20 Best Places To Find Scopist Jobs And Earn $45k A Year

Scopist Jobs

Do you know what the person who edits the court’s legal documents is called? He is none other than a Scopist, or we can say behind-the-scenes hero. Are you familiar with Scopist? Don’t worry, and many people are not. 

A Scopist plays an essential role as a court reporter who works diligently to refine and perfect the transcripts, which play a crucial role in the legal process. 

In this article, I have shared some of the most essential responsibilities of a Scopist and covered questions like how to become a Scopist, where to learn about it, etc.

You can do remote Scopists work from home and help the court transcribe notes and other legal documents. 


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Scopist Jobs

Who are scopist 

Scopists are freelancers who work as court reporters but not in court and help edit legal documents. When court reporters create transcripts of everything discussed in the court, now it’s turn for the Scopist. The Scopist’s job is to make those transcripts accurate and polished. 

They’re close to the court reporters, and they use some notable tools and pay attention to document details to ensure the final document is error-free. As a Scopist, you have a lot of responsibilities, and you even have to follow the rules for legal writing. 

Scopists have sharp eyes and a knack for catching mistakes because they’re behind-the-scenes heroes for fixing document errors and making them mistake-free. 

Without the help of a Scopist, it will be hard to precise the legal documents. Therefore, Scopist is paid well.

You can become a Scopist and then find Scopist jobs; you will need only a few skills, and then you can earn money. 


Scopist Jobs benefits?

If you are looking for a Scopist job, you should know what its benefits are. I don’t know whether you will like it or not, but if I want to become a Scopist, I would enjoy these benefits.

Scopist jobs are interesting because when you are a Scopist, you will hear different stories every day, like someday a crime case, a love story, and much more, but I do not believe that Scopist can quickly get bored.  

Look, you will only have to train yourself for a Scopist job for around six months at least, and after that, you will get a certificate from an online website. You might be surprised that sometimes freelancer Scopist earns more than a full-time salary.

How much money you will earn as a Scopist depends on many factors, such as your experience, typing speed, accuracy, how long you have worked, and the case you’re working on. 


What will you do as a scopist?

As a Scopist, you can use software for your work and transcript. 

Either you will read documents or hear audio; whatever you listen to, you have to write that. Make sure you leave no mistakes because you will have to send that document back to the court so the court can submit it to the lawyer or clients. 

Being a Scopist, I will have to work with a transcriptionist because the transcriptionist will provide you with documents, except those taken down by steno machines.


How much money do you make doing scopist jobs?

How much money you will earn as a Scopist depends on many factors. For example, how will you write, what is your speed and accuracy, and how long have you been doing Scopist jobs? 

But you can make a lot of income even if you work as an average Scopist with an average report. Then, you can make around $30,000 to $45,000 yearly. 

On average, a Scopist charges around $20 per hour to listen to audio; on the other hand, an experienced Scopist charges $35 to $45 per hour. 

I have seen people who have made over $60,000 per year from a Scopist job, but that would be because of the high-pressure rush market.  


What qualities do you need to become a scopist?

Some qualities are needed to become a successful Scopist, such as good communication and listening skills. You need to be calm; patience and reliability are essential, too. 

When you’re a reliable Scopist, you can earn a lot of money in the long term. 


How Can I Get Trained For Scopist Jobs?

If you want to become a Scopist and get training for that, then you have to join courses. Let me tell you two courses which are suitable for becoming a Scopist. 

Accolade Scoping Education

They will provide 30 recorded training classes you can watch in your free time to become a Scopist. Besides just being a Scopist, Accolade Scoping Education will also help you to become a court reporter.

Another good thing about Accolade Scoping Education is that you can talk one-on-one with those scopists who trained here before and are now working as scopists. So you can ask how you will get the job, etc.


The Internet Scoping School

The Internet Scoping School was officially started in 1999; it’s been over two decades since it started operating. Linda Everson owns that school, has 35 years of Scopist experience, and provides complete training. 


What is the course duration?

Most Scopist schools or training centers say that, on average, it takes 3 to 6 months to become a Scopist; if someone truly wants to become a Scopist, they finish the six-month course within three months. 

So your dedication, learning capabilities, understanding, etc, will determine how long you’ll take to become a Scopist, but the average is three to six months.


How do you become a Scopist and make $45,000 a year?

OK, now I assume you have trained in the Internet Scoping School, got the certificate, and are looking for a Scopist job. 

First of all, it depends whether you are working full time or part-time so if you are working full time then undoubtedly you will make more money than those working part-time. And your experience is going to play a huge role. 

As I have mentioned above, you can make around $20 per hour to hear an audio. When editing a page, you can get approximately $1.25 per page. Don’t worry; it’ll increase as you gain more experience. You must focus on your speed and accuracy.

So you have to help the court more and more, and this is the simple way to earn $45,000 a year as a Scopist. 


Tools Scopists Need

There are a few essential things that you will need as a Scopist, such as a good internet connection, scoping software, and a good laptop.

However, when you join any scoping school, you will be guided about which software suits your work. 

However, I have also read some research and found some of the best scooping software, such as CATalyst Edit For Scopists, Stenocat Scopist Software, DigitalCAT, and Eclipse Edit Scoping.

As you get better at your job, gain more experience, and need additional equipment to complete your tasks in a poof, here’s what you might consider buying.

That’s not enough when you become a professional and get more experience, so you will need many more tools besides software, the internet, and a laptop.

You will need good-quality speakers, headphones, and Foot pedals because these small things will make a huge difference and make your work more efficient. 


Best Places to Find Scopist Jobs From Home

Scopists are freelancers so that you can check many freelancing platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork. However, some dedicated websites to find the Scopist job include ProfessionalScopists, StenoSearch, and Scopist. 

However, you can’t get a Scopist job quickly on the mentioned websites. Many people apply daily, but the court cannot hire everyone. It takes time. You have to be patient.

However, the training program will also tell you how to find scoping jobs online.

I also recommended creating an account on LinkedIn because you may get a job through it. You should also create a profile on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, and always keep checking websites like Indeed, Job Search, etc. 

Moreover, You can even visit a local law firm and introduce yourself. This will also increase the chance of getting a job.


20 Best Places to Find Scopist Jobs and Earn $45k a Year

  1. Freelance platforms like Upwork
  2. Fiverr.
  3. Guru
  4. Freelancer.com
  5. Scoping Job Boards
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Facebook groups dedicated to scopists
  8. National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) forums
  9. Scopists’ own websites or blogs
  10. Legal transcription forums
  11. Online communities for court reporters
  12. Craigslist (under Writing/Editing jobs)
  13. Indeed
  14. SimplyHired
  15. Glassdoor
  16. ZipRecruiter
  17. Virtual Assistant forums and groups
  18. Professional networking events or conferences
  19. Local court reporting schools or programs
  20. Networking with court reporters directly


Can I do Scoping jobs full-time or part-time?

This is your choice of what Scopist jobs you are looking for. You can work part-time, or you can work full-time. That is all up to you. Some people work part-time because they want a lucrative side hustle.

However, you can also do this job full-time if you get it because some people make over $60,000 but are experienced. You can work part-time if you have another job or are working on a passive income idea


Scopist Jobs – Conclusion

It’s an excellent job for those looking for a work-from-home job because it’s high paying; although many jobs pay $40 per hour, you may want to try them.

But, a Scopist job isn’t straightforward; you will be editing documents for court, and only severe cases come there, sometimes crimes, sometimes divorces, etc. 

But the good thing is that you will be working from home, so you won’t have to take a lot of pressure, and even if you do, just have some coffee and focus on your work. 


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