RPAD Post (Registered Post Acknowledgement Due)

What is an RPAD post?

When a lawyer sends a legal notice or a letter to someone through Post is known as Rpad and registered Post with acknowledgement or registered Post with ad (Acknowledgement).

Read this article to know that why is registered Post is used and how you (lawyer) can send a legal notice through a registered Post.



Registered Post With Acknowledgement

“Registered post acknowledgement due” is a written article. Through which a sender wants acknowledgement of delivery to confirm whether his representative receives it or not.

Once the acknowledgement is registered in the postal, then the proof of delivery will also be given to the sender.

Adding an acknowledgement card may cost you about five rupees, and a later acknowledgement card will be sent to the original sender.


How to send a Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due?

Firstly write down your name if you’re sending and receiver, unlike any other letter. Write your name and complete address. It’s just like a letter that you used to write in school.

Postal mail that can be registered?

Expect postcards; all mail can be registered.

  • Currency Notes
  • Letters
  • Books
  • Parcels
  • Journals
  • Newspapers


How do I track my RPAD post?

If you want to track your rpad Post, so firstly, you need to open the (Trackmycourier) website and put your India registered post Ad and track rpad.

By doing so, you can track your Article, Parcel, Shipment delivery status, real-time ems mail, etc.


What is an RPAD receipt?

RPAD full form is (Registered Post with Acknowledge Due) Receipt is signed document delivered backed to the sender, and the post office kept all the record (Registered).


What should you do if you have not received an acknowledgement for the registered Post that you sent through India Post?

I have mentioned earlier how you can trace your rpad Post, so kindly check tracking info. There, you can see whether it isn’t delivered. If it has been successfully delivered, contact the postmaster from where you sent it; if it’s not delivered, wait for the delivery.


Can I refuse to accept registered Post delivered to me?

Yes, you can refuse to accept a registered article addressed to you. In that case, when the postal office will meet you, and you will refuse to take that registered Post. So he will write “Refused” on the Post and will send that registered Post to the sender.



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