HistoryRam Prasad Bismil | History, Biography, Contribution

Ram Prasad Bismil | History, Biography, Contribution

Ram Prasad Bismil


Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil was one of the well-known freedom fighters of India. He played an important role in the Kakori train robbery.

Ram Prasad Bismil was a member of the Hindustan Republican Association before India’s independence. He was always against the British rulers because they often persecuted the Indians very much. Ram Prasad Bismil was a fearless and courageous person by nature

Ram Prasad Bismil was very fond of writing, he also wrote many patriotic poems, out of which his most famous poem is “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna” which means (Desire For Revolution).

Listening to his patriotic poems, people got a lot of encouragement and they were ready to do anything for their country.

Quit India Movement

Early Life

Bismil was born on 18th June 1897 at a place called Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. And his birthday is still celebrated in India, Ram Prasad Bismil’s family members were all educated and his ancestors were also educated. His father worked as an employee in the Municipality Board in Saharanpur.

Although his father used to work in a good place, his salary was so low that he could not support his family properly, due to which Bismil had to drop out of school after class VIII. But even then Bismil continued his studies at home because he was fond of reading, And this was the reason that he wrote such poems which are still recited in India, and many songs have also been composed on those poems.


Revolutionary Works

Bismil heard the story from his parents about how his ancestors were also troubled by the British. Apart from this, he had also faced the atrocities of the British, due to which the hatred towards the British increased in his mind. Therefore he joined the Hindustan Republican Association only after leaving his school.

Hindustan Republican Association included many such freedom fighters whom you would know well, whose names are Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Govind Prasad, Prem Kishan Khanna, Bhagwaticharan, Ashfaqulla Khan, Thakur Roshan Singh, etc.

About 9 other revolutionaries were involved in the Hindustan Republican Association. Although there was a mutual bond between all these members, the friendship between Bismil and Ashfaq was very deep. That’s why both of them played a big role in the Kakori train robbery.

The Kakori train robbery was carried out on August 9 in the year 1925. Members of the Hindustan Republican Association were involved in this robbery and they robbed the train near Lucknow. All the money that was looted in this robbery was used by the revolutionaries to buy weapons.

Soon after this incident, the British government had issued a decree that the train robbers should be caught soon. After this, 4 people were arrested within a few days, which included Ram Prasad Bismil, Rajendra Lahori, Ashfaq Ulla Khan, and Thakur Roshan Singh. After being caught, the court sentenced these four to death. (Rajendra Prasad)


Ram Prasad Bismil poems

The poems of Ram Prasad Bismil are still very famous all over India. Because people get excited by reading his poems. And at that time many people started raising their voice against the British only after reading his poems.

Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai” means (The Desire For Revolution Is In Our Heart), Bollywood has also composed a song on this poem, and this poem is read in schools on 15th August.


Ram Prasad Bismil death

After being found guilty of the Kakori incident, the British government kept him in jail till the court’s verdict. However, after that, the court sentenced him to death. He was hanged on 19th December in the year 1927. At that time he was 30 years old.

Due to his martyrdom, many Indian revolutionaries were deeply affected. Because they had lost a good leader besides his partner.


Books are written by Ram Prasad Bismil

  • Man Ki Lahar
  • Kranti Gitanjali
  • Mainpuri ki Pratigya
  • Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna
  • Nij Jeevan Ki Ek Chhata
  • America Ki Swatantrata Ka Itihas


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