HistoryRam Singh Kuka | Biography, History, Movement

Ram Singh Kuka | Biography, History, Movement

Ram Singh Kuka

Ram Singh Kuka Biography

Ram Singh Kuka was born on 3 February 1816 in Ludhiana, Punjab. His family used to cultivate farming, And this was the reason that Ram Singh Kuka also helped farming since childhood. However, apart from this, he also loved to preach from childhood.

He had acquired most information about the Sikh Gurus at a young age. Even before his death, a man named Ram Singh handed over the leadership of the nominees to Baba Ram Singh Kuka.

Ram Prasad Bismil

An organization of Sikhs

At the age of 22, Ram Singh Kuka joined the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and then after Ranjit’s death, the whole army also separated.

Ram Singh understood very well the strength of the British government and the weakness of the Sikhs, that is why he had also tried his best to instill self-respect in the Sikhs. And because of this reason, he was also known as Kuka.

His simple theory was that he wanted to make the Sikhs pure-minded and fanatical. He often wore white clothes that were made by hands. Apart from this, the method of tying the turban was also slightly different and he always kept wool and garland with him.


Freedom fighter Ram Singh Kuka

There is no doubt that he was a religious leader but apart from this, he was also a very brave soldier. He also tried his best for India’s independence

He started the Kuka rebellion from Punjab which was against British rule. This movement also had an impact on the British government and he continued to raise his voice against British rule.

Because of the movements led by Ram Singh, the people boycotted English education, factories, clothes, and anything that was made by the British.

The British were disturbed by the Kuka Movement, due to which they tried their best to kill almost all the revolutionaries of the Kuka Movement and also killed many revolutionaries. And sent Ram Singh to Rangoon in Andaman where he lived his life in imprisonment

Ashfaqullah Khan

Establishment of Namdhari Sikhism

Ram Singh established Namdhari Sikhism on April 12, the year 1857, and Ram Singh was the most important contributor to it.

On that day, 5 of his followers initiated him, after which Ram Singh, along with some followers and farmers, also hoisted the triangular flag.


Ram Singh Kuka’s contribution to the India

Ram Singh Kuka made some changes in the philosophical scriptures of Sikhism and Sikh society. Ram Singh advised the Sikhs to take up arms against the British. We have read in the books that Mahatma Gandhi was the first person who boycotted British products on a large scale to the general public.

However, Ram Singh was the first Indian to boycott British products before Mahatma Gandhi. Apart from this, he also appealed to some Russian people for India’s independence.

Although the Russians did not listen to him, because they did not want the British government to turn against him.

Ram Singh spent nearly 14 years of his life in jail, but the sad thing is that people do not even know his name.


Social Reform

He did a lot to get the children of poor people married His scheme was called Karaj, Under this scheme, 2 couples were married in front of the Guru Granth Sahib at the Gurdwara. With the introduction of this scheme, the system of taking dowry was completely stopped.

After marriage, food was also given by the gurudwara, due to which the poor people became very easy to marry.

Apart from this, as far as Ram Singh had access, he banned the killing of the baby girl in the mother’s womb.

He had done many protests against the British government, due to which the British government was troubled by him for some time in the area of ​​Punjab.

Bhagat Singh

Ram Singh Kuka Death

Ram Singh died on 18 January in Dhaka, now the capital of Bangladesh. He had beaten up many British officers during his time because he was against the British. He was also sent to the Andaman jail

After the death of Ram Singh, the mental state of his followers had deteriorated slightly. His followers were not even realizing that their leader was dead and they were waiting for him

However, it is also said that Gandhi did the Civil Disobedience Movement only after seeing Ram Singh Kuka. Whatever it is, but whatever he tried to do for India, it can never be forgotten.


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