to sell used stocks and underwear – (All Things Worn)

All Things Worn is a dedicated platform for buying and selling used socks, underwear, and other fetish items. I have reviewed that so you can read it.

I keep it number one on my list because they have a large user base and many potential customers who are always ready to buy socks and other used products.

However, a subscription fee exists to list your item, write a description, and make money from it. Decide that they have a lot of customers, and your business will remain secure there.

Secondly, they’re continuously removing all scammers, so there is a very low chance that customers will be scammers; most probably, they will be genuine buyers.


2. Sofia Gray

Sofia Gray is another platform where women and girls make a lot of money by selling undergarments such as underwear and many other items. Another benefit of using Sophia Gray is that you can keep a hundred percent of whatever you earn but will have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

I am keeping Sofia Gray’s website at number two because, just like all things worn, it also has a lot of potential buyers who love buying socks and various other items.

Sofia Gray is growing rapidly even though some people make $3000 to $5000 per month by selling their underwear and socks. They buy new socks and then later sell them to buyers.

Creating an account on Sofia Grey, listing your items, writing a description, and more is very easy.


3. Where to sell your socks – Snifffr

Snifffr is quite similar to Sofia Gray, another of the best websites to sell used socks with almost the same features.

For example, community means they have a lot of potential buyers who are always up to buying used socks, underwear, bras, panties, and other items.

They have a very good payment system. You do not need to worry that they will delay your payment. You receive payment on time and can sell anything anonymously, but you must be at least 18 years old.

Most importantly, beginners have no signup fee, so you can now create an account and start making money by selling socks.


4. Facebook Marketplace

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, whether we are active or not. However, I recommend creating another Facebook account if you want to sell worn socks.

You can change your name and hide your identity if you are not ready to reveal your identity. And we cannot even doubt Facebook’s customers’ potential because they have over 2 billion users from around the globe.

Those customers are ready to buy anything, whether you use socks, digital content, or digital paintings. You can even sell used appliances.

First, you need to create an account on Facebook and then visit the Facebook Marketplace. If you want to sell your socks, upload pictures of your feet wearing them.

The picture must be clearly visible and have a good description that can attract buyers. Don’t forget to write at a reasonable price.

Most importantly, always receive payment first in your PayPal account if you are using Facebook marketplaces to sell your socks, and after that, you can ship your item.


5. Where to sell dirty socks Online – OnlyFans

When anyone wants to sell something digitally, such as digital content or something related to fetishes, OnlyFans is the first thing that comes to their mind. People have become millionaires by selling digital content on OnlyFans. 

However, if you do not want to sell digital content because you are not open to it, you can still use only fans to attract buyers and then sell them your pictures or socks. 

Although there are no platform fees, they will keep 20% of your earnings. People will subscribe to your profile, and then they will pay. 

Onlyfans have a very large customer base. Most people are there because they want to sell their digital content or, we can say, adult content. 


6. FeetFinder

FeetFinder is another platform that is specially designed for selling foot pictures. It is ranked number one when it comes to selling foot pictures because there are millions of pictures buyers.

Besides this, FeetFinder has over a hundred thousand verified models making money by selling pictures of their feet. 

FeetFinder has over 4.8 ratings on TrustPilot and an excellent support system. You can even read my feet finder review to learn more about that.

However, as I have said, it is the number one platform to sell foot pictures, so you can also take advantage of it. Along with foot pictures, you can sell your socks, so you will earn from two different ways: selling foot pictures and socks. 

Keep in mind that they will take some subscription fees, but you can keep 100% of whatever you earn; therefore, I would recommend it if you sign up on FeetFinder. Here you can read the Feetfinder Review.


7. eBay

eBay is one of the biggest and most famous e-commerce platforms, just like Amazon, Alibaba, and many others. There, people sell various products, whether clothes, digital items like ebooks, or physical items. 

If you want to sell used socks, you can also create a seller account on eBay and list your item by providing a complete description and after writing a price tag.

Because it is one of the biggest platforms, millions of customers buy various items every day. Many sellers are getting benefits from it. However, there are transaction fees for those who want to sell items.

If you have no issue paying platform fees, you can easily sell used socks, underwear, bras, panties, or anything else. 


8. Shopify

Shopify is another platform allowing you to sell any product you want, but it is not free. There is a platform fee. If you buy a basic plan, you must pay at least $29 a month. 

Their platform fees are also reasonable because they provide billions of potential buyers. And they allow you to scale up your business as much as you want. Besides selling socks, you can also sell underwear, bras, panties, etc. 

If you are ready to pay 29 dollars a month, then you can open a shop if I store and sell dirty socks or stockings, etc., you can promote your Shopify Store via Facebook ads.

However, always provide a detailed description when you sell used socks on Shopify.


9. Reddit

It is possible to make money from Reddit by selling used socks and other items. It is a huge platform as it is a community app, like Quora.

So, you can create an account on Reddit and promote your business while answering people’s questions. And always answer questions that are related to your business. 

This is how you can get many potential buyers on Reddit. If you are directly selling on Reddit, you can talk to someone in person and then ask him to pay in PayPal, and then you can shift your socks to their home.


10. Etsy

Etsy is another platform that allows you to sell vintage clothes and other items. However, people were allowed to sell dirty socks on Etsy before December 1, 2022.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible. However, if you use smartly, you may be able to sell, but there is a high chance you cannot sell because it will go against their privacy and guidelines.

However, it’s worth noting that a quick search on Etsy reveals that some used socks are still being sold so it may be worth a shot.

I recommend you check it or at least try it if you can sell it. Otherwise, you can sell other items on Etsy if you want to earn money.


where-to sell used socks

11. Poshmark

Poshmark is better than Etsy when selling used socks because specific categories are dedicated to people who want to sell used stuff. 

It allows you to sell all kinds of accessories, including used socks, underwear, and many other items, so it does not go against their privacy guideline that you can sell dirty or smelly socks on it.

However, they should not be in very bad condition. After that, you can create an account on Postmark and list your socks in the worn category. 

Most importantly, fill in all the important details, such as brand and how long you wear them, etc.

Always remember that Postmark has a platform fee; besides this, they will also take a little commission when you make a sale. 


12. Where to sell worn socks – Vinted

Vinted does not allow you to sell dirty, but it still allows you to sell worn socks, but they must be in good condition and hygienic. Still, they will count as used socks. 

You can check out their community guidelines when selling used underwear or socks there. However, you can sell if you use your mind smartly. 

Most importantly, whenever you sell socks on Vinted, always provide detailed descriptions, such as how long you have worn them, etc., because it allows you to send socks that are not dirty or smiley. 


13. Facebook groups

Above, I have mentioned Facebook Marketplace. If you don’t want to sell through Facebook Marketplace, you can join Facebook groups or create a dedicated group for selling worn socks and other stuff.  

There is a very high potential when an individual creates a group to sell anything or any kind of service, but it depends on how they manage their group. 

There are groups on Facebook where people do sexting to make money and sell their clothes to people and earn money in different ways. 

So, I would recommend you create a Facebook group related to selling used socks, and besides this, I also recommend you join existing selling groups. After writing a detailed description and price, you can upload your pictures to your group.

However, if you do not find customers in Facebook groups, you can use the Facebook marketplace I have discussed above to sell dirty socks and other accessories.


14. Where to sell used socks UK- Gumtree

Gumtree is a classified website that is one of the most popular websites in the United Kingdom and Australia, which you can also use in the United States of America.

Another good thing about Gumtree is that sellers have no subscription fees or commission rates. However, if you want to promote your items, you can advertise your Store or the items you sell.

Sometimes, you may also have to deal with buyers. They may decrease the price, or they might be bargaining.


15. Sell used socks on Depop

Depop allows you to sell used socks, but you must keep some important things in mind. For example, Depop does not allow you to sell anything dangerous to buyers. 

If you want dirty clothes, they will be considered unclean and dangerous, so you cannot sell them. But you can sell used socks if they are well-washed branded, which you have used.

It’s because dirty socks have fluids or sweat in them, and because of that, there are too many bacteria in them. That’s the reason you should list only clean socks on Depop. You can use other platforms, such as All Things Worn, to sell dirty socks.

When you list your socks to sell on Depop, write a complete description that includes the duration of use, brand, Size, price, etc. If you write everything down, it will be easier for buyers to choose socks.


16. Sell used socks on Craigslist

Craigslist is considered a reliable place to sell used socks, not only socks, but you can sell various items, including Gym clothes, furniture, shoes, used appliances, etc. 

However, You have to keep some important things in mind when selling socks on Craigslist.

First and foremost, you must follow the platform’s guidelines, not only Craigslist’s but also those of other platforms. Illegal items are among the most common things that all selling platforms do not allow.

Always be aware of scammers, although they are on every platform, even social media. Moreover, most buyers can pay money to buy used socks if they are in good condition.

Never reveal your personal information to any buyers on Craigslist, no matter how nicely the buyer talks. I recommend selling anonymously if you don’t want to reveal anything about yourself. 

Also, mention if the socks have been washed or not. Buyers appreciate honesty and transparency, which can help you build a good reputation on Craigslist.

Note: When you sell socks on Craigslist anonymously without showing your picture and describing the socks, you may not find potential buyers easily. So, it’s better to be transparent. 


17. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular platforms for sharing opinions. You get a wide range of reach even when you comment on someone’s tweet. And you can take advantage of it. 

You have to create a Twitter account and write a good bio about what service you are providing through your account, whether you are selling products or besides this, you are also providing digital content or another thing. 

However, I assume you are selling worn socks, so you can upload pictures, wear them, and follow accounts already selling undergarments, etc. 

You have to go to the comment section for those accounts selling socks or undergarments and see what people are trying to ask. You can answer them; they will probably see your comments and visit your profile. There, you may have a chance to sell your used socks.  

You can also provide your shop link in your Twitter bio if you sell on All Things Worn, Sofia Gray, etc.


18. TikTok 

TikTok is the platform that has made thousands of people millionaires and famous. Although TikTok was made to bring talent to the global stage, now people are taking advantage of it by selling their products, whether they are digital or physical. 

First, you need to create an account on TikTok, which is very easy, and after that, you have to start uploading short videos about underwear, socks, and anything you want to sell through it.

Your initial intention should be to increase the number of followers. Once you get enough followers, you can sell them digital content on FeetFinder, like pictures of your feet, or promote your physical products, like socks, that you’re selling through Sniffrr or All Things Worn. 


19. YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform for everything, depending on how you use it. You can earn money from it, get famous, or sell anything, whether digital products such as ebooks or physical products such as used socks. 

Although YouTube is not a selling platform, you can sell used socks if you use them smartly and upload regular videos. 

To sell used socks on YouTube, you must create a YouTube channel and make a video about socks. The video should be high-definition to attract potential buyers. 

Also, you need to write a good description that includes all the specifications about your socks, such as how long you have been wearing them, what the brand is, etc. 

I assume your socks are listed on All Things Worn or Snifffr, dedicated platforms for selling underwear, socks, etc. You must provide your Snifffr or ATW link in the YouTube Videos description. 

By doing so, you can earn money in two ways: first from YouTube and second by selling socks. It does not mean you must create a complete video for 5 minutes. You can even record a short video. 

You can bring your YouTube subscribers to dedicated platforms such as FeetFinder, All Things Worn, OnlyFans, Snifffr, etc., or even Instagram and increase the number of followers. 


How much can I earn by selling my socks?

When it comes to earning money from selling used socks, and you want to know how much you can earn by selling socks, it depends on various factors.

One of the most important factors is whether your socks are branded. If they are branded, then how long have you used them?

Secondly, the Price and the number of socks sold will determine how much you will earn. If you sell too many socks at a high price, you will undoubtedly make a lot of money by the end of every month.

You can also check how much your competitors charge for one pair of socks. However, most sellers charge between $10 to $250. Here, the brand plays a very important role.

So, if you want to do a socks-selling business, I recommend buying that pair of fancy socks from the wholesale market and then selling them at a higher price after wearing them.


How much should I charge for my socks?

If you do not know how much money you should charge when selling socks, here is my guide.

First of all, you need to check out your competitors. How much are they selling their socks for?

Let’s say your competitor is selling a pair of socks for $50; then I recommend you say $40, especially if you are new.

First of all, you need to buy socks at wholesale rate; let’s say a single pair of socks will cost around $15, and $10 for shifting, a total of $25, now exclude the platform fee, let’s say it’s $5, then the total is $30. You sold it for $40, making $10 for one pair of used socks.

Add at least a 25% profit margin to every pair of socks. When buying socks, simply add the delivery fee, platform fee, and profit margin, which should be a minimum % of 15 and a maximum % of 25. Well, I recommend you decide how much you want to sell your socks for.


Are Used Socks Easy to Sell?

Well, selling used socks on Etsy is not easy if they are too dirty and have fluid in them. However, I have mentioned Etsy earlier.

That is when your socks are in good condition, and you want to start a selling business. Secondly, most people do not buy used socks on Etsy as it’s a platform to sell Vintage Clothes and other items. But you can still sell socks on it.

I do not recommend selling used socks on Etsy when there is a dedicated platform such as All Things Worn to sell your used Products; however, If you are starting a socks-selling business.

For example, you buy socks at wholesale rates and then sell them on Etsy. Meanwhile, you can also list your used socks.

You can even give it a try if you are selling something else. However, It’s not a dedicated platform to sell used underwear, socks, or undergarments.

I think selling used socks is an excellent business, but not with Etsy. It’s good to sell new products, but for used socks, I would say Snifffr or ATW (All Things Worn)


Is Selling Socks a Good Business?

I believe selling any kind of product is a very good business, so if you are interested in selling something, then selling socks is a good business.

However, you will have to make many efforts initially to gain customers; you can also bring your customers on Instagram or other social media pages.

You can promote your socks-selling business if you have so many followers on social media.

Now, it all depends on your choice whether you are ready to make efforts on various platforms or even on a single one or not. If you do so, you will make a pretty good income.

You may face problems, like sometimes you may have to deal with cheesy customers, and sometimes you may also have to face scammers, although scammers are everywhere.

Most importantly, shifting might be hard for you; if not, selling socks is not a bad business as it does not also take a huge investment while allowing earning money.

Selling used socks on platforms such as All Things Worn, Snifffr, or Sophia Gray, comes in fetishes or intimate activities. Therefore, If you are not open to it, you can avoid selling through them. You can simply buy at wholesale rates and sell socks through eBay, etc.


Is it safe to sell used socks?

Yes! It’s a hundred percent safe to sell used socks. It can be risky when you are not using the right platform and if you are not aware of scammers.

For example, if you sell used socks through Facebook groups or the marketplace, you need to receive money in your PayPal account, and then you have to shift the products to the buyer’s home.

Never meet anyone in person because you may meet many buyers on various platforms when selling socks. They may also ask you to meet in person.

Be clear about the condition of the socks: Provide detailed information about the socks, including how they were used, how long they were worn, and any signs of wear and tear.

Additionally, you must work on any platform after reading the terms and conditions.

Provide complete information about stocks, such as how long you wore them, their size, brand, etc., and to avoid risks, you may also anonymously sell dirty socks.

Always use a secure payment method such as PayPal; even if the buyer asks you to provide your bank details, you should not. It might be potentially risky.

Never tell your address to anybody you meet on socks-selling websites. If you follow all the mentioned things, you can securely sell used socks, underwear, panties, gym clothing, and anything else you want.


Conclusion – Sites to sell worn Socks

Selling used socks on Craigslist or dirty socks on All Things Worn, Snifffr, or Sophia Gray, is the best choice.

But it’s important to be aware of potential risks that you may face. Moreover, You have to work on every platform after reading their terms and conditions.

Always provide details about the Socks you are selling so buyers can easily choose whether they should buy. Providing a clear image of your socks also increases the chances of selling, especially if you are wearing them.

With these tips, you can successfully sell your used socks on Craigslist and earn extra cash.

You should not sell fake products or do something fishy to earn money, as it may affect your business and other sellers, as buyers will lose their trust.

I hope you found my guide on selling socks useful. Now, you can easily sell your used socks, clothes, undergarments, etc, on the above-mentioned platforms.


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