HistoryPrithviraj Chauhan History | Biography, Battles

Prithviraj Chauhan History | Biography, Battles

Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan History

Prithviraj Chauhan was a brave Rajput ruler of the 12th century, he ruled many states of northern India such as Ajmer and Delhi in the 12th century. At that time there was no other Hindu ruler better than Prithviraj Chauhan.

His father’s name was Someshvara Chauhan who was the king of Ajmer, Prithviraj Chauhan was also called as Rai Pithora. Prithviraj was very young when his father had noticed that he would later become a brave ruler.

He had the qualities to become a ruler since childhood, he was brave and intelligent from childhood and he used to do very good fencing and shooting.

Prithviraj Chauhan’s father died in the year 1189, after which he took over the throne of his father. Although he ruled in many other small places, but the main place was Ajmer and Delhi, although Delhi and Ajmer were already with Rajput kings.

After becoming the ruler of Delhi and Ajmer, he led many campaigns and also won some small places, due to which he was called a courageous warrior.

Prithviraj Chauhan’s war with Shahabuddin Mohammad Ghori is considered to be the most memorable war.


Prithviraj Chauhan Biography

Age 43
Father Someshvara Chauhan
Mother Kanpuri Devi
Wife Samyukta
Height About 5, 10 inch
Weight  79 KG


Early Life

The date of birth of Prithviraj Chauhan is not clear but the year of his birth is said to be 1149 and he was born in Ajmer. His father’s name was Someshvara Chauhan and his mother’s name was Kanpuri Devi. And both of them found their son courageous and fearless since childhood and therefore they compared Prithviraj to his maternal grandfather because he was also a brave ruler.

Alauddin Khilji

Prithviraj Chauhan Reign

He took over the throne after his father passed away in the year 1189. Although every king has only one capital, but Prithviraj Chauhan had two capitals, one of which was named Ajmer and the other was Delhi. He also attacked once in Rajasthan and that attack was successful. After this, he had conquered a large piece of land.

After this, he carried out two more campaigns, both of which were against the Chandelas of Khujraho and Mahoba. And he was successful in both these campaigns too, which helped him to make his empire rich because he got some money from there.

In the year 1182 also he attacked the Chalukyas of Gujarat but that attack was not successful. After this, he again attacked the Chalukyas in the year 1187, in which he had to face defeat from Bhima II. After that, he wanted to control Ganga Dob, for which he also launched a campaign against the Gahadavalas of Kannauj.

Although he was disappointed in many places, but still he had expanded his empire a little, he had also protected his empire from enemies.

In the year 1191, a fort was built on the border of Prithviraj Chauhan’s empire, which was attacked by Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori. This was the area of ​​Bathinda in Punjab.

Muhammad Ghori had attacked in a very forceful manner, due to which Prithviraj Chauhan had to ask for the help of Kanauj, although the ruler of Kanauj refused to help him.

Not getting help from the ruler of Kanauj, he himself went to fight the Tarain war where he fought a fierce battle with Mohammad Ghori. This war is called the first battle of Tarain.

In the First Battle of Tarain, Prithviraj Chauhan defeated and captured Mohammad Ghori, after which Mohammad Ghori begged Prithviraj Chauhan for mercy. Despite being an enemy, Prithviraj forgave him and allowed him to leave. Although many of his advisers had said that you should not leave Mohammad Gauri but he allowed Ghori to go with respect. (Maharana Pratap)

Prithviraj made a big mistake by not killing Mohammad Ghori. However, Prithviraj was not even aware that Ghori would attack him again while he owed his life. Whatever be the case, but in the year 1192, Mohammad Ghori came to attack Prithviraj Chauhan with an army of more than one lakh soldiers. And this was the Second Battle of Tarain.

Prithviraj Chauhan’s army consisted of more than 3000 elephants and close to three lakh cavalry and other soldiers. At that time the Rajputs had their own principles, they never fought before the sunrise and after the sunset. Ghori had attacked cleverly and when he attacked, Prithviraj Chauhan’s army was also not ready.

Due to this Prithviraj had to face defeat and at the same time, Ghori had taken him captive.


Important Battles of Prithviraj Chauhan

Although many battles were known by Prithviraj, the most famous battles among them are the First Battle of Tarain which took place in 1191, and the Second Battle of Tarain which took place in 1192.

Both these wars were fought between Prithviraj and Mohammad Ghori, out of which Prithviraj had won in the first war but he had to face defeat in the second battle of Tarain.

After winning the war, Mohammad Ghori had laid the foundation of the Delhi Sultanate.


Personal Life

Prithviraj was in love with the daughter of the king of Kannauj, but neither the girl’s father wanted to get this marriage done nor Prithviraj’s father was supporting this marriage.

The reason for this is that both of them were enemies of each other. Prithviraj Chauhan was not invited even when the king of Kannauj had kept a swayamvar for his daughter’s wedding, in which his daughter could choose her best life partner.

To insult Prithviraj, the king of Kannauj had made a clay statue and placed it at the entrance. Due to this, he got very angry and he tried his best to find a solution.

After this, Prithviraj Chauhan went there and had fled to Delhi with the daughter of the king of Kannauj named Samyukta and got married. After this, they also had children, out of which his 1st child’s name was Govindraj and the second and third name was Akshay and Rainsy.

When Prithviraj Chauhan was taken captive by Mohammad Ghori, Prithviraj’s wife Samyukta killed herself along with other Rajput women. Because she didn’t want any other men to touch her.


Death of Prithviraj Chauhan

Some historians believe that he died in prison, Although it’s also described in many folk songs that Prithviraj was blinded by Ghori by putting hot iron in his eyes.


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