InformationalPublic Communication example: Types, Improvement tips

Public Communication example: Types, Improvement tips

Public Communication example

What is public communication?

The information that is exchanged through TV, radio, newspaper or social media is called public communication. Apart from this, if two people discuss any subject with each other, then it will also be called communication. Apart from humankind, animals and birds communicate with each other, such as lions by roaring, birds by tweeting, and dogs by barking.

By communicating, man shares his thoughts, expressions, and experiences with other persons. Read the article to learn about the examples and types of public communication.

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Public Communication example

Few examples of public communication are Press conferences, seminars, public speaking events, and political campaigns. Usually, political campaigns and public speaking events happen to share ideas with the public. However, politicians use Television, Radio, and Newspapers to deliver their speeches. On the other hand, public speaker mostly uses social media in current time.


Types of Public Communications

Ceremonial communications: During wedding ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, and school/College events are called ceremonial communications. In this, we share a special bond with others.

Demonstrative Communications: In Demonstrative Communications, you will need to clearly explain and deliver the speech about any action or Idea. For example, telling the audience how technology is important.

Informative communication: In information communication, any individual shares information with other people, such as a professor in college with his student, boss in the company, and teacher in school. However, most important information is also shared through TV channels, newspapers and social media.

Persuasive: Persuasive it’s a kind of Public Communication that will affect people by practicing voice. This method convinces the people from a perspective. For example, political candidates use this to persuade people to vote for them and gain the public’s confidence.

Semiotics and Signs: This kind of Public Communication is very useful in daily life. Traffic signs, signs at airports, or other public areas send special massages to people throughout signs and semiotics.
This kind of Communication uses graphics to transfer information to the people.


How to Improve public communication skills

Dare to say: You always have to be confident while giving a speech, do not think about what people will say, keep the thoughts in your mind clear so that you can convey the audience.

Keep practicing: Pay attention to your personality development and at the same time practice speaking in front of the mirror every day; by doing this, you will develop the habit of talking.

Eyes contact: During the conversation, if you talk looking into the person’s eyes in front of you, then the person in front feels that you are interested in talking to him.

Use gestures: If you are communicating with someone or giving a speech at a public event, you have to try to express your words with facial expression and keep moving your hands while talking.

No mixed messages: Your words, facial expression, and tone should match while talking; people will like to hear you by doing this.

Express positivity: Whenever you talk to someone, keep your ego aside and talk positively.

listen to others: Suppose you are talking to someone, but he is not listening to you, and he is speaking continually, then how will you feel? Of course, not good. Therefore while talking to someone, you should listen to him completely and then answer him.

Use the right words: Do not repeat any word over and over again. And don’t use the wrong words at all. Learn and use a new word every day.

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