Who is Ramit Verma | Founder of PeeingHuman

Ramit Verma

Who is Ramit Verma

Ramit Verma is a YouTuber. He runs a YouTube channel called Peeing Human; he also founded a YouTube channel named kroordarshan, apart from the official PeeingHuman.

Ramit Verma used to make Hollywood vs Bollywood memes with Google earlier. Still, after some time, when he realised that Indian media is trying to prove the lies as true, he started making memes and videos related to viral politics.

In his videos or memes, he especially targets the ruling party’s and opposition’s leaders and Indian media and some famous personalities of India, such as Baba Ramdev.


Why did Ramit Verma start Peeing Human channel?

As we all know, India is going through a serious situation. India’s GDP is falling; there is not much change in the health care system, youth are sitting unemployed in homes. Inflation is increasing day by day, but the Indian media is engaged in appreciating the central government.

Often the Indian media shows videos related to Hindu, Muslim, and Congress to divert the people’s attention and hide the bad deeds of the ruling government. On the other hand, Ramit Verma wants that the Indian media should show that which is good for India’s citizens, not that which is good for the leaders and spreads hatred in the society. The main motive of Ramit is to make all Indian citizens aware of bad politicians and fake media.


What kind of videos do Official Peeing Humans make?

Official Pinghuman makes entertaining videos; these videos are often related to the Government of India, popular personalities and opposition parties. However, with this, Ramit Verma, the found of PeeingHuman, targets the most Indian media, which is absorbed in the central government’s devotion. Some videos of Peeing Human are given below. Would you please watch them?



Is Peeing Human the only channel that exposes Indian media

No, apart from Peeing Human, Ramit Verma also runs another YouTube channel called Kroordarshan. He also exposes Indian media through this channel. However, there are other channels on YouTube, such as Dhruv Rathi and Akash Banerjee. On both these channels, different people explain different topics well, which Indian media does not.

However, neither all the journalists are sold nor all the channels in the Indian media. Some journalists or channels work to better the country, like Ravish Kumar of NDTV channel.


Memes created by Ramit Verma

Ramit Verma meme

Ramit Verma memes


Image credit : Twitter account of Ramit Verma


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