InformationalRahul Mannan, Is He A Genuine Person?

Rahul Mannan, Is He A Genuine Person?


Are you interested in Affiliate Marketing? If yes, you would have seen Rahul mannan course ads on YouTube while watching any affiliate-related video.

A question would occur in your mind that is he genuine? Therefore, I’m going to do a Rahul Mannan Affiliate secrets review.

Rahul Mannan

Who is Rahul Mannan?

Rahul Mannan is an expert in the Affiliate Marketing field and founder of Rahul Mannan Marketing LLC.

He achieved a lot at such a young age, but he worked really hard to earn that much money and fame.

However, now his dream is to teach other people that how to do affiliate marketing; therefore, he has launched affiliate secrets 2.0 and a few other courses.

Through his course “Affiliate Secrets 2.0,” he’s teaching about different types of affiliate marketing platforms such as ClickFunnels, JVZoo, and Warriorplus.

He’s currently one of the most famous affiliate marketing experts in India. I have watched many videos of Rahul Mannan, in which he thought earning money isn’t a big deal; you’ll only need a sharp mind and patience.

Let’s know about his personal life; then I’ll take about Rahul Mannan course.


Rahul Mannan personal Life

Rahul Mannan has faced many ups and downs throughout his life. Even though, since a young age, he used to sell T-shirts in local markets, and he also tried a business to print T-shirts, which was flopped.

He was fully confident about his future; even he recorded a video when he was nothing but poor. In that video, he said, today I’m nothing, but soon I’ll show you how to become rich, which he proved correct because he had become successful after two or three years.

After making so much money, he’s not even thinking to Stop because he has launched a Rahul Mannan University. However, It’s not a school or college; it’s for those who are interested in Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Secret 2.0

Rahul Mannan is the creator of the Affiliate Secret 2.0 Course. In this course, he thought that affiliate people don’t know the right way to do affiliate marketing; they don’t know how to bring leads.

This course is available in video format. To get Rahul mannan course you’ll have to Sign Up on his website.

Affiliate Secret 2.0 is available in modern Hindi (Hindi but a little combination of English); once you get Rahul Mannan course, you’ll be able to ask his team any question. They’ll solve you every query regarding affiliate marketing.

Through this course, you’ll learn about ClickFunnels, JVZoo, Warriorplus, and Muncheye, so that you can take a product from there and sell them to get a commission.


What you’ll get in Affiliate Secrets 2.0

  1. Introduction
  2. Topic (Which product should you sell)
  3. Traffic (How can you get traffic to bring more leads)
  4. Value (How to satisfy your customer)
  5. Product (How to choose the best product)
  6. Ads Setup (Google & Facebook Ads)
  7. Email Marketing (What is Email Marketing)
  8. Privet Facebook Group
  9. Live training every week.
  10. Marketing Challange


Affiliate Secret 3.0

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is an upgraded version of Affiliate Secrets 2.0. Rahul Mannan has added a few more models to it. Apart from this, affiliate secret 3.0 will cost you the same as 2.0.

As it’s an upgraded version, therefore it’s going to be more valuable for you. Also, many people who were part of Affiliate 2.0 got it for free.

1000$ Day

Yes, that’s true; Rahul manna will teach you how to make a thousand dollars a day. I know it might be looking funny or unbelievable, but that’s also true that Rahul showed us how to make


What you’ll get in Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

  • Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Introduction
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Long Term Empire
  • Achievements
  • Niche
  • Is your Niche good?
  • Product And much more.



I shared detailed information about the Rahul Mannan Affiliate Secrets course. If you have ever joined or got his course, please don’t forget to tell your experience.


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