InformationalRaghavendra Swamy Miracles, history & Facts

Raghavendra Swamy Miracles, history & Facts


Many people asked me a question about Raghavendra Swamy miracles in Kannada or another language. However, I don’t believe in him, but I’m telling you his miracles, according to some people. So in this article, I’ll let you know about Guru Raghavendra Swamy impossible miracles.

Raghavendra Swamy Miracles

Who is Raghavendra Swamy

Guys!! Before talking about his miracles, I would like to tell you some information about him because many people don’t know him in modern days.

Raghavendra Swamy’s actual name is Raghavendra Tirtha. He was a Hindu scholar born in 1595; some people also know him as Sudha Parimalacharya.

From 1624 to 1671, he served as the pontiff of Math at Kumbakonam. He was an accomplished player of Veena and composed songs under the name of Venu Gopala. That’s was the reason hundreds of Hindu visitors used to visit him every day.


Raghavendra Swamy Miracles

It’s the short story of Madhavi PVNl. Who believes that everything happening in her or anyone’s life is the blessings of Guru Raghavendra Swamy. She earned about 20,000 a month and ran her house From 1997 to 2009, but still, she built a Raghavendra Swamy temple.

She believes that it’s a miracle of Raghavendra Swamy because of him she built his temple despite earning so little.


Raghavendra Swamy Impossible Miracles

Sridevi Pavan Kulkarni’s husband is an example of Raghavendra Swamy Miracles. She said she had constant bleeding when she was in the early stages of pregnancy.

Therefore, her Mother-in-law convinced her husband to take his wife to Mantralaya and do Seva to Rayaru. Because of which her children were born healthy.

Another miracle of Raghavendra Swamy is about Sridevi Pavan Kulkarni’s dream. She’s a devotee of Rayaru and currently living in Sydney, Australia.

One day she found herself with her husband in front of Rayaru’s Brindavana. In which Rayaru was asking her about her husband’s Abhisheka. Therefore she brought all required items to perform her husband’s Abhisheka.

She rang her mother laws who’s also a great devotee of Rayaru. She asked her if they could visit Rayaru on her behalf and get Panchamrutha Abhisheka done in India.

However, her mother-in-law happily agreed and went to Mantralayam. Her Father in law got an expensive ticket for seva.

But when her in-laws requested for Brindavana Darshana, they got rejected. Her in-laws were very sad and then went to Panchamukhi Anjaneya to get his blessings.

When Sridevi Pavan Kulkarni came to know about this, she told her in-laws to take only Abhisheka tickets for the next day. Surprisingly they got the chance and performed Abhisheka.


Unknown Raghavendra Swamy miracle

Rashu has been married for the past 7 years. She has been through IUI treatments because she had many problems. Therefore she was mentally exhausted but was doing Worship and chanting every day.

She wished to recover naturally because she faced IUI failure three times. However, one day, she saw Raghavendra Swamy in a dream. In that dream, she saw an older man giving her holy water and told her, don’t worry, you’ll be blessed with a baby boy.

The following day when I woke up, I was so happy remembering a dream, I said to my husband also.

Then after almost 1 year, I got conceived; naturally, my doctor was shocked how can this be possible.

The following day she told her husband about her dream. After a year, everyone was shocked because she has got naturally recovered, and currently she has a baby boy.

Is Raghavendra Swamy real?

Yes, he’s real, and he was a Hindu scholar, and he’s still famous in India. Many people worshipped him wholeheartedly.



In today’s article, I’ve shared Raghavendra Swamy. If you know more about him so please comment below, so other people can also understand.


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