HistorySafiyya Bint Huyayy Biography, Story, Hadith & Facts

Safiyya Bint Huyayy Biography, Story, Hadith & Facts

Safiyya Bint Huyayy

Safiyya bint huyayy biography

Safiyya bint huyayy was the tenth wife of prophet Muhammad (PUBH). It’s also believed that her first name was Zainab.

When she got married to Prophet Muhammad, after that, she was named Safiyya and her father’s name was {huyayy} while her mother’s name was {Zarra binte Semwal}

Safiyya bint huyayy belongs to decent family background; some of the people from her father’s background were also prophets.

Safiyya came from a family that belongs to Haroon/Aaron from Israel, and Aaron was also a prophet. Safiyya bint huyayy’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather’s names are as follows.

Safiyya bint huyayy, bint Akhtab, bint Abu Yahya, bint Kab, bint Khazraj, bint Abu Habib, bint Nazir, bint Khazar, bint Zareh, bint Tuman, bint Sibat, bint Yasa, bint Saad, bint Lava, bint Jubeir, bint Nahham, bint Banhum, bint Azra, bint Haroon, bint Imran, bint Bashar, bint Qahs, bint Lava, bint Yaqub, bint Ishaq, bint Ibrahim}

And after this, the lineage of Safiyya bint huyayy gets mixed with the family of the holy prophet Muhammad.

Because one son of Ibrahim/Abraham were named Ismail/Ishmael and Ishaq/Isaac and prophet Muhammad belongs to Ismail/Ishmael and Safiyya belongs to Isaac.

According to Islam, Ishmael and Isaac both were prophets, i.e., and children of Abraham.


Safiyya bint huyayy age

There are no authentic details in Islamic books about the age of Safiyya bint huyayy. However, it’s said that she was born two years later when messenger Muhammad became a prophet.

When she was married to Prophet Muhammad at that time, her age was about 17 years, and she died at the age of 60.

According to Islamic books, the exact date of death of Safiyya was 60 years but the exact date of his birth is not available.

It’s said that she was born after Muhammad became a prophet.


Safiyya bint huyayy husband

Safiyya bint huyayy’s third husband was the Messenger of God, prophet Muhammad, whereas Safiyya was already married twice before Muhammad.

Safiyya’s first husband’s name was {Sallam bin Mishkam Kirzini}, but due to poor relations, both of them got divorced.

The second husband’s name was {Kinana bin Abu Haqeeq} and the second husband of Safiyya was bloodthirsty. He used to beat her; therefore, they later divorced.

Safiyya did the third marriage to the Messenger of God {Muhammad}. After that, she never married in her whole life.

Her earlier husbands were Jews, and the third husband was the Messenger of God.


Safiyya bint huyayy life story

Safiyya was a caring girl since childhood. When she was a child, and her father used to go somewhere, she welcomed her father when he came back home.

Similarly, time passed, and she got married, but she got divorced from her first husband due to bad relations.

Because she was gorgeous, due to which a young man married her again.

Once she was sleeping on her husband’s lap, she saw in a dream that a moon had fallen on her lap, and then she opened her eyes.

Safiyya told about this dream to her second husband; her husband understood that she would get married to Muhammed.

In those days, Muhammed was also living in Madina. However, after hearing about this dream, he slapped Safiyya’s cheek so hard that scars were left.


Safiyya Bint Huyayy

How did Prophet Muhammad get married to Safiyya bint huyayy?

Jews wanted to destroy Islam; therefore, the biggest war in Islamic history occurred, known as The Battle of Khaybar.

In the seventh century, Jews intended to destroy Islam and kill all Muslims by attacking Medina.

To fulfill their purpose, Jew included a very powerful, Warrior and famous tribe of Arabia, “Gitafan.” When Muhammad got the news that Jews had included the “Gitfan” tribe in their army.

Muhammad took 1600 Companions with him and went towards the city, where he offered Fajr prayer (Sunrise Prayer).

Thus the war began between Muslims and Jews, which ran for a few days, and after a few days, the Muslims successfully won this war.

Note: The clan loses the war, then all its wealth goes to the tribe that wins, and all the people become slaves of that tribe.

There is a distance of about 320 kilometers between Sever and Medina Munawwara.

After that battle, Muslims got all the property, including girls and boys. Jews became the slaves of the Muslims, then the next day, one of his companion asked, Muhammed, I need a slave.

Muhammad permitted him to take the slave, so he chose Safiyya.

After a few times, some Comparison advised Muhammad that Safiyya belongs to a decent family and her father was the chief of the tribe. Perhaps it would not be suitable to enslave her, keep her with you.

Muhammad accepted their advice and freed her from Hazrat Doha Kalbhi. Muhammad got married to Safiyya bint huyayy and provided nine slaves for Safiyya.

In a narration, Safiyya says that both of us, i.e., Muhammad and me (Safiyya), were sitting together. There was no place for Muslims in my heart, and I considered Muslims as my enemy, especially Muhammad.

She also said that “I considered Muslims the worst because these Muslims had killed my brother and father.

She said I (Safiyya) and Muhammad were sitting together lovingly and started saying, Safiyya, we did not kill your father and brother intentionally.

However, they tried to incite people against us in Madina. He considered me his enemy and wanted to kill me and eradicate Islam from this world.

Prophet Muhammed kept talking to Safiyya. In another narration, Safiyya narrated that “when I sit with Muhammad for the first time so in my sight there was no worst person than Muhammad, and when I left him, so there was no good person than Muhammad.

However, Muslims decided to return. Safiyya bint huyayy narrated that when I was sitting on the camel and feeling sleepy, seeing this, prophet Muhammad started talking to me and comforting me that now the journey is about to end.

After the sunset, Muslims decided to stay in Sahaba (name of a place). Muhammad told the mother of a great companion in the history of Islam, Anas, that you should prepare Safiyya.

Muhammad performed the ritual Arusi (the first night of marriage) in Sahba.

While Muhammad was in the rituals of Arusi, a companion named Abu Ayub thought that someone could attack the prophet of God because Safiyya bint huyayy had become a Muslim and the Jews are angry.

He thought Jews might attack Safiyya; therefore, he got up, took the sword, and started circling around the camp of prophet Muhammad.

For the prayer of Tahajjud, when the Prophet of God came out, he saw the sword in Abu Ayub’s hand who was circling around his camp.

He asked, what happened, Abu Ayub? Why are you walking here? Then Abu Ayub said, that O Prophet of God, I was afraid someone might attack Safiyya or you. That’s why I am wandering here.

Hearing this, the prophet wished that, O God, just as Abu Ayub has protected me, you should also safeguard Ayub.

Hazrat Anas reported that I invited all Muslims for the “Walima” or (the marriage banquet), and it was very simple.

The prophet of God told Hazrat Bilal Habshi to lay the Dastarkhan (tablecloth), and he laid the Dastarkhan.

The Prophet of God said in the Walimah, bring whatever the companions have. It’s said that there was no such thing as bread, rice, or meat in this Walima; it was only dates, cheese, and some clarified butter.

After Walima, prophet Muhammad started his journey and then reached Madina. Safiyya bint huyayy was ordained in the house of Harissa bint Noman.

When the women of Madina heard about the beauty of Safiyya, they started coming to see her.

There is a narration that when Safiyya came from Khyber, she was wearing gold earrings. She gifted those earrings to Fatima, the most loved daughter of prophet Muhammad.

Gradually Safiyya bint huyayy made himself a wiser woman. In the history of Islam, it’s believed that she had become so knowledgeable that people used to her to learn new things.

Similarly, her life passed happily, and then, prophet Muhammad left this world.

Then Ashiya (Another wife of Muhammad) sank in sorrow for her whole life.

At the age of 60, Safiyya also left this world.


Safiyya bint huyayy story

Story No 1: Safiyya bint huyayy, who had just reverted to Islam and within a few days, because of prophet Muhammad’s excellent behavior of prophet Muhammad she got so much love for the Messenger of God that she became an example.

A great Imam of the history of Islam, Muhammad bin Aum Waqidi, narrates that when the camels were brought closer during their return from the war, Muhammad made a veil through his cloth for Safiyya bint huyayy.

Because Safiyya was a short woman, Muhammad sat on the ground. He asked Safiyya to sit on a camel by stepping on Muhammad’s thigh.

But out of respect, she did not like it to ride on a camel.

It’s narrated that Safiyya did not climb on the camel by stepping on prophet Muhammad. However, she sat on the camel by placing her knee on Muhammad.

That’s why she respected her third and last husband.


Story No 2: When Prophet Muhammad was in the last phase of his life, his health deteriorated. All the wives of Muhammad were present there, and all were looking at Muhammad and praying to God.

They were praying for Muhammad’s cure; meanwhile, Safiyya bint huyayy became desperate and started saying that I want God should give me all the disease that Muhammad has.

After seeing Safiyya speaking like this, other wives of Muhammad said that she is just showing off, then prophet Muhammad said, I swear to God, Safiyya is telling the truth; she wants my illness to be passed on to her.


Story No 3: Once, while returning from a battle, Safiyya bint huyayy had fallen from the camel and suffered some injuries, due to which she started crying, then Muhammad began to clean her tears with his hands.

But Safiyya was crying and could not be silent when it was too late. Muhammad said in anger that Safiyya, you should be quiet and asked companies to put the halt there and passed the night.

Although prophet Muhammad had no intention of staying at that place, Safiyya feared that perhaps Muhammad was angry with her. she went to Muhammad to persuade him. She said, ” Hey Messenger of God, I am giving my turn to Ayesha.

The night you were to stay with me, you should go to Aisha; that’s how Safiyya persuaded prophet, Muhammad.


Story No 4: As you all know that Safiyya was the daughter of a Jew, so once, Hazrat Ayesha and Hazrat Hafsa both were sitting together, and they called “Daughter of Jew” to Safiyya; because of this, she became a little upset.

She went to Prophet Mohammed and said, Hey Messenger of God, Ayesha and Hafsa called me that “Daughter of jew.” That’s true that I am the daughter of a Jew, but I have accepted Islam, although I have repented of all those things. If I have done this, then why was I told like this?

After hearing this, Muhammad said, Safiyya, if Ayesha and Hafsa told you the daughter of a Jew, you would have told them that you don’t know from which family I belong to and how many prophets have passed in my ancestors. My uncle, i.e., Musa/Moses, was a prophet. Harun/Aaron was also a prophet, but there is no prophet in your family.

Thus Muhammad converted the sadness of Safiyya bint huyayy into happiness and comforted her that you are a girl from a huge family.


Safiyya bint huyayy hadith

The total number of authentic hadiths narrated by Safiyya bint huyayy is {10} which includes {Bukhari and Muslim}.

Remember {Bukhari} is considered to be the second most significant book of Islam and the first {Quran} and {9} hadiths of Safiyya are present in other books.

Remember that those who have narrated the hadiths of Safiyya include people like Hazrat {Imam Zainul Abidin bin Hussain bin Ali} while {Imam Zainul Abedin is the grandson of Hazrat Ali}

And Hazrat Ali Razi Allah Tala Anu Huzur Sallallahu Alehi Wasallam was the husband of the most loved daughter {Hazrat Fatima Razi Allah Tala Anha} i.e. son-in-law of Muhammad Sallallahu Alehi Wasallam.

Apart from this, Hazrat Ali Razi Allah Tala Anu was the fourth Caliph of the history of Islam and also his son Hazrat Hussain, about whom {Muhammad} said on one occasion that Hasan and Hussein are the chieftains of the youth of Jannat.

Hazrat Hussain Razi Allah Tala Anu is the son of Imam Zainul Abedin. He has been given a special status within Islam. He has narrated some hadiths of Hazrat Safia Razi Allah Tala Anha.

Hazrat Ali, the husband of the most loved daughter of prophet Muhammad {Hazrat Fatima} i.e., Ali, was the son-in-law of prophet Muhammad.

Apart from this, Hazrat Ali was the fourth Caliphate of the history of Islam. His son Hazrat Hussain, about whom {Prophet Muhammad} said on an occasion that Hasan and Hussein would be the chieftains of the youth in Jannat.

Imam Zainul Abedin is the son of Hussain, who has been given a special status in Islam, and he has narrated some hadiths of Safiyya.


Safiyya bint huyayy facts

Fact no 1: The birth of Hazrat Safiyya bint huyayy is not clearly mentioned anywhere, like in which Hijri she was born.

Fact No 2: She was of short stature

Fact No 3: She was a gorgeous girl of her time; many women came to see her face when she went to Madina.

Fact No 4: Safiyya’s father was a Jew, and many prophets have also passed in her family.

Fact No 5: She was the tenth wife of prophet Muhammad and knowledgeable.

Fact No 6: She was called by people and Muhammad as “a girl who speak the truth.”

Fact No 7: Prophet Muhammad and Safiyya bint huyayy both belong to the family of Abraham.

Fact No 8: Famous Prophet Musa/Moses was the uncle of Safiyya because Safiyya was one of the children of Haroon/Aaron, and Moses was the younger brother of Aaron.

Fact No 9: After the marriage of Hazrat Safiyya bint huyayy, her maternal uncle Hazrat Faa bin Semwal Qurzini has also become a Muslim, and later he was given the title of Sahaba/Companion.

Fact No 10: Safiyya bint huyayy was married to Prophet Muhammad; at that time, it was her third marriage, before that she had been married twice, both times her husband was Jewish and both times she was divorced.

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