Sawadika happy now meaning & Know Sara Character


Everyone loves playing video games such as COD, GTA 5 and PUBG or BGMI; there’s a female character of Sara Pubg who says “sawadika happy now”, but many people don’t know sawadika meaning.

That’s why read this article completely; I will tell you sawadee kha happy now meaning. Apart from this, you will also learn some interesting things about Sara and how you can get in PUBG.


Sawadika Happy Now

Sawadika happy now

sawadika meaning is “Hello” or “Hi”, which is a greeting.

However, there’s a different word to great female and male.

When you want to be great a female, you have to say “sawadee kha” as Pubg Girl; Sara says sawadee kha happy now, it means you’re saying hello to female.

When you want to greet a male, you will have to say sawadi-krap, although nobody says it Pubg, you can, it also means Hello.

Actually, Sawadee means is “Hello” in formal language, and when you add “Ka”, so it becomes “Hello to all females.”

When you add “kub” along with “Sawadika”, so it becomes “Hello to all males” as we normally say “Hi Gays, What’s up” so you can say “Sawadikub.”

Also, “Ka &Kub” are formal words that you can use while speaking to your elderly people or whom you don’t know.

Overall, Sawadika happy now, meaning is “Hello, Happy Now.”


PUBG girl Sara in real life

Sara is a female character in PUBG (Play Unknown Battleground) and BGMI (Battleground Mobile India.

The real girl who is playing that character is a Hollywood actress named Gal Godot.

Pubg character Sara has the ability to repair and increase the durability of any vehicle such as Uaz, Dacia, Mirado, Motorcycle, and Buggy.

Many people don’t know that if they have fully upgraded Sara character, their vehicle durability will be automatically increased.

Suppose you’re sitting in a car, and your Pubg character is Victor, who’s driving the car, so in that situation, if enemies are chasing you so they can blast your vehicle within 46 bullets.

But if your Pubg character is Sara and she’s driving the car, the enemies will take 56 bullets to blast your car.

Sara character will cost you 600 UC or character vouchers. So you can unlock her and increase car durability.

Once you upgrade the character, you will also get Sara’s voice pack, such as sawadika happy now, Not Bad; I can Fix, etc.


Is Sara PUBG mobile free?

It’s not free, but many of my friends and other Pubg player has got this character for free, and some people also spent about 600UC to get her character. Read below where I have told in detail how you can get Sara for free.


How do I get the Sara character for free in PUBG mobile?

Gal Godot is an amazing Hollywood actress, and her Sara character in PUBG is also very beautiful.

If you want to get Sara for free, you have to collect characters vouchers, and secondly, you should check all Pubg or Bgmi events to get her character.

Although one of my friends has unlocked Sara by collecting characters vouchers and another has spent 600UC to unlock it, they’re using her voice such as sawadika happy now, etc.


Sawadika Happy Now Conclusion

I hope you like this article in which I’ve explained sawadika happy now meaning and its uses. If you have any suggestions regarding Sara character so please comment below. I will be glad to answer you.



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