HistoryRuknuddin Firoz Shah | History, Work, Death

Ruknuddin Firoz Shah | History, Work, Death


Ruknuddin Firoz Shah Information 

Birth Place Delhi
Father Shamsuddin Iltutmiish
Mother Shah Turkan
Religion Islam
Reign April 1236 to November 1236
Death 1236
Siblings Razia sultan, Muiz Ud Din Bahram shah, Nasiruddin Mahmud


Ruknuddin Firoz Shah History

Ruknuddin Firoz shah was the fourth Sultan of the Slave Dynasty and he ruled Delhi for 7 months in 1236.

After the death of his father Iltutmish on 1 May 1234, (Amir-i-chahlgani) a group consisting of forty Turkish members started fighting among each other, Because Iltutmish declared the Razia Sultan as his successor before his death while not to Firoz, Indeed Razia was a clever and intelligent girl since childhood, she knew archery, horse riding, and fencing while Firoz had no such good skills, so that is why Sultan Iltutmish loved Razia more than his all sons.

By not choosing Firoz as his successor, Iltutmish chose Razia as his successor because he was not well behaved despite this he was fond of alcohol and pleasant happiness, Although, he could not even rule effectively, Iltutmash’s elder son could rule, unfortunately, he was killed during a war in Bengal.

Turkish nobles did not allow Razia to become a sultan due to her female gender. Turkish nobles choose Firoz instead of Razia because he was a handsome man in appearance even so he was not able to rule, and all other children of Iltutmish except Razia and ruknuddin were very young therefore they were not able to govern.

Delhi Sultanate


Rukunuddin’s mother Shah turkan, actually wanted to be a ruler as well, but she was a maid at one time and was notorious for some of her bad habits.

Firoz proved to be a negative ruler. He did not do any good work during his reign therefore people started leaving him as well. Most people who left him were Samshi Governors.

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Ruknuddin firoz Shah Death

Rukunuddin’s mother was involved in every conspiracy with him, she could not become a ruler herself, but she got Firoz to act at her behest, both Mother and the son have left no stone unturned for cruelty. Together they tried to kill Razia too cause he was ruling at the place of Razia, while Iltutmish did not even declare him as his successor.

One day after the prayer of Friday, Razia went to the Mosque wearing red clothes and after the prayer, she narrated all the cruel acts of her mother and brother Firoz among all the people, she narrated how he persecuted her, and after knowing everything, the general public came in favor of Razia and then they people started considering Razia as their ruler.

Razia got her mother and brother imprisoned as soon as she became the ruler. In addition Firoz died on 19 November 1236, Few historians believe that Firoz did not die his death but was killed by Razia as he took the place of Raiza and also he tortured her.



Rukunuddin’s tomb is situated in the Mehrauli area of Delhi in Sultan ghari complex, It was built in 1236 Ad.


Although, till date, he was not asked in competitive exams but he is asked in school exams, However, if you are preparing for competitive exam so you should definitely read about him although it's not an important chapter but still anything can be asked in the competitive exams.



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